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Top 10 Female Libido Enhancers That Can Create Wonders In Your Bedroom

Female Libido Enhancers

Top 10 Female Libido Enhancers That Can Create Wonders In Your Bedroom

There are several Female Libido Enhancers that can have your partner get ‘high’ on her sex drive. However, not all of these libido enhancers are effective enough when the problem is deep-rooted. Your partner might be suffering from a loss of libido due to any reason including inadequate vaginal lubrication, stress, anxiety, fear of pain during intercourse, hormonal imbalances, and so on.

So, when you want to gift her a female libido enhancer, you must make sure the supplement you choose possesses the medicinal potential to help her overcome these causes. If not, it may just turn out to be a futile supplement that won’t make any difference to her and your sex life.

To help you make the right choice of a female libido enhancer, I have shared with you a list of the top 10 supplements. Read on to learn how using these supplements could help you bring back the fun in your sex life.

The List Of The Best Female Libido Enhancers For The Women With A Low Sex Drive

  • Femvigor

Femvigor is one of the most powerful female libido enhances. It offers a perfect blend of herbal compounds that possess the potential to boost the sex drive of females.

Here is a brief discussion about how the herbs present in this supplement can help enhance her libido.

How Does Femvigor Boost Her Sexual Desire?

  • Pueraria Tuberosa present in Femvigor has the ability to act as an aphrodisiac and stimulate her sexual desire. It may also produce a rejuvenating effect on her sexual senses while also enhancing the blood supply to her vagina. These properties would help to promote the vaginal lubrication and her sexual response. [1]
  • Femvigor contains Chlorophytum Arundinaceum that would produce a libido enhancing effect and promote her clitoral sensitivity. This herb also has the ability to strengthen her physical health to enhance the way she responds during sex. The herbs in Femvigor may also protect her mind against the effect of stress and enhance her sexual desire. [2]
  • If your partner is passing through a difficult phase of the menopause, she might need to use Femvigor.  Hibiscus abelmoschus present in it has the potential to maintain her hormonal balance thus inhibiting the loss of libido occurring during the menopause. [3]
  • Femvigor has been enriched with other hormone balancing herbs like Pueraria Tuberosa, Glycyrrhiza Glabra, and Anacyclus Oyrethrum, which could restore the production of the female sex hormone called estrogens and preserve her sexual health.

These properties of the herbal compounds in Femvigor could enhance her libido to a higher level and allow her to enjoy passionate sex.

Female Libido Enhancers

Female Libido Enhancers


If you prefer your partner uses a topical lubricant, you can opt for Vigorelle. If she has been avoiding sex for a long time, it might be because she is suffering from a severe vaginal dryness. As a result, sex may no longer be a pleasurable activity for her as it used to be earlier.

The lack of lubrication can cause intense pain during vagina during intercourse, which is one of the reasons she doesn’t want to come closer to you. These problems could be avoided effectively by using a local vaginal lubricant like Vigorelle.

Let us have a look at the herbs present in Vigorelle Cream and the effect they produce on the vagina to improve lubrication and inhibit dryness.

Herbal Power Of Vigorelle Cream That Would Support Vaginal Lubrication

  • Changing hormonal levels in her body during various phases of her life such as pregnancy, menstruation, and menopause can affect her physical health. It can lead to symptoms such as mood swings, anger, irritability, and a loss of libido.

The application of Vigorelle on her vagina could help her to avoid the effect of hormonal imbalances. It contains Damiana Leaf and Wild Yam that possess the potential to enhance her sexual powers by restoring a normal hormonal balance. It may also help her to avoid the menopausal symptoms and keep her interested in sex. [4]

  • Vigorelle cream contains L-Arginine HCI that could entice her for having sex. This herb is believed to work by flushing her vagina with a sudden surge of blood. This has the potential to improve her orgasms.

It may also stimulate the microcirculation of blood in her vagina and enhance the lubrication thus allowing an easy entry of your organ. [5]

  • Applying Vigorelle cream may also help her avoid pain during intercourse that occurs due to the friction and lack of adequate vaginal lubrication. It contains Gingko Biloba that has the ability to enhance the moisture retention in the vagina thus inhibiting excessive dryness. [6]
  • If age is playing its role in your sex life and preventing her from coming closer for sex, you can try giving her Vigorelle cream. This cream contains Aloe Vera that has the ability to inhibit the degenerative changes in her vaginal tissues.

Female Libido Enhancers

This would slow down the age-related shrinkage of her vagina. It may also improve the elasticity of the tissues. These changes in her parts could ease your sex life by making her parts more receptive to sexual intercourse.

  • Peppermint in Vigorelle could enhance the benefits of the above-mentioned herbs by acting as a soothing agent. It would sensitize her vagina while also keeping it calm and relaxed. The unique refreshing fragrance of Peppermint might also relieve her mental stress and anxiety thus inhibiting sudden contractions or spasms of the muscles in her vagina during intercourse. This has the ability to ease her pain and let you enter her smoothly.

If you think your sex life has become dull and boring, do not keep pondering over it. Simply let her use Vigorelle cream to enhance her sex drive and relieve vaginal dryness. The other benefits of the herb present in this topical female libido enhancers could also support her mental health and allow her to enjoy lots of sex.

female Libido Enhancers


Her ‘solution’ could be the real solution to ‘her’ problems as well as your problems. It is an effective natural oral supplement designed to boost a women’s libido. It is formulated to help women avoid the loss of their libido that usually occurs due to the advancing age or hormonal imbalances.

The herbal ingredients in this formula have been chosen carefully to boost the sex drive of women, specifically those who are suffering from vaginal dryness.

And yes, since intercourse involves a ‘him’ and a ‘her’; When she benefits from using Hersolution, you too could achieve better heights with your sexual pleasure.

Here’s how the herbal compounds in Hersolution could help to restore her libido and thus, provide great sexual benefits to her as well as you.

How Do Hersolution Ingredients work in the management of Women’s Sexual Problems?

  • Hersolution contains Niacin and Hops Extracts both of which possess a high nutritional value. These herbs would help boost the general physical and mental health of your partner and allow her to feel the pleasure of sex throughout her body.

These herbs may also inhibit mood swings, stress, and irritability caused due to the hormonal changes occurring during menopause and thus, enhance her sex drive. [7] [8]

  • Hersolution is designed to help women to overcome stress and anxiety, which are the common obstacles that prevent her from enjoying sex.
  • This supplement possesses natural herbs like Red raspberry leaf, and Mucuna Pruriens, which would help to control her mental stress through their regulatory effect on the Dopamine secretion in the brain. This may allow her to forget all of her worries and be at the best of her abilities in bed.
  • Ginkgo Biloba is a rich addition to the already enriched herbal power of Hersolution. This herb would help the women who have lost interest in sex due to ageing or any other factor like mental stress, a dry vagina, or hormonal imbalances.

Ginkgo biloba possesses strong aphrodisiac properties that could enhance her sex drive to such as extent that she would try and make sure your erections are hard enough to satisfy her urge. [9]

  • If her dry vagina has been the reason for your dry sex life, you can let her use Hersolution. It contains strong herbal ingredients including Hops Extract that has the medicinal potential to promote the hydration and lubrication of her vagina.

This might help her feel wet and remove the fear of painful friction during intercourse that usually occurs due to the dryness of the vagina.

The ever changing balance of sex hormones like estrogens and progesterone in a women’s body can affect their sexual urge and moods. The mental stress she might be facing can only get worse due to the hectic lifestyle she has to follow.

But, now you can do one thing to let her get out of the mess! Hersolution pills, by acting on her as a whole and not just her vagina, would provide her with long-lasting results by eliminating the deeper causes of a dry vagina and loss of libido. Let her use Hersolution so that stress and anxiety stop troubling her and she can think more about sex!

Female Libido Enhancers

Hersolution Gel

Hersolution Gel is just the gel version of Hersolution pills; albeit with a few changes to help you get faster results. When you can’t wait to see the change in her sexual desire and want the results to be noticeable too soon, you can let her use Hersolution Gel.

It can also be used in combination with Hersolution pills to enjoy faster and longer lasting results.

Hersolution Gel offers an effective natural way for your partner and you to enjoy your sex life to the fullest and derive more pleasure.

This supplement is particularly recommended when she seems to be a bit uncomfortable during foreplay, and when the intercourse has become painful for her. The primary cause of painful intercourse is dryness of the vagina.

Hersolution Gel offers a combination of herbal ingredients that possess the therapeutic potential to improve the vaginal lubrication by acting locally. Regular use of this gel might help your partner bounce back with a higher desire to have sex as it enhances her lubrication, warmth, clitoral sensitivity, and much more…

Read on to find out how this gel works in the management of dry vagina and other sexual problems.

Hersolution Gel Review

Hersolution Gel Benefits For The Women Suffering from Vaginal Dryness

  • Hersolution Gel contains herbal extracts that might make her wet in an instant! Once this gel is applied on her parts, the herbs present in it such as Aloe Vera and Shea butter would start their effect and enhance the production of natural lubricants. This could also help ease her vaginal pain during intercourse and help you to penetrate her with ease.

Hence, if dryness at the wrong place has been the obstacle for you when you are trying to enter her, you know what you need to use! Just apply a small quantity of Hersolution Gel on her parts and watch her get wet and aroused so that you can slip in your organ easily. [10]

  • Hersolution Gel is also designed to improve her clitoral sensitivity by producing a direct local effect on her intimate parts.  It contains L-Arginine, which is believed to work by promoting the blood flow to her clitoral and vaginal regions by dilating the blood vessels. [11]

These effects may stimulate her sexual parts and even sensitize her vagina and clitoris thus enhancing lubrication and sexual pleasure.

  • Age, especially the menopausal age, can create havoc with her moods and your sex life by interfering with the hormonal production in her body. At this time, you can restore your sexual pleasure by applying Hersolution Gel on her vagina each time you want to have sex.

Once this gel is applied to her vaginal region, L-Arginine and Cocoa Butter present in it would deliver the libido boosting compounds to these parts and stimulate her sexual senses. This would restore her desire to have passionate sex and enhance her level of sexual satisfaction!

  • Beyond her menopausal age, the risk of dryness and loss of libido can only worsen. If your partner has already started using Hersolution Gel during menopausal age, let her continue using it even later.

Because her advancing age might worsen her sexual problems by reducing the production of estrogens and causing age-related degenerative changes in her vagina.

Applying Hersolution Gel on a regular basis could keep her sexual parts protected against these effect of ageing, thanks to the natural anti-ageing herb, Aloe Vera, present in it. This may help you avoid the nights of frustrations when you are not able to have sex due to her dry vagina.

So, instead of saying that she is not cooperating or has become dry, try to understand why this is happening. Now that you know the reasons for her loss of libido and vaginal dryness, help her get the lost treasure back by applying Hersolution Gel on her parts! And yes, you can do it yourself…it’s more fun that way!.


Provestra is one of the most effective female libido enhancers recommended for the management of sexual problems such as a reduced sex drive and a dry vagina. It is an oral supplement designed to help women who face immense stress due to their hectic lifestyles.

The pills are formulated to help women who experience a decline in their libido as life forces them to change their priorities. Once the priorities changes, sex takes a backseat, and over time, they lose their desire to have sex completely.

These unfavourable changes can only become worse due to the hormonal changes occurring during menopause and the degenerative changes in her vagina caused due to ageing.

Provestra might help your partner to avoid these problems by producing a natural restorative effect.  The herbs in these pills have been assessed for their therapeutic properties that may help preserve her high sex drive even during the most challenging situations in life.

Let us continue with learning more about the herbs present in Provestra and how they work for supporting her sexual powers.

Female Libido Enhancement

The Benefits Of Provestra Ingredients For The Management Of A Women’s Sexual Problems

  • Provestra contains an amino acid called L-Arginine that would support optimal sexual function of a women by stimulating the production of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide, in turn, enhances the blood circulation into her vagina and clitoris making them more sensitive.  This could arouse her sexual senses and enhance her sex drive significantly. [12]
  • When your sex life seems to be going nowhere, you can re-sparkle it by letting your partner use Provestra. It contains two potent ingredients, Theobromine and Damiana, both of which possess the ability to stimulate her sexual desire. The herbs may also provide her with an extra boost of energy thus preparing her for the hectic sexual encounter you are planning.
  • Hormonal imbalances can occur not just during menopause, but also during and after pregnancy, during menstrual periods, and even when she is passing through a stressful phase due to her career or family demands.

These hormonal changes can affect her emotional health and reduce her sex drive. You can help her avoid the effect of stress and hormonal imbalances by buying her Provestra. It contains Indole-3-Carbinol and Black Cohosh that might balance out the hormonal levels in her body and even relieve stress thus restoring her sex drive to a higher level. [13]

  • Your partner might be in the need of a strong herbal support from Ginseng, and Ginkgo biloba to avoid the consequences of stress and depression.
  • These herbs have been added to Provestra for their ability to improve her physical and sexual performance and even, relieve mental stress and depression. These medicinal properties could keep her sexually active without any stress-causing factors interfering in your sex life.

So, when your partner does not feel interested in having sex, you neither suffer in silence nor just watch her suffering. Instead, you should tell her about Provestra so that she knows there exists a safe and natural way to restore the sexual pleasure for both of you.

Athena Women’s Formula

Athena Women’s Formula is a unique formulation that aims to provide a great support to a women’s natural sexual function. When your partner does not have any desire to have sex, it can affect your personal relations and take away the greatest pleasure, sex, from your life.

This is when the female libido enhancers like Athena Women’s Formula can come to your help!

This supplement offers a combination of herbs that have the potential to help her stay sexually active and enhance her ability to arouse you. Let us take a closer look at how the herbal ingredients of Athena Women’s Formula help produce these benefits.

 The Powerful herbs In Athena Woman’s Formula And Their Benefits

  • Athena Woman’s Formula is designed to help your partner avoid the consequences of hormonal changes. It contains pine pollen, which has a natural potential to regulate the estrogen production thus enhancing her sexual function.
  • Athena Woman’s formula also offers the rich medical potential of Dong Quai and Seabuckthorn Berry, both of which have been documented to possess strong aphrodisiac properties. These herbs could promote her sexual desire and involve her in great foreplay and intercourse.
  • Schisandra is another herbal tonic present in Athena Woman’s formula to help you and her come closer for sex. This herb could produce the desired results by stimulating the detoxification processes of the body and eliminating harmful toxins. This could protect her brain and sexual parts against the damage caused by harmful toxins and instil a sense of positive attitude towards sex.
  • When your otherwise caring and sexually active partner suddenly turns cranky and moody, you should give her Athena Women’s Formula. Because these symptoms are an indication that she is passing through the difficult phase of menopause. And these effects of menopause could be reversed by Shatavari present in this formula.

It would act as a rejuvenative tonic for her and relieve the menopausal symptoms. It could certainly also support the female sexual function thus improving her activities in the bedroom. [14]

  • Goji Berry present in Athena Woman’s Formula would act as a natural antioxidant and improve her bodily functions.  This will improve her sexual health by protecting her organs against the damage caused by free radicals. This way, your healthy partner would now have an improved capacity to entice you to jump on the bed for sex and lots more. [15]

The varied sexual benefits of the herbs in Athena Woman’s Formula could offer you a perfect recipe for sex, erections, and orgasms! What do you think?

Athena Womans Formula featured

Kacip Fatimah

Kacip Fatimah, a flowering herb that grows widely in the beautiful rainforests of Malaysia, could provide an immense treasure of sex and libido to your partner. This plant is rich in several medicinal compounds and essential nutrients, which together have the potential to enhance her sexual health.

Most of the libido enhancing properties of this herb are attributed to the flavonoids, and antioxidants present in this herb. It also provides a unique combination of bioactive compounds that support a women’s overall health and promote her sexual function. Let us have a look at the direct effect of herb on her libido and its indirect effect on your sexual satisfaction.

The Benefits Of Kacip Fatimah For Managing A Low Sex Drive In Women

  • Kacip Fatimah contains powerful medicinal ingredients such as phenolic compounds, flavonoids, carotenoids, ascorbic acids, as well as saponins. These constituents produce anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects and could enrich her sexual organs with the nutrients needed to perform the sexual function.

These compounds possess the ability to promote the natural physiological activities a woman’s body undergoes before, during and after sex thus enhancing her overall sexual response. [16]

  • Women tend to experience stress throughout the day. Their day begins and ends with the stress of completing the household chores, managing family responsibilities and meeting her career demands.

Buy Kacip Fatimah

You can enjoy the company of a stress free partner in bed and enjoy sex to the fullest provided she uses Kacip Fatimah. This herb has the potential to manage stress and anxiety in an effective way.

It is believed to work by regulating the balance of hormones in her body. It may very well  produce an adaptogenic action and enhance her ability to manage the stress inducing factors effectively. As a result, she would feel relaxed, and energetic throughout the day. She may also be open to experimenting with different sexual positions thus triggering your creativity as well as erections. [17]

  • Kacip Fatimah is regarded as one of the most effective female libido enhancers for its powerful antimicrobial properties. This herb has the potential to attack and destroy the pathogens responsible for causing infections in her vagina and cervix.

This would protect the health of her sex organs and allow for a healthy lubrication of her parts. These effects might help you insert your organ with ease and enhance your sexual pleasure. [18]

  • Kacip Fatimah is also known for its aphrodisiac properties. It has the ability to act on her mind and enhance her sexual drive. It may also improve her mental health and clear out the blockages that are created in the channels of thoughts due to stress, and worries.

This favourable change in her mental health could prove to be a game changer in the bedroom with her taking a proactive role in your sexual relations!

  • If your partner suffers from diabetes, she is bound to have a low sex drive. This condition can cause a long-term damage to her organs and affect vaginal lubrication. Kacip Fatimah possesses a natural anti-diabetic potential that could keep her blood sugar levels in control and minimize the damage to her sexual organs. This could restore the normal vaginal lubrication and enhance her sexual satisfaction.

Kacip Fatimah is indeed one of the best female libido enhancers. Its widespread effect on the different organs of her body and the natural antioxidant, aphrodisiac and anti-inflammatory potential could relieve your partner of all her sexual troubles and enhance her libido significantly.

Buy Kacip Fatimah

Dong Quai

Dong Quai, or Angelica Sinensis, grows widely in China and most other parts of Asia, where it is widely used for its aphrodisiac properties. The beautiful fragrant flowers of this plant possess a range of nutrients and bioactive compounds that would enhance your women’s sex drive and vaginal lubrication.

The therapeutic potential of this herb is believed to be highly beneficial for a woman who suffers from a loss of libido due to the menopause, hormonal changes, stress, and ageing. Here is a brief discussion focused on the sexual benefits of Dong Quai for women.

How Does Dong Quai Help Enhance Your Women’s Sex Drive

  • Ageing and menopause are the worst partners to have in your bedroom. These 2 factors can affect her sexual function and moods considerably. After a certain age, she stops feeling any desire to have sex. She no longer feels it important!

That’s why; even when you do try to have sex, she seems disinterested as if she is thinking of something else. These problems could be managed well by using Dong Quai. This herb contains ferulic acid that possesses natural antioxidant abilities. It may very well protect her vagina and other sex organs against the effect of ageing and the hormonal changes occurring during the menopause thus restoring vaginal lubrication.

Once her vagina is adequately lubricated, she would feel the desire to have sex herself and wouldn’t be able to stop thinking about it unless you do it. [19]

  • The natural anti-ageing effect of Dong Quai could also inhibit the degenerative changes in her brain. This would restore the healthy secretion of hormones in her brain thus producing an encouraging effect on her sex drive. [20]
  • Dong Quai possesses natural detoxifying properties. This herb might stimulate the elimination of harmful toxins from her body. This way, her vagina would remain protected from the harmful effects of the toxic metabolites and improve the health of her intimate parts.

These properties of Dong Quai could be very beneficial for her when she is struggling with anxiety caused due to vaginal dryness and pain during sexual intercourse. A healthier vagina could produce a higher amount of natural lubricants in the region and keep her wet thus relieving pain and anxiety during intercourse.

Once she starts using Dong Quai, she would find a remarkable improvement in her vaginal health and lubrication. Her vagina could feel softer and ready for sex to herself as well as you. And this would set the perfect stage for sex and intercourse!.

Where To Buy Dong Quai


Shatavari, or Asparagus Racemosus, which is a small climber, might help you climb to better and greater heights with your sexual pleasure by producing rejuvenative and nourishing effects. This herb, slightly bitter-sweet in taste, is known for its natural medicinal potential to balance the production of sex hormones in her body.

It is revered for its ability to restore the healthy sexual functions in women.

Let us learn more about the mechanism of action of Shatavari, which can help your partner avoid sexual problems:

Shatavari Benefits For Inhibition Women’s Sexual Problems

  • The most effective therapeutic effect of Shatavari that could improve your partner’s sexual abilities is linked to its adaptogenic properties. Stress is a major factor that can stop her from going wild in the bed.

The adaptogenic effect of Shatavari would help her avoid the effect of mental stress so that she feels completely relaxed and ready for some great action with an improved sensuality. [21]

  • This herb has the potential to improve the healing function of her body and balance the response of her immune system thus protecting her against the risk of repeated infections. This effect might be beneficial for the women who suffer from recurrent infections in the vagina and cervix.

Shatavari could keep her parts protected against the damage caused by infective pathogens thus maintaining its health. This could certainly promote a healthy vaginal lubrication and sensitize her for intense sex and orgasms. [22]

  • Shatavari would strengthen her mind and body and boost her physical performance by providing the much-needed nourishment. The high nutritional value of this herb could promote her energy levels and stamina so that she doesn’t feel tired at the time you want to have sex. [23]
  • Shatavari is also known for its potential to lower the risk of the depression, and anxiety. This could help her avoid the fear of sex so that she is able to achieve great orgasms.

Shatavari is considered one of the best female libido enhancers for its unique effect on the mind as well as body. It could very well provide a one stop solution to most of her sexual problems so that both of you can come closer like never before.

organic shatavari powder

Muira Puama

Muira Puama is regarded for its natural libido boosting properties. The aphrodisiac effect of this herb is deep-rooted in the sense it works by modifying the balance of good and bad hormones in her mind.

The best use of this herb for women is when it is taken in combination with Ginkgo Biloba, which itself, is a powerful aphrodisiac herb. Thus; a combination of Muira Puama and Ginkgo Biloba offers one of the best female libido enhancers for women. Let me reveal how your sex life can change when your partner starts using Muira Puama with Ginkgo Biloba.

How Does Muira Puama And Ginkgo Biloba Affect Your Sex Life?

  • Muira Puama possesses libido-boosting compounds that could enhance your partner’s sex drive. As told earlier, this herb works by altering the chemical balance in your brain. This action of Muira Puama is aptly supported by the natural aphrodisiac action of Ginkgo Biloba. These 2 herbs together could take her sex drive to new heights and help her avoid the loss of libido associated with ageing and stress. [24]
  • Ginkgo Biloba and Muira Puama possess the ability to enhance the brain function. These herbs are revered for their stimulatory effect on the brain and nervous system. This may ensure an optimum functioning of all the organs in her body including the larger glands that produce the female sex hormones and the tiny glands present in her vagina that secrete a lubricating fluid.

As a result, she would have a higher level of hormones needed for an optimum sexual function as well as an improved vaginal lubrication. This is indeed a great combination to have when you want to feel lost in sex and intercourse with your partner.

  • Muira Puama is often used in combination with Ginkgo Biloba as both these herbs possess adaptogenic properties that could relieve her of stressful thoughts and support her desire to indulge in sex without any worries or fears. [25]
  • Muira Puama has been used to nourish the female sexual and reproductive system. It contains several essential nutrients that would enhance the health of her vagina and cervix. It is known to promote the elasticity of these sex organs thus enabling them to stretch sufficiently when you enter. This would also provide you with a great sense of pleasure as her parts would neither feel too tight nor too lax!.

That is why; men who have been facing a tough time in the bedroom due to the lack of sexual pleasure are advised to use Muira Puama together with Gingko Biloba. This combination would provide all the ingredients you need to have her as an equal contributor to the scene of sex and intercourse!

When sex needs a boost, you can try giving your partner the powerful female libido enhancers we discussed here. These supplements have been carefully formulated to provide you and your partner immense sexual benefits so that you can enjoy your sex life to the fullest.

The varied medicinal action of these herbs and supplements could provide a highly effective and natural solution to all your problems in the bedroom. So, don’t let more nights go sex-less. Tell her the secret of improving her sex drive and let her use the female libido enhancers so that your nights are full of sex.

How Can Athena Womans Formula Help To Cure Your Erectile Dysfunction And Bring Back The Shine In Your Sex Life?

If you have any questions regarding the effects of these female libido enhancers, leave a comment below and I will be absolutely sure to reply back as quickly as I can.

Ciao for now,

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