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Best Vitamins For Weight Loss

Best Vitamins for weight loss

Best Vitamins For Weight Loss

In this article, I will talk about the best vitamins for weight loss, while vitamins are best taken in their organic form I will suggest healthy food sources and an organic supplement at the end for those who lead busy lifestyles and find it tough going to keep track of their vitamin intake on a daily basis.

The great news there are nutrients that can help you on your way to weight and fat loss success and can play a part in helping you to hit your ideal body weight and your overall general health.

I have mentioned it before, on this site in the weight loss section, and I make no shame in using shock as a tactic to motivate readers into losing weight, particularly fat.

Excess fat in men produces excess estrogen, which binds to testosterone and lowers sex drive and erection quality. For women, excess estrogen caused by bearing too much body fat is the biggest cause of breast cancer. 

Those are three indisputable facts, the first two you can verify with a doctor or an oncologist. The third fact is my lack of shame in using a shock tactic to inspire weight loss in your wife, girlfriend or partner. I have lost family members to cancer, and know how horrible it is first hand.

Best Vitamins For Weight Loss

Save your erection, and your partner’s love pillows (and potentially life) in one fell swoop by losing weight and have her joining you on your quest if she needs to diet too.

Best Vitamins For Weight Loss

Vitamin B12: This is one of the water soluble vitamins that has many functions in our bodies including the production of red blood cells as well as how efficiently you use the calories, which will result in more energy available for you to exercise and perhaps more motivation and healthy weight and fat loss.

A lack of Vitamin B12 leads to a sensation of fatigue and being very tired, drained of energy. Vitamin B12 does not cause weight loss directly but does play its part in how your body uses calories and convert them into energy.

Source: Fish, Beef, Chicken, animal liver.

Omega 3: This helps the body by enhancing the metabolism of cholesterol and dietary fat. This is beneficial for sufferers of erectile dysfunction as cholesterol and fat cause arteriosclerosis, which reduces blood flow, even down there!.

Source: Shrimps, Sardines, Salmon, Tofu, Flax seed and walnuts, Beef, Brussel Sprouts and Cauliflower.

Best Vitamins for Weight loss

Cauliflower, as well as Brussel sprouts, worthy of note, are great for erectile dysfunction not only for the weight losing omega 3 content but contain estrogen blocking indole 3 carbinol.

Dietary Fiber: Not really a vitamin but it is in my humble opinion a nutrient. Fibre is beneficial for the body and helps with managing your weight. Fibre is very filling and suppresses your appetite and meaning you eat less and have a lower calory intake.

Healthy and friendly intestinal bacterias such as Bifidobacterium and bifidogenic activity has been shown to increase significantly with a fibre rich diet. The ideal amount of fibre per day is 15 grammes per 1000 calories. That’s 30 grammes for a woman per day and 37.5 grammes per day for a man.

Source: Baked potatoes with Skin, Beans, Almonds, walnuts, berries, Bran Cereal, Oat meal and Vegetables.

Sheer Thermos Dietary Supplement

An effective and rather interesting dietary supplement focusing on fat loss in difficult to lose areas of the body is Sheer Thermos, a 100% natural thermogenic fat burning and appetite suppressing herbal product. It focuses on helping the body to burn calories as energy by raising body temperature.

What particularly interests me, and for sufferers of erectile dysfunction is the formulation is, and I bet rather accidentally or coincidentally, effective for treating erectile dysfunction and causes of it, and very well could help you to kill two birds with a single stone – lose that belly fat which may be causing your sexual dysfunction in the first place and while waiting for the new slim trim, and more attractive, sexier treating the dysfunction at the same time.

For more information about Sheer Thermos Click the link or post insert below.

Best Vitamins For Weight Loss

Sheer Thermo Reviews

If you have any questions about Best Vitamins for Weight Loss leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Ciao for now.

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