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Foods That Are Bad For High Blood Pressure And Destroy Your Erection!

Foods that are bad for high blood pressure

Foods That Are Bad For High Blood Pressure And Destroy Your Erection!

Hi there, In today’s article we will continue along with the theme of High blood pressure by discussing foods that are bad for high blood pressure as we know now that high blood pressure is one cause of erectile dysfunction in us men.

Fortunately, a good diet can help us if we are suffering from hypertension, but a bad diet can make our blood pressure skyrocket!

In order to design a diet around high blood pressure, we must first know what are the foods that are best avoided.

And I give you and advanced warning this list may include some delicious food that you love.

Foods That Are Bad For High Blood Pressure – Chinese Food

One of the most popular cuisines and take away’s worldwide. As delicious as Chinese food may be, is sadly for sufferers of elevated blood pressure, is an absolute no!

The average dish in Chinese cooking contains DOUBLE the daily amount of sodium recommended!

The soy sauce and teriyaki sauce often used in Chinese cooking contain a whopping 1,000mg of sodium per teaspoon!

Even supposedly healthy and innocent looking soups can be deadly! often containing close to a shocking 8 grammes of sodium! Yikes!

foods that are bad for high blood pressure

Beautiful, innocent looking, delicious but incredibly high in salt (sodium)

Avoid the Bakery!

Three words to bring a tear to any sweet tooths eye!

Baked goods not only contain a lot of sugar which lowers testosterone levels but a lot of sodium hidden in the fats.

Consuming a lot of baked goods often leads to weight gain and indeed dreaded obesity, which will increase your blood pressure.

foods that are bad for high blood pressure

Rumour has it that the cookie monster from Sesame street died of HBP, Big Bird refuses to confirm or deny such rumours!

Canned Or Bottled Tomato Products

Canned or bottled tomato products should be avoided, even sauces and juices as often they have over half a grammes, 700mg of sodium in just one cup.

Canned products in general, should be avoided as they often contain Bisphenol A  or BPA for short. People with high levels of BPA are 7 times more likely to suffer from premature ejaculation and 4 times more likely from erectile dysfunction.

foods that are bad for high blood pressure

Tomatoes in cans or tins, as well as pickles, should be avoided as they are high in sodium.

Foods That Are Bad For High Blood Pressure – French Fries

This should be a no-brainer! a medium serving of french fries from your local fast food outlet will contain approximately 250mg of sodium! ouch!


Brings a tear to my eye! Bacon is, sadly high in sodium, you could look for low sodium alternative or try turkey bacon, even at that it should be no more than a once a week treat!


The old demon drink elevates blood pressure, and also damages blood vessels! Prolonged alcohol abuse, regardless of your HBP will lead to what is referred to as brewers droop, yep to erectile dysfunction.

foods that are bad for high blood pressure

Alcohol, elevates blood pressure, damages vessels and gives you the damned and dreaded brewers droop!

Red Meat

Red meat should be at most a once a week treat due to containing trans fats and saturated fats, which are best avoided if you have high blood pressure. Avoid hydrogenated oils also.

foods that are bad for high blood pressure

Be careful of the types of fats in your food if you have HBP

The list of  foods that are bad for high blood pressure is sadly a very long list, I have mentioned only a few of them in this article. There are many others to avoid such as frozen pizza and margarine to dried goods like the instant noodles.

Foods high in salt, sodium and have hidden sodium such as mono sodium glutamate should be avoided, as should the types of fats mentioned above and high in sugar goods.

Do your homework, have due diligence and research the foods that you habitually eat or are drawn to and avoid them if they are not good for sufferers of high blood pressure.

Sadly, there are not many products, herbs or medications that you can take while you have high blood pressure that can help you with erectile dysfunction but one such herb is Cistanche Tubulosa, due to containing the right minerals such as manganese, potassium and calcium to help regulate your blood pressure as well as other active components that can help with erectile dysfunction by regulating your hormone levels.

For more information about Cistanche Tubulosa click the link or post insert below.

Foods that are bad for high blood pressure

Cistanche Tubulosa Benefits – Do They Extend To The Bedroom?

I hope that you enjoyed reading this article “Foods that are bad for high blood pressure” and are now more knowledgable about what food you should think twice about eating if you are suffering from HBP, do remember if HBP is the cause of your erectile dysfunction you will be taking steps to curing it by simply making some changes to your diet.

If you have any questions, leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


Ciao for now,

Talk soon



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