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What Is Cistanche Tubulosa?

What is Cistanche Tubulosa

What Is Cistanche Tubulosa?

In this article, I talk about Cistanche Tubulosa and try to explain what it is and answer the question “What is Cistanche Tubulosa?”. I also talk about how it can be beneficial for sufferers of erectile difficulties and early endings. I also mention how it can be beneficial for women also.

With nothing else on the agenda let’s dive straight in with the question of the day!

What Is Cistanche Tubulosa?

This herb is often called “Rou Cong Rong” amongst practitioners of Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine. Due to it being a powerful adaptogen that often rivals that of ginseng and grows in the desert some refer to it as desert ginseng.

Others, and quite rightfully so, due to its potential ability to restore sexual prowess in men (and women too) nickname it Chinese Viagra or herbal Viagra.

It is a Hyacinth-like plant that grows in the desert areas of China, particularly western China, Africa, Mongolia, India, Iraq, Iran. It is quite difficult to find and sadly becoming an endangered species.

It is the bark and the stem that is used, often ground into a fine powder form by first drying out the useable parts that contain the powerful and effective naturally occurring compounds.

Health benefits of Cistanche Tubulosa may include helping men who suffer from erectile difficulties, the sick to boost their immune system, and has powerful anti-ageing properties, helps to improve energy and vitality, improve memory and is very good kidney tonifier.

It is said by many experts to be one of the better and most powerful of all the herbs used in Chinese Traditional Herbal Medicine.

Cistanche Tubulosa Reviews

Dual Organic Cistanche Tubulosa Powder.

This herb is a source of 3 of the Vitamins that help augment testosterone as well as containing 15 of the 22 amino acids and a lot of essential minerals.

Sexual Vitality and Erectile Dysfunction

The Herb Cistanche Tubulosa has three interesting compounds echinacoside, Aceoside, and Saldroside which could heighten and enhances the sexual function of both men and women, assisting both sexes at improving sexual desire, libido and for men erectile firmness and assisting with premature endings.

Those three compounds achieve this by means of improving and enhancing the health of the central nervous system, which in turn improves endocrine health and the release and secretion neurotransmitters and hormones.

Cistanche Tubulosa also improves nitric oxide levels, which helps with both erection quality and delaying ejaculation. With women, nitric oxide can help to improve vaginal lubrication and “sensitivity down there!” helping ladies to achieve better and prolonged orgasms!

What is Cistanche Tubulosa

Cistanche Tubulosa not only improves your erections and assists with premature endings it helps your lady to intensify her orgasms also!

This powerful herb assists our ladies during their menstrual cycle by helping to balance out and normalise hormones at a time when they might be a little haywire! and also helps with excess bleeding during her cycle. It may help with symptoms of the menopause and with female infertility issues also.

This is definitely one of those herbs worth sharing with your wife, girlfriend, partner or lover!

Side Effects

There are no known side effects of taking Cistanche Tubulosa, it is known as one of the safest herbs in Chinese medicine to take, and in particular for those that are wishing to manage a yang deficiency.

Not to be taken by ladies who are pregnant, breast feeding or by children.

Cistanche Dosage

The recommended dosage of Cistanche Tubulosa is simply one to two grams daily as required. If you are taking it for erectile difficulties try starting with just one gram for a seven to ten days, if you are not experiencing results then up your dosage to two grams daily.

You can take this herb with water, preferably warm or orally on its own.

You can even make nice concoction using Goji Berrys, He Shou Wu and Cistanche Tubulosa, just mix all the ingredients together and boil in water, bringing to boil twice and drinking the liquid, in morning, evening and at night!.

Where To Buy Cistanche Tubulosa

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what is cistanche tubulosa

Cistanche Tubulosa Reviews

If you have any questions regarding Cistanche Tubulosa or what is Cistanche Tubulosa comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Ciao for now!

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