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Fat Loss And Diet

Fat Loss And Diet

Fat Loss And Diet

In this article, I talk about Fat Loss and Diet. I mention what foods can help you on your way to achieving your fat loss goals. With excess body fat being a cause of erectile dysfunction and weaker erections in men as well as other serious health concerns that can lead to the number one sexual dysfunction in men. Those conditions are heart disease, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, and poor circulation.

Let’s Rock and Roll and talk about the main topic of this article!

Fat Loss And Diet – Foods To Consider

Right here I am going to just jump right in and list some foods for your shopping list that will help you to bust the gut, so make sure you get plenty of them in your basket.

Oatmeal: Ok, not quite or specifically a food, more of a spice but it is the breakfast choice of champions! Helps you to burn fat without adding calories! Even the ready made instant version so commonly available has 4 grammes of belly-filling fibre in a serving! Now that is what I call a very nice spice!

Idea: Snack it up! It is ever so simple and easy to make homemade Oatmeal cookies to enjoy with your afternoon tea or coffee.

Fat Loss And Diet

oatmeal, not only for a fabulously healthy breakfast and a good excuse for fruit, oatmeal cookies make for healthy snacking too!

Nuts: Go crazy! go nuts! Eating nuts helps to keep you feeling fuller and for longer! very nice filling snack. Avoid the salted ones though! All nuts are a great source of fibre and protein. Best one to watch out for are pecans, brazil nuts, almonds, hazelnuts and pistachio nuts.

Berries: All berries are rich in nutrients and contain much less sugar than other similar foods such as coconuts, bananas, and mangoes. Very high in antioxidants and low in calories. Berries are also a metabolism booster and blood sugar regulator. Best choices are Acai berries, raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries.

Eggs: Eggs contain 256mg of cholesterol per egg so watch out if your cholesterol is already high. Cholesterol does not deserve all the bad rap that it is given in the press as it is the building block of a very important hormone, testosterone.

Testosterone is needed by both men and women, helps build lean muscle and metabolise fat. It also helps men to get stronger firmer erections and increase sex drive. Eggs also contain the B12 Vitamin, which is needed to metabolise fat cells. Dismiss those eggs at your own pearl!

Fat Loss and Diet

Eggs, not actually as unhealthy as you may be lead to believe.

Fish and Lean Meats: A nice and interesting foodie fact: Your body will burn a greater amount of calories when it is digesting protein than carbohydrates or fats. You want to get the best, freshest and leanest meats available then go for the thanks-giving and Christmas favourite of Turkey!

For a bigger reduction in saturated fats opt for fresh fish, especially wild salmon and tuna.

Dark green leafy vegetables: If their nutrient content does not persuade you, perhaps their low-calorie content will, failing that, well I’ll be a bit rather blunt here, dark leafy greens are great for erectile dysfunction.

You won’t feel an energy drain while getting plenty of these in your diet as they contain nitrates which raise your nitric oxide levels and give a nice natural energy boost.

Olive Oil: A favourite in the Mediterranean diet and culture, and they are known for being healthy, in shape and…well, rather ardent lovers! Every diet needs a little fat, so go for the healthy fats as it is very good at controlling hunger pangs!

Go for the better and healthier monounsaturated fats like extra virgin olive oil. A nice bonus is that will help to control your cholesterol levels.

Fat Loss And Diet

Olive Oil, not only popeye’s lovely wife’s name but what I would call an essential healthy fat or source of healthy fat.

Lean Belly Breakthrough

An interesting diet program that caught my interest, and very few do! is the Lean Belly Breakthrough. It captured my attention as it focuses on exactly what we need to be focusing on, shifting that heart disease causing and erection destroying hard to shift belly fat.

There are no crazy wild diet plants or fads like eat 3 peanuts per day or exhausting several hours long daily exercising involved. Just simple everyday foods and 5 simple movements that you can do at home that can help you lose the stubborn fat from your midrift!

It is most definitely worth your consideration and rather appropriately for some of us it comes with a list of libido enhancing everyday foods!

For more information about the Lean Belly Breakthrough Click The Link Or Post Insert Below.

Fat Loss And Diet

Lean Belly Breakthrough Review

If you have questions about Fat Loss and Diet, leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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