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Natural Herbs And Weight Loss

Natural Herbs And Weight Loss

Natural Herbs And Weight Loss

In this article, I talk about what natural herbs and weight loss, in particular, which ones can help you to lose fat and drop a few pounds. With excess body fat being a serious health issue in general and a cause of erectile dysfunction you bet your top dollar it is a darn good idea to shift some of that excess weight.

I also talk about some spices that can help your diet.

Natural Herbs And Weight Loss

Lets get straight to it and talk about the herbs and spices that can help you to lose weight.

Cayenne Pepper: Is high in the naturally occurring active compound that makes peppers spicy and hot, is known to help with weight loss by reducing fat tissue by shrinking it and suppressing appetite. Also known to lower blood fat levels.

Ginseng: Red Ginseng, also known as Panax Ginseng and Korean Ginseng, has a number of benefits as it is an adaptogenic herb.

Great for diabetics as it assists in regulating blood sugar and insulin sensitivity, also known to have great sexual benefits including improving erectile dysfunction. In weight loss it speeds metabolism and augments energy levels.

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Dandelion: Did you know that dandelion assists in helping your digestion to slow down? no? well, you now do! That helps you to feel fuller for longer! the humble dandelion is full of nutrients known to regulate cholesterol, blood-sugar levels and cleanse your liver!

Turmeric: In all probability, if you love curry you love turmeric, it is the base of many curries. Tumeric suppresses the blood vessels required to form fat, and thus reduces the formation of new fat tissue. The natural compound Curcumin, which is found in turmeric is one of the most widely studied food-based compounds.

Black pepper: Contains the compound Piperine which is a blocker to the creation of new fat cells. If you combine Black Pepper with Capsaicin you could burn the same amount of calories as a 15 min walk. The Piperine also makes other herbs and spices taken more effective by increasing their bioavailability!

Ginger: This alongside Ginseng is known to help sufferers of erectile dysfunction, Taking ginger daily can boost your testosterone by 17% on average. Testosterone builds lean muscle and burns fat. Ginger also has Thermogenic effects that assist in fat burning. It is also good for inflammation and suppressing appetite.

Mustard: rather surprisingly part of the cruciferous vegetable group. Enhances metabolism Eating one teaspoon of Mustard seeds per day can help you burn 60 calories per hour more! nice!

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Cumin: Recent studies show that Cumin can help people suffering from type 2 diabetes (which is a cause of erectile dysfunction) via means of glycemic control. It aids digestion and the production of energy. There are also some powerful anti-stress benefits and memory improvement.

Cinnamon: Helps your metabolism and has the benefit of regulating blood sugar levels making it great for pre-diabetics and diabetics alike. Also, lowers your bad cholesterol levels. Also known as an Aphrodisiac in Hispanic culture!

natural herbs and weight loss

Cinnamon, great for diabetics and weight loss and a known aphrodisiac

Cardamom: A herb with thermogenic and metabolism augmenting properties to burn fat. Popular in Indian herbal system of Ayurvedic medicine. Very aromatic and has a spicy sweet flavour to it.

Adding these spices and natural herbs for weight loss to your diet is evidently going to help you to lose weight and shift that rather unhealthy and unsightly excess fat.

With being overweight, obesity and excess fat being a cause of not only erectile dysfunction and type 2 diabetes* but a number of other health issues such as high blood pressure*, poor circulation and heart disease.

*Known causes of erectile dysfunction.

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Natural Herbs And Weight Loss

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If you have any questions about natural herbs and weight loss Leave a comment below! And I will get back to you as soon as I can. 

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