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What Is Shilajit? – More About The Powerful Nutraceutical!

What is Shilajit

What Is Shilajit? – More About The Powerful Nutraceutical!

In this article, I answer the question What Is  Shilajit? explain what this substance is and how it can help sufferers of Erectile Dysfunction and improve their sex life as well as quite possibly improving the quality orgasms! With nothing else on the agenda, let’s get rocking and rolling with answering the question of the day!

What Is Shilajit?

Shilajit is a dietary supplement that comes in two main forms Powder or Resinous form where the 85+ minerals are live and organic. It is the resinous form that is the most powerful.

It comes from the rather mountainous Himalayan mountain range and is commonly used in Nepal, Bhutan, and India as well as the surrounding countries and has been very much an integral part of the herbal medicine system of that area, Ayurvedic medicine for centuries.

It is powerful and potent naturally occurring substance that is provided my mother nature herself and by many experts considered to be a very powerful nutraceutical that has the ability to protect and guard against degenerative diseases, including studies at the University of Santiago in Chile indicating Shilajit to be an effective preventative treatment for Alzheimer’s disease.

What I Shilajit?

Shilajit In Powder Form

It is in the waxy resinous form that is by far the most potent form of this naturally occurring supplement. It’s’ formation comes from the mountain rocks as a reaction the baking heat from the sun.

Quite often it is referred to as stone-oil, or Rock Sweat and occasionally Indian Viagra. However, the name Indian Viagra is much more commonly associated with Ashwagandha, which also forms an integral part of Ayurvedic medicine.

As well as being a powerful source of over 85 Live Organic Minerals in their ionic state there is also a wide range of essential vitamins like Vitamin A, B, and C. Some very powerful cell repairing antioxidants are present.

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The more powerful resinous form of Shilajit.

Health Benefits Of Shilajit

With its’ 85+ live organic minerals in their ionic state, and the wide variety of minerals and powerful antioxidants it pretty easy to deduce that many of the health benefits come from the power of good proper nutrition.

It is the organic minerals and their ionic state that helps the minerals to bond with the carbon in our body. This allows us to get the full and complete benefits from those minerals.

Non-organic minerals are treated as toxins by our body and it struggles to flush them out causing a number of medical complaints such as joint and back pain due to their build up. Also, the organic minerals help with a natural chelation process in ridding the body of toxic heavy metals and non-organic minerals.

Natural chelation therapy – without the need to inject your body with chemicals to do the same thing!.

What Is Shilajit

A nice indirect benefit of Shilajit is that it makes any herbs that you are taking a bit more powerful and effective.

In respect to the main and principle topic of this blog, for men suffering erectile dysfunction this unusually named supplement in the resinous form and taken on its own raises testosterone by a very respectable 23.5% if taken twice daily over a 3 month period.

That is no hear say either, those were the findings of a clinical study where participants were given 100mg of shilajit resin twice daily for 3 months. Just for the record a 23.5% increase is a significant increase.

For me, personally, such a significant rise is not that much of a surprise at all due to the substance containing all the minerals that increase testosterone in their natural organic form!.

An increase in testosterone is good news for impotent men as improved levels of the male sex hormone augment your sex drive, increase vitality, lower your stress levels and help to increase erectile rigidity!

What Is Shilajit

Proof of the pudding! Results of Clinical studies showing 23.5% increase in testosterone levels.

Enhanced levels of the male sex hormone testosterone results in improved fertility amongst men. 

As can be seen from the photo above, sperm volume increased 37.6% and sperm count by 61.4%. Sperm motility increased by 12.4% to 17.4% with more significant increases over the longer time frame of 120mins. Guy’s..increased sperm volume can lead to more prolonged better and orgasms! 

Shilajit is great for your heart health also. In Lab tests, animals were given the supplement in the resinous form were shown to have far less cardiovascular damage with the effect said to be the result of more than just the very powerful antioxidants found in the supplement.

In Asia, they say that men who consume shilajit on a regular and frequent basis have superior levels of vitality, energy, virility and a greater sense of overall well-being. That effect is down to Shilajit working on a cellular level enhancing energy levels at the very source of energy production itself, the mitochondria.

When that happens, a sensation and feeling of being more alive and much more alert! and recovery times are reduced! You feel ready to take on the world!

What Is Shilajit

With Shilajit resin, the world is in your hands!

Where To Buy Shilajit

Instead of counting and monitoring the quantity of every single mineral and if it is organic or not, make life much easier for yourself by regularly taking Shilajit and fully enjoy the nutritional benefits, enhanced testosterone levels, sperm volume and the natural chelation of toxic heavy minerals and non-organic minerals that it gives you.

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You really ought to try Shilajit and use the power of nutraceuticals to improve your erectile dysfunction!

What Is Shilajit

Buy Shilajit – Reasons Why You Should Buy The Healthiest Supplement Known!

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