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Best Erectile Dysfunction Pills – Ten Top Pills For Curing Your ED

Best Erectile Dysfunction Pills

Best Erectile Dysfunction Pills – Ten Top Pills For Curing Your ED

In this article, I talk about the best erectile dysfunction pills for helping you to improve your current condition naturally. This list of supplements that are good for helping ol’ Johnny to stand at attention!.

These vary from single herb supplemental pills to herbal formulas containing a number of herbs known to help you to hard and get it on in the bedroom with your lovely lady.

Best Erectile Dysfunction Pills – Which Is Best For You?

When I make these lists to help and inform you I never, in particular, put them in a numerical order. The reason for this being that what is the best erectile dysfunction pills for you will depend on what is the underlying cause of your erectile dysfunction.

For some readers it may be SD 200 Tongkat Ali due to its potent testosterone enhancing effects. For others their testosterone levels may be fine but need to reduce their cholesterol or hypertension so another supplement may be better for them.

Others may need an all round supplement, a herbal formula that targets many different aspects and underlying causes of the marriage and relationship destroying condition.

Best Erectile Dysfunction Pills

I am sure you are all aware that sexual dysfunctions like ED can destroy a relationship and even a marriage due to a lack of intimacy.

This list is in no particular order, as mentioned.  Those at the top should not be considered as any better or more effective than those below them. This also applies vice versa, to those below them should not be considered as any less effective at helping to treat your erectile dysfunction.

Remember, we are in this for the long haul – to help you find a supplement that you can take for many months or as long as it takes to get those naturally occurring spontaneous erections back! – which is far better than fumbling around looking for little blue pills and waiting for half an hour for their effect to kick in! – or worse still – taking them and then she, your lady is no longer in the mood (yes, that did happen to me!).

Best Erectile Dysfunction Pills – The List

Let’s rock and roll and start naming the best erectile dysfunction pills!

  • Male Extra Pills

This is actually marketed as something that can help you to increase the size of your star member.

The formula is most certainly well designed, thought out and effective for erectile dysfunction containing an ample amount of the amino acids L Arginine (600mg) and L-Creatine as well as Pomegranate Ellagic acid (40%), L-Methionine (100mg) cordyceps (25mg), Niacin (18mg), Zinc citrate (14mg) Methyl Sulfonyl Methane(MSM) 100mg)

Male Extra is certainly formulated to get you harder, bigger and longer lasting erections and to delay your ejaculations.

The L Arginine and Pomegranate are certainly going to improve circulation [1] and help with blood pressure issues if you have any. L-Methionine, which is an essential amino acid is a nice addition which lowers levels of the hormone histamine, of which high levels are linked to premature ejaculation [2].

The addition of cordyceps is great as it is a vasorelaxant meaning it helps to open up your blood vessels and help blood to flow better, interestingly it also help the smooth muscle in your penis to trap blood, and helps in the nitric oxide process [3].

It is also good for helping to repair liver damage.

Niacin or vitamin B3 helps your blood vessels to expand and is one of the few vitamins that are good for lowering your cholesterol, which plays a large contributing factor to erectile dysfunction.

Best Erectile Dysfunction Pills

Click the image for more information about Male Extra pills.

  • Manhood X-Treme

Manhood X-Treme makes it onto the list of best erectile dysfunction pills due to being and excellent long lasting formula with effects that can last up to 72 hrs! And has an impressive blend of 7 herbs which includes two different types of ginseng.

Longan Aril, Poria, Schisandra fruit, Gordon Eurayle Seed, Horny Goat Weed, Red Ginseng, & American Ginseng.

  • Herb based containing known fruits and fruit seeds that help Erectile Dysfunction.
  • It is a 100% natural product.
  • Enhances your libido & assist with Premature Ejaculation
  • Very easy to take.
  • Enhances your Energy in a natural way.
  • The effects can last for 3 days before you need to take another capsule
  • Better, harder and more frequent erections.

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  • Male Storm

This hits the best erectile dysfunction pills list due containing a nice formulation of 6 herbs which includes two of my favourite herbs of Tongkat Ali and Horny goat weed.

The other 4 herbs are Ashwagandha. Panax ginseng, Muira Puama, and Pine Bark Extract. Which is a very interesting mix as Ashwagandha is not nicknamed Indian viagra for no reason and there is plenty of scientific data and studies that prove pine bark extracts ability to treat erectile dysfunction.

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  •  Vigrx Plus

This, Vigrx Plus, is a very well thought out and formulated combination of 9 herbs that attack a whole variety of conditions that are responsible for causing your erectile dysfunction. From high cholesterol to high blood pressure, to insomnia, stress, anxiety,  low testosterone, poor circulation, high blood sugar levels and can even help you to clear blocked arteries.

It also contains potent antioxidants, within the formula to help fight damage by caused by free radicles!

The herbs in Vigrx Plus are  Saw Palmetto, Panax ginseng, Ginkgo Biloba, Hawthorn Berry, Damania, Muira Puama, Horny Goat Weed, Tribulus Terrestris and Bioperine!

It very much contains all the elements of what I am looking for in a one pill does all herbal formula for erectile dysfunction and that’s increasing blood flow (Ginkgo Biloba), improving Nitric Oxide (Horny Goat Weed, Hawthorne berry), Enhancing testosterone (Tribulus Terresteris, Horny Goat Weed), helping cholesterol and clearing clogged arteries (Ginkgo Biloba, Hawthorne Berry), estrogen blocker (Saw Palmetto), Sexual stimulant (Muira Puama, Damania and Horny Goat Weed) and an ingredient to boost the effect and potency of the herbs (Bioprene).

Best Erectile Dysfunction Pills

  • Heart Savior Supplement

High cholesterol is, unfortunately, an all too common cause of  ED. It causes hypertension, leads to reduced circulation and could very well provoke cardiac arrest. .

When you have got high cholesterol levels, a wax like substance called plaques will build up on the interior walls of your veins and arteries restricting blood flow.

The good news is that this is easily managed by taking known supplements that assist in reducing your high cholesterol levels and to keep taking them every day with some herbs that reduce and clear away that waxy plaque like substance that is clinging to your artery walls. Ginkgo Biloba is one such herb that is very good at this.

Heart Savior helps in lowering your bad LDL cholesterol by 34% and your triglycerides by  76% and the very bad VLDL cholesterol by 71%.

It decreases and reduces the inflammation of your arteries, helps to  prevent the build-up of plaques, promotes healthy good lipid (fat) levels, boosts the functionality of your heart and helps to promote the widening of blood vessels and helps improve your circulation increasing the efficiency and health of your heart which in turn helps with your sexual dysfunction.

This is the very cholesterol reducing supplement that I  bought for my mother to take to help keep her around (and nagging me!) for many more years to come, and I suggest to you that you take this cholesterol reducing supplement if you are suffering from high cholesterol and wish to hang around and enjoy this planet longer and of course improve sex life (and heart health) at the same time!

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  • Neo 40 Professional

This particular product you would not normally associate with erectile dysfunction and you might wonder what the heck it is doing on a list of the best erectile dysfunction pills.

These are professional, clinical strength nitric oxide lozenges that enhance your nitric levels far better and greater than the amino acids L Arginine and L citrulline.

While both the amino acids mentioned are very effective for helping to increase your nitric oxide levels and thus enhancing your blood flow they are entirely dependent on endothelium health – they depend on your endothelium to release an enzyme to convert the amino acid L Arginine* into nitric oxide.

*L citrulline first gets converted into L Arginine in your body, hence working very much in the same way as L arginine.

Neo 40 professional nitric oxide lozenges increase the quantity of nitrates that you have in your body by a factor of 10 – the nitrates then get converted into nitric oxide thanks to the beneficial bacterias in your mouth.

Interestingly the nitric oxide, which is essential for an erection to occur, is raised much higher and for longer duration. Typically Vs L Arginine nitric oxide levels are 10x higher after 60 mins of taking Neo 40 nitric oxide lozenges.

After 30 days of taking nitric oxide lozenges, you can expect your nitric oxide levels to have increased by 3.5x with better results after 3 and 6 months of use.

For those with poor circulation, these may very well be what you have been looking for to help you turn back the clock and turn you back into that sexual superstar between the sheets!

For those over 40 it is suggested to take 2 lozenges daily 12 hrs apart for 3 months, then one daily for 3 months and after that you might get away with taking one every other day to maintain high nitric oxide levels. These are seriously good for your heart.

These are definitely something I suggest that you give some thought, consideration and attention to when it comes to curing your erectile dysfunction. 

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  • Boost Elite Testosterone Booster

This is a powerful mix of 9 herbs, including the combination of my two favourite herbs that I take together whenever I need to set my mojo alight! These two herbs are Horny Goat Weed and Tongkat Ali

The other herbs are Tribulus Terrestris, Fenugreek, Yohimbe bark, Panax Ginseng, Zinc Citrate, Maca And Diindolylmethane (DIM). All of which makes this one of the better all round Non Prescription erectile dysfunction drugs as it has testosterone boosters and enhancers,

All of which makes boost elite one of the best erectile dysfunction pills available as it has testosterone enhancers & boosters, DIM to block estrogen, fat burning herbs, herbs to regulate blood pressure,  herbs to deal with high cholesterol and help improve blood flow. Herbs to help regulate your blood sugar levels and boost vitality.

Awesome combination of herbs – definitely something I think you should consider if you are lacking vitality and need to boost your sex drive and still need to give  consideration to other underlying causes of ED also. Buy it and enjoy a magnificent mojo!

==>Click Here For More Info About Boost Elite<==

  • SD 200 Tongkat Ali

When it comes to testosterone enhancement herbs this SD 200 Tongkat Ali supplement by Pure Science Supplements is one of my faves! simply because of the potency and quality standards employed during its elaboration.

It uses only Indonesian wild harvested* “Eurycoma Longifolia” tree roots that have grown for at least 10 years to ensure potency! and then concentrate what they have got 200x over to give you the final product.

*Wild harvested Left to grow naturally, no chemicals involved!

Each capsule is a whopping 400mg and the daily dose 800mg, now that is strong!

Tongkat Ali has been shown in clinical trials to enhance testosterone levels by up to 37% and reduce levels of stress hormone cortisol significantly [4].

This herb, not only helps to increase testosterone naturally by stimulating the body to produce more, it also has the ability to help your body keep those testosterone gains by helping to inhibit the conversion of testosterone into estrogen via the aromatisation process.

It is also great if you are carrying a little too much body fat as it is a known lipogenic, meaning it can help to burn that fat.

Which is great as excess body fat stores estrogens when bind to free testosterone rendering it inert! All round this is a great herb to take and if you need or want your sex drive to thrive then I suggest that you try Tongkat Ali.

==>Click Here for More Info About SD 200 Tongkat Ali<==

  • Thorne Research Basic Nutrients

This most certainly makes the list of erectile dysfunction pills as it a multipurpose multifunctional supplement that not only helps those of us who may have poor nutrition, which, by the way, also causes your member not to perform as you would like or expect.

It helps to enhance your testosterone levels, reduce high cholesterol and help you to clear clogged arteries as well as regulate high blood pressure.

All of this comes in kind thanks to the content and quantity of nutrients in the  Thorne research Basic nutrients supplement

What is particularly great is the concentration – you get much more than what you need to treat any nutritional deficiency that you may have and that is very rare in an all in one multi-vitamin and multi-mineral supplements.

This is a supplement that I suggest to my personal friends who are suffering from any ailment or condition that can be associated with nutritional deficiency and as a means of preventing a whole host of illnesses – and you are not any different!

I do suggest to you,  that you give thought and attention to taking Thorne Basic nutrients on a daily and regular basis to not just to help you to get your sex life back on track but for your general health also.

==>Click Here For More Info About Thorne Research Basic Nutrients<==

  • Horny Goat Weed

This product,  (below) is the very best selling horny goat weed on the online market place amazon! Horny goat weed (Epimedium) is a potent and very powerful herb for treating your erectile dysfunction and it makes this list of best erectile dysfunction pills for a very good reason!

It functions in a similar way to those lil’ ol’ blue pills do!, which is via the suppression of the “evil” PDE 5 enzyme that destroys nitric oxide upon contact – and that is a gaseous substance that is absolutely required for a good hard solid erection to occur! – In fact, zero nitric oxide equals zero erection!

And that PDE 5 enzyme is not the only or unique enzyme that is suppressed by the herb horny goat weed!. The AChE enzyme is also inhibited by it – and the AChE enzyme just so happens to be the very enzyme that blocks the cholinergic neurotransmitters – the ones that are responsible for your sexual arousal and responsiveness!

This herbs titillating talents don’t end there – it’s a mimicker of the very hormone that is associated with sex drive – testosterone! And assists your body to make much better use the pre-existing bound testosterone it already has in its body.

Perhaps the nickname “horny” is appropriate! if you have a lacking and lagging libido and want it at lovely lusty levels then look no further than the herb right here!

==>Click Here For More Info About Horny Goat Weed<==

If you have any questions about the products on the best erectile dysfunction pills list leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Ciao for now,

Talk soon,


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