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Medicines For Erectile Dysfunction – My Top 10 Natural Medicines To Help Get You Hard!

medicines for erectile dysfunction

Medicines For Erectile Dysfunction – My Top 10 Natural Medicines To Help Get You Hard!

In this article, I talk about medicines for erectile dysfunction and reveal what my top 10 natural medicines are that can help you to put the spark back into your sex life and the bang back in your bedroom!

I compile these in list form in no particular order, those at the top are not necessarily better or more effective than those at the bottom of the list.

Medicines For Erectile Dysfunction

Pine Pollen Tincture: A Powerful and very potent natural alternative for testosterone replacement therapy that actually contains testosterone and DHEA as well as Androstenedione and Androsterone too. That’s an impressive 4 androgens which is why it earns it’s rightful title as a natural alternative to hormone replacement therapy for men and as a natural testosterone replacement therapy.

Since it is a tincture the active compounds go straight to your blood stream and must be taken sublingually and/or between lower lip and gums. Rather nicely and conveniently the potent product sold by Lost Empire Herbs comes with a morning wood guarantee!

Alternatively, you can check out My Review Of Pine Pollen Tincture Here, Or check out some genuine testimonials!

natural alternative for hormone replacement therapy

Potent testosterone boosting pine pollen tincture by lost empire herbs

Ashwagandha Tincture: I am a huge fan of tinctures and yes, this journey into seeking out natural cures and medicines for erectile dysfunction has awoken the alchemist in me! I often, when I can’t find a ready-made tincture, make my own! Thankfully Ashwagandha is one that I don’t need to make myself thanks to the top quality.

Ashwagandha helps to strengthen weak penile tissue, increase blood flow, rebalance hormone levels (including testosterone) reduce stress and help you to get a good nights sleep – which is especially good if insomnia is a cause of your erectile dysfunction.

The ability of Ashwagandha to help with weak and damaged penile tissue is of particular interest as it helps to rehabilitate your star member, which due to a lack of circulation and delivery of nutrients can become damaged.

Medicines For Erectile Dysfunction

Ashwagandha spagyric tincture, one of the most potent forms of ashwagandha – a plant known as Indian viagra!

Ashwagandha Benefits For Men is an interesting read about how this herb can help you.

Tongkat Ali:  Keeping with potent testosterone boosters – and this one alongside pine pollen tincture is one of my favourites as it covers so many bases in the fight against ED and full erection recovery! It is a lipogenic, which helps our fight against the flab, which can cause erectile dysfunction itself!

Helps clear your arteries which assists in improving blood flow, and helps to regulate your blood sugar levels, making Tongkat Ali excellent if type two diabetes is the cause of your sexual dysfunction.

And that is not to mention – ok – barely mentioning that this herb is an excellent testosterone booster that can stimulate your body into producing 37% more testosterone – AND help keep those gains by preventing the aromatisation of testosterone into estrogen.

This is one seriously awesome herb for helping you to get it on in the bedroom!

My top 2 Tongkat Ali Products are SD 200 by Pure Science Supplements and Tongkat Ali by Lost Empire Herbs

To help you decide which one is better for you why not check out the reviews for more information here and here

SD 200 Tongkat Ali

SD 200 by Singapore based Pure Science Supplements

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Horny Goat Weed: Any list of medicines for erectile dysfunction most certainly would not be complete without mentioning the most famous and the most peculiarly named herb of them all! Horny goat weed, whether it functions best as part of a formulation or on its own will vary from person to person.

Personally, for me, singular herbs work better but very few formulations are better than Zhou Nutritions Horny goat weed product that is aimed at helping men get back their sex drive – There’s a reason as why it is a best seller on amazon!

Horny Goat Weed works in a similar way to Viagra but with a few advantages! Firstly, it works Via PDE 5 inhibition which improves your nitric oxide levels and blood flow down there.

This is exactly how Viagra works. Epimedium extract (horny goat weed) goes a little step further and then a giant leap forwards for your manhood as it helps to clear blocked arteries and up regulate the genes associated with nitric oxide production.

Advantage Horny goat weed!

This herb also has the ability to increase your sex drive and lusty libido thanks to the way in which it mimics testosterone and helps your body to better utilise the preexisting bound testosterone that is in your body. Meaning your girlfriend should have no worries in using it also if her sex drive needs a little boost too!

Game and set  Horny Goat Weed!

Match point – Horny goat weed is registered officially in China for the prevention of cancer!

No excuses! buy it to help treat your erectile dysfunction!

My Top 2 Horny Goat Weed Products: Single Herb Package By Lost Empire Herbs and Zhou Nutritions Best Selling Horny Goat Weed Formulation

Herbal Medicine For Erectile Dysfunction

My Top choice when it comes to horny goat weed.

Cistanche Tubulosa: A very good choice when it comes to men’s health and sexual dysfunction as this does all three important functions when it comes to improving erectile function. Improves neurological function, enhances vasodilation and increases testosterone production.

Improved neurological function results in better erections as the old saying is absolutely true! your brain is your largest and most important sexual organ! This rings true for both men and women. W

ithout sufficient stimulation of your nerves your manhood can’t and won’t follow the orders given by the brain and that even includes the dilation of blood vessels that transport blood to your star member which is achieved via stimulation of the nerves!

This makes Cistanche Tubulosa ideal for those that have suffered nerve damage like I have and those who suffer from psychological or situational erectile dysfunction and mild forms of the sexual dysfunction.

Its ability to increase blood flow downstairs is an evident and obvious great help as is its ability to enhance testosterone production. It is also a known treatment for helping with premature ejaculation helping you to last longer in bed. It is also said to be able to add to your packages dimensions and known as a “stalk enlarger”!

Herbal Medicine For Erectile Dysfunction

Cistanche may enlarge your stalk and help your ED and PE at the same time!

Proenhance patch: Now this one I like as it is not only very well formulated but hits the spot where it is very useful in the way in which tinctures caught and grabbed my attention – delivery of nutrients and active compounds direct to the blood stream allowing them to be more effective!.

Proenhance patch achieves this as the name suggests via transdermal delivery in the very same way as those nicotine patches help smokers. Sustained release 24 hrs a day of herbs and their active compounds straight to your blood stream can only be a good thing in my opinion.

Another added bonus is that it is great if you are the type who seriously seeks to make improvements to your erectile dysfunction and in a completely natural way but are a little forgetful when it comes to taking your herbs on a daily basis.

This one is far better for long term use and what better than a simple patch on your lower abdomen which you replace every 72hrs! and is waterproof! (convenient if you want some fun in the shower with your partner!)

proenhance patch review

Manhood X-treme Male Enhancement Pills: These, fairly similar to Proenhance patch are idea for the average guy who is shy about his ED and quite rightly so (this ain’t something to shout from the rooftops!) and is a little forgetful when it comes to taking herbs or does not want to be fumbling around looking for those little blue pills when it comes down to the nitty gritty of getting it on with the lovely lady in your life.

Each herbal capsule is very well thought out containing a number of herbs to help with increasing blood flow, enhancing testosterone and improving male libido. Also, contains herbs aimed at combating premature ejaculation. The 10 capsule pack of Manhood X-treme Male Enhancement Pills is enough to last a whole month.

male enhancement pills reviewed

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Vigrx Plus: When it comes to medicines for erectile dysfunctions few if any herbal formulation comes close to Vigrx plus although I do admit perhaps men’s hormone package by lost empire herbs perhaps edges it but that is a series of single herbs taken together for a massive multiplying effect.

Vigrx Plus certainly hits a home run as a multipurpose herbal pill aimed at addressing a heck of a lot of, (read all the major) underlying causes of erectile dysfunction.

With herbs to improve circulation, clear blocked arteries, help burn fat, regulate blood pressure and sugar levels, increase testosterone and balance hormones as well as helping with insomnia and stress!

It is certainly a winner and packs a punch and is clearly designed to be taken long term, perhaps the very reason as to why they have bulk savings options! Results may not be instant with this product but the certainly can be

Results may not be instant with this product but they certainly can be consistent! The aim of the game of curing erectile dysfunction is not to replace the little blue pills with herbal ones but to get back natural strong spontaneously occurring erections!

You might be popping pills for a few months maybe a year but your heart, your arteries and your “Ahem!” will be all the better for it. Once the natural erections are back you can stop! And it will only set you back a dollar a day for a whole year to get your sex life back and see innumerable secondary health benefits.

Vigrx Plus is clearly something you ought to give some serious consideration to if you are really motivated to finding a genuine solution to your sexual dysfunction.

Medicines For Erectile Dysfunction

Click The Image To Be taken To Vigrx Plus Home Page for More Information

Male Extra Pills: Although this is a herbal formulation not quite aimed at men suffering from erectile dysfunction but for those seeking to enhance the size of their pocket rocket and their sexual performance which, naturally is going to include delayed ejaculation and erectile firmness.

I don’t expect that taking these pills daily for 6 months is going to make your manhood bigger than the Apollo 11 or give you an Apollo 12 incher! (unless you are very well endowed to begin with!).

It is very well formulated natural product aimed at increasing blood flow and nitric oxygen content in your blood thanks to the ample content of pomegranate and L Arginine. It is aimed at increasing your libido and sex drive too. Definitely a very good all round product for us men to try out considering it helps to enhance our sexual performance also.

It is aimed at increasing your libido and sex drive too. Definitely a very good all round product for us men to try out considering it helps to enhance our sexual performance also.

Male Extra is aimed at increasing your libido and sex drive too. Definitely a very good all round product for us men to try out considering it helps to enhance our sexual performance also. And who would n’t want to be like a stick of dynamite in the bedroom!

Medicines For Erectile Dysfunction

Click The Image To Visit Male Extra’s Information Page

Men’s Megadose Hormone Package: This is an excellent product by the team at Lost Empire Herbs that is aimed at addressing hormone issues that us men suffer from.

This, in my opinion, is something that doesn’t get the justified and deserved coverage that our female counter parts have by media outlets. Make no mistake about it – premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction is very often caused by hormonal issues.

The men’s hormone package contains pine Pollen Powder, Pine Pollen Tincture, Tongkat Ali and Nettle root. The Pine Pollen Powder has over 200 nutrients and redresses nutritional deficiencies.

Pine Pollen Tincture is a potent natural testosterone replacement therapy and Tongkat Ali, can stimulate your body into producing more testosterone as well as being a great fat burner! and Nettle root helps to prevent the conversion of testosterone into estrogen via the aromatization process.

natural alternative for hormone replacement therapy

Click The Image For More Information About The Men’s Hormone Package By Lost Empire Herbs

There You have My Top 10 Herbal Medicines For Erectile Dysfunction! Clicking the appropriate links will take you to either product reviews that I have of the products mentioned or directly to their homepage for more information.

Natural Alternative For Hormone Replacement Therapy To Treat Erectile Dysfunction

If you have any questions about medicines for erectile dysfunction leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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