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Symptoms Of High Cholesterol Levels

Symptoms Of High Cholesterol Levels

Symptoms Of High Cholesterol Levels

In this article, I talk about the Symptoms of high cholesterol levels and what you ought to do about it if you do indeed have high cholesterol.

With high cholesterol being one of the causes of poor blood flow and high blood pressure as well as having a negative effect on hormonal balance, testosterone production and leads to muscular damage of the smooth muscle in your penis.

It is pretty clear that if you want to try and avoid getting, delay the onset of, or improve your erectile dysfunction you ought to get a firm grip on your cholesterol levels.

What Are The Symptoms Of High Cholesterol Levels?

In a nutshell, there are absolutely no symptoms of high cholesterol levels, although there are certain tell-tale signs such as obesity, excess body fat, and for men reduced erectile function such as weak erections and premature ejaculation.

But these symptoms of high cholesterol levels are the ones that come all too late! The key like anything else is to catch it early and do something about it!.

And the only way to tell is via blood tests from your Doctor. Some medics suggest that you get a blood test of cholesterol levels every 5 years or yearly if you have a family history of high cholesterol.

Personally, and from my experience I suggest that you get tested yearly regardless of family history – why wait 5 years to be told you have high cholesterol. That might be 4 years too late! – That is 4 artery clogging years!. Yearly will do me fine, thank you very much!

And while there why not get your hormone levels tested? If you find out while you are there that you have low testosterone levels also – Great! Take action and do something about it!

In Spain, where I spent 12 wonderful years it is common practice for all employees to have a full medical examination yearly and that includes cholesterol levels.

Symptoms Of High Cholesterol Levels

There are no symptoms of high cholesterol levels as such – blood tests are the only true way of knowing if you have high cholesterol.

What Is High Cholesterol?

Cholesterol is essentially speaking two different types of fat based proteins one is good and the other is bad. One method in which I use to remind myself of which is which is to change the meaning of the first two letters in the abbreviations LDL and HDL to Lowly Desireable and Highly Desireable.

Pretty easy to tell which is the good one and which is the bad one using this method.

LDL Cholesterol Or Low Density Lipoprotein: This is the lowly desirable cholesterol that moves cholesterol around your body and clogs your arteries and sticks to the walls of your veins and arteries!. The lower this number is the better.

HDL Cholesterol Or High Density Lipoprotein: This is the Highly highly desirable cholesterol that picks up and transports any excess cholesterol back to your liver for reprocessing. The higher this number is the better.

In essence, we want to ideally raise HDL and reduce LDL cholesterol levels.

When you have total cholesterol levels that are 240 mg/dl or greater you are considered as having high cholesterol. below 200mg /dl is considered to ideal.

Those are pretty tight figures if you ask me a 20% difference between high and ideal, perhaps super sizing your meal is not such a good idea after all!

Principle Causes And Symptoms Of High Cholesterol Levels

Thankfully for most of us the principle causes of high cholesterol levels can be easily and readily dealt with. Here are some of the principle causes.

  • Poor Diet

A diet high in saturated animal fat and trans fats that are found in a lot of mass produced baked goods and fast foods can quickly increase your LDL cholesterol numbers. Red meat and those full fat products from the dairy section will quickly push you over that 20% threshold of normal to high cholesterol.

  • Lack Of Exercise

Leading a sedentary lifestyle is most certainly not going to help you lead a long fulfilling life – a least not sexually as it does your overall and erectile health no favours. Exercise helps to increase your good or highly desirable cholesterol levels and assists in reducing the size of the bad or lowly desirable LDL cholesterol’s particles making it less harmful!

Symptoms Of High Cholesterol

That sedentary lifestyle is most certainly not going to help your cholesterol numbers or help you to get that compass to point north!

  • Obesity And Apple Like Figure

Being defined as medically obese by having a body mass index of 30 or greater or 40 inches in circumference or greater (or 35 inches for women) are sure fire signs and symptoms of high cholesterol levels. One study showed that men with 40-inch waist were 50% more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction than men with 34-inch waistline.

Also, a study in Italy, resulted in men reporting a 30% improvement in erection quality when they lost 20% of their total body weight.

Go figure! get in shape, lose weight, look better, feel better and get better erections, better sex life and better cholesterol numbers!

  • Smoking

Smoking, generally not a good thing for your ED as it reduces nitric oxide levels, reduces your circulation and increases blood pressure. It also lights up your cholesterol numbers by reducing your good HDL cholesterol levels – another good reason to pack in the cancer sticks!

Symptoms Of High Cholesterol Levels

Cutting out the cancer sticks and help cholesterol numbers and improve your ED in a number of ways.

Reducing Cholesterol Levels Naturally

It is very evident that reducing cholesterol has a number of good and positive benefits for your overall health and well being and not only for your cardiovascular health and your erectile health.

Keeping a firm grip and handle on your cholesterol levels is something that you can do “Poquito a poco” as they say in Spanish (little by little).

You can start slowly and work yourself up into a routine of a healthier diet by making simple changes like fresh fruit for breakfast and switching white or brown bread* for whole grain and white rice for brown rice. And fried red meats to grilled, steamed or baked white meats.

(*often brown bread is white bread dyed brown – how disgusting is that!).

Do make an effort to get regular exercise, half an hour of brisk daily exercise is said to be enough to help you increase nitric oxide levels and lower bad cholesterol, which is good for your ED.

Start slowly and increase to an hour easily after a few weeks. How about swapping that mind numbing TV series for an hour down the gym!.

An ingenious gentlemen friend of mine heads down the gym daily, cycles away and watches sports, and all sorts of TV on his tablet device and headphones all while cycling away at a good tempo! So – no excuses! It is your health (and sex life) at stake after all!.

Taking supplements to help control your cholesterol is another very good and very natural way of treating and keeping your LDL levels low and your HDL levels high.

It can, of course, be a minefield out there in choosing and deciding which ones are up to performing the task of keeping from under the cholesterol cloud.

I have created a short guide on cholesterol lowering supplements, My top 10 supplements to help lower cholesterol to help you navigate that minefield and find your ideal and perhaps perfect supplement to assist you in getting a firm grip and control over those cholesterol levels.

Pop on over and check the article out by clicking the link or post insert below!

Symptoms Of High Cholesterol Levels

Cure For Erectile Dysfunction – The Top 10 Supplements That Lower Cholesterol

If you have any questions regarding symptoms of high cholesterol levels, leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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