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Muira Puama Dosage For Harder Erections

Muira Puama Dosage

Muira Puama Dosage For Harder Erections

In this article, I talk about the ideal and proven Muira Puama Dosage that can help you to get harder more rigid and longer lasting erections. The dosage is also known to give your sex drive and libido a proper push in the right direction should it be lagging in any way.

This article is not only aimed at men but for the fairer sex too as it is clinically proven for women to achieve orgasm more readily and easier with an increased intensity if they take the right Muira Puama Dosage with another herb!

What is that other herb?

What is the correct Muira Puama Dosage for men and women to start or re-start fully enjoying their sex lives?

for the answers to those questions read on…

What Is Muira Puama?

Muira Puama (Ptychopetalum), is a little tree that is native to Brazils Amazonian rain forest. The tree produces white flowers that have a scent similar to that of jasmine, despite this, it is the bark and the root that has the greatest benefit for medicinal use. In the South American nation of Brazil and their herbal medicine system, a tea made from those two components of the Muira Puama tree has a historical reputation as being a potent and powerful sexual stimulant and aphrodisiac.

It is has been proven in clinical trials to enhance and restore male and female sexuality, potency and for us men our erectile response! [1].

Muira Puama Dosage

It is the root and the bark of this herb that gives it its sexual potency.

The Sexual Health Benefits Of Muira Puama

The use of Herbs for enhancing and improving physical, as well as sexual performance, dates back thousands of years across the globe. Muira Puama is one of those such herbs [2]. It may even be so that this herb provides the most effective and natural approach for men to support a healthy restoration of their libido and erectile response [3].

Muira Puama assists in the relaxation of the soft smooth muscle of your penis, this relaxation helps it to fill with blood easier helping you to get a good hard erection. Furthermore, the herb has the ability to block the PDE 5 enzyme that destroys nitric oxide upon contact [4]. Inhibition of the PDE 5 enzyme is exactly how Viagra functions. Giving some truth behind the nicknames Brazilian Viagra and Amazonian Viagra!

Muira Puama Dosage For Harder Erections – The Facts

Before I mention the Muira Puama Dosage that can help you to get harder, firmer and more sustainable erections let me first establish and present the facts. These facts come from scientific and clinical studies of the Brazilian herb and its erectogenic effects.

A clinical research study of 262 men was conducted by Doctor J Waynberg with the participants receiving 1000 to 1500 milligrams of a 4:1 concentrated extract of the Muira Puama herb for a 2 week period [5]. This dosage is the equivalent of 4,000mg to 6,000mg of the regular herb in its natural state.

  • 62% of the men recorded an increase in their sexual libido.
  • Just over half, 51% experienced more sustainable erections.

These results do indeed look promising considering they were taking the herb for such a short period of time and the results of the 51% of men are in reference to naturally occurring spontaneous erections and not pop a pill and then wait for an hour type of erections!.

Another study conducted by the same Doctor was examining the effects of Muira Puama on Sexual Asthenia [6], which is the loss of strength and male libido due to low testosterone levels.

  • 70% reported a significant boost in their sex drive and an enhancement in their sexual arousal.
  • 66% or 2 out of 3 of the male in the participants noted an increased frequency of sexual intercourse.
  • 55% found greater and better solidity and rigidity in their erections during sex.
  • 66% reported more physical energy, reduced fatigue and a better sleep quality.
  • Additionally, an enhancement and improvement in the intensity, as well as frequency of their morning wood, was reported by the participants.
  • All 100 men reported that the herb Muira Puama treated their condition, sexual asthenia, very effectively.
  • 90 of the 100 men reported much better and greater sustainability of their erections during sex.

The evidence for those studies are most certainly interesting and indicate that the right Muira Puama dosage can most certainly help men to improve their libido and get harder erections.

Muira Puama Dosage

The right Muira Puama dosage can help increase the rigidity and intensity of your erections as well as their frequency.

Muira Puama Dosage For Improved Female Orgasms

A research study on 202  participants that were both pre and postmenopausal women to determine the effect of the Amazonian herb to determine the effect on female sexuality was conducted with the participants taking 175 milligrams of a concentrated 4:1 Muira Puama extract. This is the equivalent of 700mg of the herb in its natural form.

The women took either 32 or 96 mg of Ginkgo Biloba. along with the Muira Puama.

  • 2 thirds (65%) of the 202 women recorded an augmented frequency of erotic and sexual thoughts – inclusive of the enactment of such fantasies!
  • The participants also reported and increase in the number and frequency of their sexual encounters and level of sexual satisfaction.
  • The participants also noted that they were much more able to and far easier to achieve an orgasm, inclusive of a greater intensity of their orgasms [7].

Muira Puama Dosage

As demonstrated by the studies the effective Muira Puama Dosage is 1,000mg to 1,500mg of a 4:1 concentrated extract or 4,000 to 6,000mg of the herb in its natural form for you to get harder more sustainable erections during sexual intercourse.

For greater and augmented sex drive for women, and ideal Muira Puama dosage would be 175mg of a 4:1 concentrated extract or 700mg of in its natural form. For best results take with Ginkgo Biloba.

If you find a concentrate at a much higher or lower concentrate then just divide the 4,000mg to 6,000mg dosage for men or 700mg for women by the concentrated number.

Example a 2:1 concentrate extract would require a dosage of 4,000 to 6,000 divided by 2, which equates to 2,000 to 3,000mg dose.

Muira Puama Extract is clinically and scientifically proven to help to increase your sex life and your sexual pleasure by helping you to get harder more rigid firmer as well as more sustainable erections during sexual intercourse with your partner all the while having the excellent ability to help your lovely lady to achieve an orgasm more readily and easier when taken with Ginkgo Biloba.

So go right ahead and try Muira Puama as it may very well help both you and your partner to start enjoying your sexual encounters to the fullest again. Just click the link or post insert below for more information about Muira Puama.

Samsara Muira Puama Review – Can This Herb Fix Your Erectile Dysfunction?

If you have any questions regarding Muira Puama dosage, leave a comment below and I will get back to you as quickly as I can.

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  6. Dr J Waynberg,, 1995., Sex Asthenia (Male) – Interests In The Trad. Plant-Derived Medication. Ethno -Pharmacology, March 1995.

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