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Here’s Everything About “What Is Morning Wood?” Before You Start Reading It!

What Is Morning Wood Featured

Here’s Everything About “What Is Morning Wood?” Before You Start Reading It!

Morning Wood? What Is Morning Wood? When I read the title of the book, “Secrets of morning wood,” I was left wondering what it could be. At first glance, I actually thought it was just a high-quality wood recommended to make furniture in our home.

But, when I learned what it was, I was surprised at my own lack of knowledge. Well…. It’s not actually my fault. The name itself is such that anyone would think of it as a kind of wood to be used in furniture. I won’t tell anyone if you also thought the same. But, you must be eager to know what exactly morning wood is? Let me give you a hint….

It’s something to do with the hardness similar to that of wood that you experience in the morning!

I think you have got it!

Morning wood refers to the erection that most men experience in the morning. Now, this information was enough for me to get my free copy of the book and read it from start to end! I got to learn so much from this book that I decided to share my experience with others to help them understand what is morning wood, why does it occur, why it doesn’t occur and so on. Let me share with you what I learnt from this book, “Secrets of Morning wood.”

Secrets Of Morning Wood

“The secrets of morning wood” is a book written by Logan Christoper. This book is meant to help men suffering from erectile difficulties. It explains how to get morning wood frequently.

This book made me familiar with the phenomenon that most of us experience in the morning. Morning wood is not a coincidence or a rare occurrence that happens for no reason. The hardness of the penis that men experience in the morning has been recognized as a physiological process and is called nocturnal penile tumescence in medicinal terms. [1]

It describes a normal condition in which men wake up with a hard and erect penis. It tends to be more common in younger men as compared to older men. [2]

What Is Morning Wood

What Is Morning Wood Caused By

An interesting thing I learned about what is morning wood is it is not a sign of sexual arousal as I always believed. After reading this book, I realized that morning wood has more to do with the changes in the testosterone levels in your body, relaxation of the brain and physical stimulation than sexual arousal alone.

The testosterone level in your body is at its peak in the morning when we wake up. The rise in this sex hormone may be the cause for the erection you get in the morning.

Another reason is when you are sleeping, your whole body including muscles, and brain are in a state of relaxation. This may result in the release of some hormones that can cause an erection.

Another possible factor responsible for morning wood is your body releases some hormones to inhibit erections during the daytime. However, when you’re asleep, the body releases a less amount of those hormones. As a result, you get an uninhibited erection even in the absence of stimulation.

Till this point, the book was interesting. But, after I finished reading the causes, it struck me whether not getting morning wood could mean these normal processes in my body were hampered?

Well, that set me thinking.

So, I continued reading this book to know everything about what is morning wood, why does or doesn’t it occur, who gets it and who doesn’t and what I could do to make sure it does occur!

Here’s’ what I learned from the “Secrets of morning wood free ebook”

  • What is Morning Wood and its relation with testosterone and sexual potency
  • Methods to enhance morning wood by boosting the hormonal levels
  • The right way to do the “Morning Wood Test”
  • There exists a female equivalent to morning wood (I found that very interesting)
  • The cardiovascular correlation of morning wood and what it could mean for us
  • How to manage erectile problems by improving morning wood
  • Relationship between testosterone and sleep

Phew! Now, this was something I never knew. It made me wonder how we take certain things in life for granted, especially our health. We do not even realize that something could be amiss if any sign of good health was not evident. I was always fascinated by the erections I was getting in the morning. However, I never bothered myself much when I didn’t get them for days.

But, this book helped me understand what is morning wood and what it signifies. I learned that morning wood was an indicator of healthy nerve and blood supply to my penis. It also meant my testosterone levels were normal and my brain wasn’t too stressed out.

What Is Morning Wood

Stress could be just one reason you are not experiencing morning wood.

I started paying more attention to morning wood after reading this book and I realized that I was not getting it on days when I was stressed out due to work pressure or other reasons. That meant my body was reacting to mental stress, and producing less of the feel-good hormones as well as testosterone.

This helped me understand why I was not getting good erections while making out. My testosterone levels were down! This meant taking steps to raise my testosterone levels could help me manage my erectile problems. [3]

The book also provided other causes of not getting morning wood like obesity, hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, and depression. [4]

What Is Morning Wood And How To Get It?

I learned a lot about what is morning wood from this book. But, it’s the last part that I loved the most. In this chapter, the author has shared some tips to get morning wood. It provided valuable guidance to men like me to help us get that wood-like erection in the morning.

I tried some of the tips mentioned in the book and let me tell you, it was quite helpful. I am experiencing morning wood more frequently nowadays and I am enjoying it. It not just helped me feel better and more confident about myself, but also assured me that my body’s physiological processes were working normally.

That completed the journey I had begun with reading “Secrets of Morning Wood.” I strongly recommend this free ebook to all men to get acquainted to this interesting phenomenon. If you are eager to know more about what is morning wood and how you could get it, get your free copy of “Secrets of Morning Wood” by clicking the link below!

What Is Morning Wood

If you want to know more about “What is Morning Wood,” leave a comment below, and I will reply back to you as swiftly as I can.

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