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Silent Symptoms For Type 2 Diabetes That Affect Your Erections

Silent Symptoms For Type 2 Diabetes That Affect Your Erections

Nowadays, the symptoms for type 2 diabetes are no longer limited to the people above their 50s. Men in their late 20s are also being diagnosed with diabetes. With the rising incidence of this disease, the risk of its complications is also increasing rapidly.

As a result, young men have started complaining about erectile problems, early ejaculation, and a low sex drive. This is a dangerous trend. The only way to reverse it is to be aware of the silent warning signs of type 2 diabetes and take steps to control this condition to avoid its complications.

This article is focused on providing information about the signs of diabetes that should alert you to seek proper diagnosis. It will help you take the right steps to keep your blood sugar levels in control and thus, avoid erectile problems and other consequences.

Symptoms For Type 2 Diabetes That Cause Erectile Problems

  • Cuts Take A Longer Time To Heal

Non-healing wounds are one of the common symptoms for type 2 diabetes. The high blood sugar levels caused due to diabetes can damage the arteries and veins due to which the microcirculation in different parts is affected.

As a result, the skin and other tissues do not receive nutrients needed to repair the damage caused due to infections or injury. Similarly, the damage to the blood vessels can also hamper the blood flow into your penis thus keeping it from getting fully filled during intercourse. This can prevent you from getting hard erections. [1]

Symptoms For Type 2 Diabetes

Get it checked out if your cuts are taking longer than usual to heal.

  • Increased Frequency Of Urination

When you have diabetes, your body loses its ability to break down foods into sugar. As a result, you have more glucose flowing through your bloodstream. Your body tries to get rid of this excess sugar by flushing it out via urination. This is the reason for why you may have an increased frequency of urination when you have diabetes.

However, you may not notice such symptoms for type 2 diabetes during the daytime. Hence, the better way would be to keep a watch on the nighttime frequency.

If ignored, it may cause repeated infections in the urinary tract resulting in damage to your penis. This can affect your ability to get erections. Hence, if you are getting up at night more than once, it’s time to get your blood sugar levels checked.

  • You Feel More Thirsty

The best way to know how much water you drink every day is to keep a bottle at your desk and sip from it whenever you feel thirsty. This will help you keep a track of how much water you are drinking so that any increase in your thirst will be noticeable.

Another tip that will help you notice these symptoms for type 2 diabetes is a shift to cold beverages other than water. [2]

When you feel thirsty, you prefer something cold over plain water or your regular tea and coffee. Hence, if you think you have switched to juices, or soda to quench your thirst and have been drinking less tea and coffee, it could be due to diabetes.

Your tendency to turn to high-carb beverages to quench your thirst can worsen your diabetes. At the same time, it can also invite obesity, which is a common precursor to erectile difficulties. [3]

  • Skin Symptoms For Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes can make you prone to develop corns and calluses on your soles. This is among the lesser known symptoms for type 2 diabetes. [4]

Corns are usually formed on the soles of the feet due to the repeated pressure at certain points. Normal individuals are able to feel when any particular point is overstressed while standing for prolonged hours as they feel the pain. However, diabetes causes damage to the nerves due to which your ability to feel pain and pressure is reduced. Hence, you fail to recognize the continuous pressure exerted on the points thus preventing you from shifting your position. This can result in the formation of corns on your soles.

The damage to the nerves caused due to diabetes can also prevent your penis from receiving signals from the brain during intercourse. Due to this, your penis cannot function as needed causing you to fail in the bed. This is how the damaged nerves cause both corns as well as erectile problems. [5]

These symptoms for type 2 diabetes are known to affect your sexual functions and cause a difficulty in getting erections. Being aware of these symptoms is the key to early diagnosis and the right management. However, you must also put this information into practice.

It’s not like one day you wake up and all of a sudden, you start feeling thirsty. These symptoms pick up gradually and hence, are difficult to notice. That is why; you need to apply the knowledge about these symptoms into practice. Keep a close watch on how you feel, your thirst, your skin, etc. to notice the subtle changes over a period of time.

Also, instead of getting frustrated over failed erections, take a note of things like since when it is happening, or how frequently your erections fail. Correlate these symptoms with the other symptoms for type 2 Diabetes that you may be experiencing. This will help you understand whether diabetes is the real reason for why your sex life is suffering.

If you suspect diabetes, you can check your blood sugar levels to confirm the diagnosis. You could start using the herbs for type 2 diabetes to keep your blood sugar levels in control. These herbs would also boost your sexual functions and help you get hard erections.

Symptoms For Type 2 Diabetes

The Top 5 Natural Remedies For Type 2 Diabetes And Harder Erections

If you have any questions regarding the symptoms for type 2 diabetes, leave a comment below and I will be sure to get back to you as quickly as I can with a reply.

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