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The Muira Puama Extract Benefits That Can Help Your Sex Life!

Muira Puama Extract Benefits

The Muira Puama Extract Benefits That Can Help Your Sex Life!

In this article, I talk about and discuss a herb that has been dubbed “Brazillian Viagra” and “Amazonian Viagra”. While researching the Muira Puama Extract Benefits I have come across a number of scientific and clinical trials that back up and prove the effectiveness of this herb for both men and women!

What’s more is the fact that It’s clinically proven!

What Is Muira Puama?

Muira Puama is a herb that comes from the Brazil’s tropical rain forest it grows to around 50 feet in height which is approximately 13 meters tall. It is the bark that used for its potent and wide variety of medicinal benefits. It is known under a couple of different names, principally being a MaraPuama, which I highly suspect is Brazillian Portuguese or some local Amazonian dialect or tribal language for Muira Puama.

Another name is Potency Wood, a name which quite possibly came by due to its ability to augment sexual potency in both men and women.

A couple of interesting nicknames have arisen over the past few years, Brazillian Viagra and Amazonian Viagra both of which a self-explanatory!

Muira Puama should not be confused or mistaken with Mucuna Pruriens, which treat similar symptoms and also aid sexual dysfunction and increase testosterone.

Muira Puama Extract Benefits For Your Sex Life!

Muira Puama extract benefits your libido, low sex drive and when you are in a state of poor sexual arousal or have difficulty in getting aroused. This is particularly good as a lagging libido is a symptom and cause of sexual dysfunction in both men and women.

Increasing sex drive and state of sexual arousal can help to bring out that cute little sex kitten in your lovely lady and you, well, it can help you to be happy, hard and horny!.

The increase in sex drive experienced is just one of Muira Puama Extract benefits and is partially thanks to its nootropic effects at enhancing a group of neurotransmitters that are strongly linked to increasing sexual arousal and being in a state of sexual arousal [1]. Those just in case you are wondering those are the Cholinergic group of neurotransmitters.

Muira Puama achieves the feat of increasing your levels of the Cholinergic group of neurotransmitters by inhibiting and blocking an enzyme that breaks down Acetylcholine and thus leaving you with more of those hedonistic, lusty and sexual arousal enhancing brain chemicals in the old grey matter!. The particular enzyme that is blocked that behind all this is the, is the acetylcholinesterase enzyme [2].

Muira Puama Extract Benefits

One of Muira Extract’s benefits is that it augments sex drive and sexual arousal in both men and women.

Muira Puama Extract Benefits – The Effect On Men!

In this and the following part of this article, I will briefly detail the finding of scientific and clinical studies involving the herb.

A study conducted with 262 male participants noted 62% recording a boost in their sexual libido, while 51% experienced a rectification of their ED. The 262 men in the study were taking 1000 to 1,500mg of Muira Puama herb at 4:1 concentrated extract for a period fo 2 weeks [3].

In an independent study conducted by Doctor Waynberg who was assessing the effects of the herb Muira Puama on the psychological effect of an ailment known as sexual asthenia [4].

Sexual asthenia is the loss of sex drive and strength caused by to hypogonadism (low levels of testosterone)

  • 66% or 2 out of 3 of the participants noted an increased frequency of sexual intercourse.
  • 70% reported a boost in sex drive and an enhancement in their libido.
  • 55% found greater and better rigidity in their erections during sex.
  • 66% reported more physical energy, less fatigue and a better quality of sleep.
  • Additionally, an enhancement in the intensity, as well as frequency of morning wood, was reported by the men.
  • All 100 participants reported that Muira Puama treated their condition, sexual asthenia, effectively.
  • 90 of the 100 men reported much greater and better sustainability of their erections during sex.
Muira Puama Extract Benefits

Muira Puama can increase your sexual libido and enjoyment

Muira Puama Extract Benefits – The Effect On Women

A study On 202 women that were both post and premenopausal taking 175mg of Muira Puama Extract at 4:1 concentrated strength. Alongside the Muira Puama 32mg or 96mg of the herb Ginkgo Biloba.

65% of the females – 2 out of every 3 women in the study reported and improvement in the frequency and occurrence of erotic sexual thoughts – inclusive of enticing and enactment of those thoughts and fantasies.

The ladies also reported a significant improvement in their frequency of sexual encounters and sexual satisfaction. They also reported that they were much more able to and more readily achieve an orgasm, including greater intensity of such orgasms [5].

Muira Puama Extract benefits are clinically proven to help increase your sex life and sexual pleasure by helping you to get harder firmer more sustainable erections during sexual intercourse with your partner all the while having the ability to help your wife to achieve an orgasm more readily when taken with Ginkgo Biloba.

So why not go right ahead and try this herb out if it is going to help both you and your partner to start enjoying sex to the fullest again?. Just click the link or post insert below for more information about Muira Puama.

Samsara Muira Puama Review – Can This Herb Fix Your Erectile Dysfunction?

If you have any questions regarding Muira Puama Extract Benefits, leave a comment below and I will get back to you as quickly as I can.

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  4. Dr J Waynberg,, 1995., Sex Asthenia (Male) – Interests in The Traditional Plant-Derived Medication. Ethno -Pharmacology, March 1995.

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