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What Is Tongkat Ali?

What Is Tongkat Ali?

What Is Tongkat Ali?

In this article, I explain and answer the frequently asked question What Is Tongkat Ali?. I will also explain how it works and how it may benefit men with erectile dysfunction. For those who are interested in buying and trying Tongkat Ali, I show you where you get a top quality product with a full year long guarantee!

With nothing else on the agenda let’s get cracking and allow me to answer the question!

What is Tongkat Ali?

It is a herb often used for restoring a man or woman’s sexual prowess. It Predominantly grows in South East Asian rain forests and jungles. In Thailand, it is known as Plaplai Phueak, Indonesia Pasak Bumicây bá bệnh in Vietnam. In Malaysia where most of it grows it is known as Tongkat Ali, which translates to Ali’s Walking Stick.

In the West and Predominantly Speaking English Countries, it is perhaps better known as Long Jack.

The Botanical name of the tree of which Tongkat Ali comes from is Eurycoma longifolia. It is the root that is used. A tree is typically grown for 10 years before they cultivate it for use as the potent herb Tongkat Ali.

It is often called Malaysian Ginseng also, which is probably down to its’ adaptogenic powers and effects. It is NOT part of the same botanical family as Ginseng.

Tongkat Ali Benefits

Tongkat Ali Root ready for the extraction process.

How Does Tongkat Ali Work?

For erectile dysfunction, principally speaking it helps by potentially targeting the underlying causes of the sexual dysfunction. Tongkat Ali could help with Low testosterone, Lack of energy and vitality, high blood pressure and low sex drive.

It is important that you understand the underlying causes of your dysfunction so that you can get the herbs that best target those particular causes and help you to finding a long-term cure and better more natural, more spontaneous erections rather than popping blue pills and waiting!

It is worthy of noting that long-term use of Cialis, Viagra or Levitra is actually detrimental to erectile health according to recent clinical studies.

I find it rather interesting that Tongkat Ali works in balance and in harmony with your body. It Stimulates a set of cells located in the anterior pituitary gland known as the gonadotropic cells. When those are stimulated the release something aptly named gonadotropins such as the Lutenizing Hormone.

It is the Luteinizing Hormone that sets off a chain reaction in a group of cells known as the Leydig cells which are located in the gonads and stimulates the production of testosterone.

Very Interestingly the herb, in addition to increasing levels of free non-binding testosterone it helps to maintain those levels by inhibiting its conversion into estrogen via the aromatization process.

The benefits of augmented testosterone for men is stronger and longer lasting erections, increased energy levels  and vitality, reduced stress and increased sex drive!

Additional Benefits of Tongkat Ali

Nice additional benefits associated with this herb is enhanced muscle tone. The lipogenic effect means that it also helps to burn body fat. This is great for looking much better and more physically appealing to your partner as well as helping with your erectile dysfunction.

This is because excess body fat has a huge love affair going on the girlie hormone estrogen which has a negative effect on your erection quality and testosterone levels as estrogen, and in particular excess estrogen binds itself to testosterone!

Reducing body fat has beneficial effects on erectile quality and your T levels as well as being very good for your overall health.

Best Vitamins for weight loss

Tongkat Ali can help to reduce excess fat.

Tongkat Ali is also used as an anti-viral and treatment for dysentery, malaria. The Quassinoids have been proven to be twice as effective as those found in aspirin!

For our Sweet Ladies, they also experience an elevated in sex drive.

When my beautiful Vietnamese girlfriend is tired or plain simply not in the mood or just plain simply ain’t putting out..she gets a bit of sweetness and treatment from me, taking good care of her, you know cooking and the full shebang!  with, of course, a bit of Tongkat Ali added in here and there! a special sauce made from the herb, or sprinkled on her food as a condiment, in her coffee or added to a smoothie!

She also gets that treatment around THAT crazy time of month as she (and me too!) suffer a terrible time with her menstrual cycle. It works a treat for her and for me too (a less crazy PMT-induced GF!).

Tongkat Ali is known to help women with difficulties during the menstrual cycle due to the Leydig Cells located in her ovaries helping to release the egg when they are stimulated by the luteinizing hormone. It also an effective treatment for ladies suffering from the menopause.

Where To Buy Tongkat Ali

The top quality Tongkat Ali is available from my go to source for all herbs, the independently owned enterprise known as Lost Empire Herbs, who appropriately named their business due to humanity having lost their way and become out of touch with nature and of course natural cures and treatments.

Their herbal products are in free form, meaning sold in bags as powders or ground down leaves and not capsules or tablet form making them great for adding to smoothies and juices, or for Tongkat Ali, coffee!

They offer a nice 365-day money back guarantee, as well as a 15% discount for first-time buyers and for orders in North America over $100 free delivery!

For More Information about their Tongkat Ali click the link or post insert below!

What Is Tongkat Ali?

Tongkat Ali Review – Does It Work?

If you have any questions relating to what is Tongkat Ali,  leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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