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How To Increase Sex Drive For Women – Help Your Lady Get Her Drive Back!

How To Increase Sex Drive For Women

How To Increase Sex Drive For Women – Help Your Lady Get Her Drive Back!

In this article, how to increase sex drive for women, I talk about exactly that – what you can do to help your girlfriend, partner or wife to get her sex drive back.

Now, this might seem to be the wrong place or site to be talking about this subject. Why not I say! Your lovely lady may have been supporting you and encouraging you while you get your drive back and seek cures for your erectile dysfunction and perhaps other sexual dysfunctions such as premature ejaculation.

Having a patient and understanding partner is very important when it comes to dealing with sexual dysfunction in both sexes. Perhaps it is now your turn to be understanding.

Besides, this article, how to increase sex drive for women may come in handy if you want to seek tips and hints on how to enhance the libido in your partner so she is putting out more often and you are making more use of your new found solid erections and enhanced libido.

And, how frustrating would it be if you have finally cured your erectile dysfunction only for “her indoors” to lose her sex drive! – You did n’t cure your ED just to beat the meat!

How To Increase Sex Drive For Women

I’m no gambling man but it’s a fair chance that if your good lady has lost her sex drive you’ll be left “shaking the dice”

How To Increase Sex Drive For Women

If you want to learn how to increase sex drive for women, particularly your woman then pay attention to her, the minor details could be very important and make all the difference.

It shows that you care, that you love her. Most (read all) women won’t really listen to you telling her the sweet nothings as any man can say “I love you” she will be looking instead for acts of love.

Do you know what birth control meds she is using? If not find out ‘cos those birth control pills could be muffling her mojo!

The patch, the pill and the vaginal ring can seriously reduce how your lady responds to sexual stimulation and how often she thinks about sex! In a survey, 36% that’s just over 1/3 of women believed that their form of contraception reduced their sex drive!

Talk to her and discuss alternatives.

How To Increase Sex Drive For Women

Could your ladies choice of contraception be causing her loss of sex drive?

What drives her love machine? Funnily enough, it is not that different from us men. Testosterone and the feel-good neurotransmitter dopamine pay key roles. Women don’t have enough testosterone to grow a cool beard, a hipster goatee, crazily desire to cheer on their favourite sports team, or desire the latest PlayStation! but none the less testosterone they do have!

Women have approximately 10% of the amount of testosterone that we have. Women should consider something to regulate and rebalance their hormones should they have lost their sex drive. Ashwagandha is Particularly excellent for women as is Black Maca

Researchers in Canada reported that women with greater levels of testosterone achieve “the big O” more often than women with lower testosterone levels!.

Enough to get you reaching for that Tongkat Ali? and rightly so! Tongkat Ali is a potent natural testosterone enhancer that is safe for women to take.

Ashwagandha, Black Maca and Tongkat Ali are good for helping your woman deal with her PMT – (you know that crazy time of the month) and the symptoms of the menopause.

Perhaps she is far more comfortable taking horny goat weed which does not increase testosterone as such but mimics testosterone and makes better use of testosterone that is already in her body.


As I mentioned how to increase sex drive for women is much more than just ditching the pill or changing her method of contraception and taking herbs to increase testosterone levels. Sex can, of course, be painful for some women, particularly if suffering from vaginal dryness.

Think about it for a moment guys, would you be willing to do something that caused you a great deal of pain and thus not all that enjoyable for you?

The best solution is to be understanding with her and not to force the issue. She might not be willing to discuss it with you due to embarrassment as vaginal dryness can be just as embarrassing for her as erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation is for you.

Be tactful, understanding. Stimulate her and get her will turned on and before you enter her use silicon-based lubricant on both your male parts and her girlie parts.

Better still buy L-Arginine Gel as a sex lubricant as it enhances blood flow for you and for her. Just rub it on both your parts and hers too – It can increase her ability to orgasm due to the extra blood flow!

How To Increase Sex Drive For Women

When it comes to how to increase sex drive for women and men L-Arginine gel could help both of you!


Stress is A Sex drive zapper for both men and women. Besides, nobody wants to be anywhere near a stressed out woman with PMT! Fortunately, there are well-established methods of lowering stress levels.

I am a huge fan of meditation and yoga, although the latter I personally can’t do due to a serious knee injury prohibiting my possible participation but I can assure you of the effectiveness in bringing the peace and harmony, and it can improve blood flow in the genital zone for both you and your wonderful woman!

Perhaps these two activities you can perform together and help to develop a deeper bond with each other.

While both may initially seem difficult they do get easier with time and practice as your body and mind adjusts. You can do these at home but best results are seen when you join a weekly or twice weekly class.

The two following video’s show meditation techniques and yoga for increasing sexual function.

 As you can see yoga can be a very powerful tool for both men and women to improve their sex lives and of course reduce stress. Meditation is perhaps better known for its effects in reducing stress

Meditation is perhaps better known for its effects in reducing stress but research shows that it can increase testosterone also.

This is probably down to the stress reduction factor as when stress is reduced the stress hormone cortisol is reduced and replaced, or counter-balanced, in the rather intricate and delicate hormonal dance with testosterone.

Your sex drive and your wife or girlfriends sex drive can also be increased thanks to that elevation of testosterone. Rather effective for me and works really well is to meditate with a mental image of a woman in my mind –  a muse and just let my mind run wild.

This can be very effective for you and your partner also.

The video below teaches a very easy and effective meditation technique that I use.

There are of course herbs that your lovely lady can take if stress or depression is causing her to lose her mojo. Such herbs I have spoken about at length in a few previous articles. They are He Shou Wu, Mucuna Pruriens and Rhodiola Rosea

Each of these herbs works in different ways and are fantastic when taken together. But only go to the expense of taking all 3 together if you or your lovely lady are suffering from severe stress or chronic stress. They are entirely non-addictive.

If you want to choose two, chose He Shou Wu and Mucuna pruriens or Rhodiola Rosea and Mucuna Pruriens as these work fantastic in combination with each other at reducing stress and increasing sex drive.

He Shou Wu works by blocking the MAO-B enzyme that inhibits and destroys the feel-good neurotransmitter dopamine thus leaving you with higher levels of dopamine and reducing your stress.

Mucuna Pruriens contains an amino acid that is a precursor to dopamine and has that rare ability to cross the blood-brain barrier and directly elevate dopamine levels.

Rhodiola Rosea like He Shou Wu is an MAO-B inhibitor but has the ability to increase testosterone and increase your body and mind’s resistance to stress.

Inhibiting the MAO-B enzyme with either He Shou Wu or Rhodiola Rosea and then directly increasing dopamine levels by taking Mucuna Pruriens prolongs that happy joyful feeling and really helps to banish stress!

 Exercise And Diet

If your lady is a little porky and a bit overweight your marriage and entire relationship (perhaps even your manhood!) may depend on how you tactfully bring up the issue of her losing a bit of weight.

Good luck!

Joking aside, and getting serious excess body fat has long been established as the number one cause of breast cancer in women. It is also well established that excess body fat is a mojo killer for both men and women. This is due to excess fat reducing circulation and increasing the number of stored estrogens in both men and women’s bodies.

Yes, in case you are thinking excess estrogen in a woman’s body can be a problem, a big problem for them!.

One of the nice things is that you can again strengthen that bond by dieting with your partner and workout at the gym with her. Sharing is caring and caring is sharing. Doing things together and spending more time together may also bring back that spark in your relationship leading to more “sexy time”

The two diets that I recommend are the 3-week diet plan by Brian Flatt which is great for quick and rapid fat loss. Once you have successfully completed that move on to the lean belly breakthrough and follow that diet plan continuously to keep the weight off.

An easy to follow exercise program for both men and women is the old school new bodywhich is aimed for those over 35 and lead a busy lifestyle and doesn’t want to nor have the time to spend hour after hour at the gym. It comprises of only 4 key and very easy to perform exercises.

And finally! make time for her, arrange it in advance that you have time together free from everything be it work stress, kid’, or whatever!. Just the two of you and go on date nights not just once but at least one day per week. Take her to the movies, or rent a movie, romantic meal and evening together and put that romance back into your relationship.

How To Increase Sex Drive For Women

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If you have any questions about how to increase sex drive for women, leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Ciao for now,

Talk soon


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