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Minerals And Weight Loss

minerals and weight loss

Minerals And Weight Loss

In this article, I talk about Minerals and Weight Loss and discuss what the best minerals are for losing weight and above all shedding excess body fat. Excess body fat can be a cause of erectile dysfunction in men, losing that excess fat can improve your erectile function.

Managing your weight is crucial to your overall well-being, shifting the extra excess fat is not just about a calorie controlled diet.

You must still get the right amount of nutrients to maintain a healthy overall bodily function and a higher rate of metabolism. Vitamins and Minerals together to help increase bodily reactions that assist in weight loss.

Minerals And Weight Loss

Iron: When you have insufficient amounts of this essential mineral you can become anaemic. Being anaemic results in a feeling of being constantly fatigued, this is because at a cellular level your cells are not getting enough oxygen.

Being exhausted leads to a lack of motivation in working out and we know how important working out is for weight and fat loss.

Best Source: Clams, Lentils, Mussels, Spinach, Beef, and animal liver.

Zinc: This mineral is needed and helps with improving sperm quantity and quality in terms of the mobility and motility of your swimmers. It is one of the minerals that increase testosterone levels

Increased testosterone levels not only help with erectile dysfunction but in losing fat and building lean muscle also.

Best Source: Eggs, Beef, Chicken, Brazil nuts, Broccoli, Shellfish, Lentils and Shellfish are all good sources of Zinc.

Minerals and weight loss

Spinach, as well as broccoli, are two very good vegetables in the fight against ED and weight loss. Both contain a lot of the minerals for increasing testosterone and nitrates for increasing nitric oxide levels.

Calcium: Dem Bones, Dem Bones need…Calcium! And actually, your boner too if you are suffering from high blood pressure. It is also another one of those testosterone augmenting minerals!.

Best Source: Milk, Yoghurt, Cheese, Kale, Sardines, Cereals, and Bok Choy.

Manganese: Manganese assists in the regulation of the glucose levels in your blood. It is needed for the metabolization of fats and maintaining good healthy thyroid. Also another of the T boosting minerals.

Best Sources: Pineapple, Spinach, oatmeal, nuts, tea, and leafy green vegetables.

Chromium: Like calcium and iron, Chromium assists you in maintaining a healthy proper body weight. This mineral stabilizes and regulates the level of glucose in your blood by enhancing the effects of insulin. Chromium is an appetite suppressant.

Best Sources: Liver, Beef, Hard Cheese, molasses and egg yolks.

Magnesium: An essential mineral that’s important for blood sugar levels, your bones and elevating testosterone levels naturally as well as helping with blood flow and weight loss by giving a nice energy boost, especially if you are tired or stressed.

Best Sources: seeds, nuts, dark leafy greens, Cacao, fish, and yoghurt.

A proper well-balanced calory controlled diet with the proper minerals can help you to lose weight and shift that erection killing extra fat on your body.

You ought to participate in a good exercise regime also. Exercise, will not only help lose weight, feel better and look much better. It will help you to increase all-important levels of nitric oxide which is absolutely required for an erection to occur.

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Minerals And Weight Loss

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If you have any questions regarding minerals and weight loss, leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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