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Home Health Care Equipment – Health Care Equipment For Erectile Dysfunction

home health care equipment

Home Health Care Equipment – Health Care Equipment For Erectile Dysfunction

In this article, we will discuss which home health care equipment and monitors may be beneficial for sufferers of erectile dysfunction to have around the home in order for them  to keep on top of their situation and to be able to see by actual measurable results the little changes for the good that is happening in their bodies.

Some of the home health care equipment mentioned you will no doubt, be familiar with, others, perhaps not so.

Home Health Care Equipment – Blood Pressure Monitor

It should be of no surprise to see the rather familiar looking blood pressure monitor on this list.  High blood pressure is related to erectile dysfunction.  It only makes common sense to monitor your blood pressure if your ED is related to high blood pressure.

By having a blood pressure monitor around the home, it will save you time and plenty of trips to your local GP’ s office for what is an easy to do test that is more often than not carried out by a nurse.

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The A&D Medical Deluxe Connected Blood Pressure Monitor UA-651BLE (pictured above) is a handy device to have around the home. I like it due to its funky ability to connect to an app (works on iPhone and android devices) and to properly keep a chart of your blood pressure over time via a graph, and it will show you trends also.

With the app, you can store your health data, an unlimited amount of storage is given.

For me, it’s a pretty cool tool as you can easily when at your doctor’s office show him your blood pressure in detail over a period of time at the touch of a button and all from your smart phone.

This highly rated blood pressure monitor can be found on Amazon here.

Home Health Care Equipment – Cholesterol Monitor

This one, a Cholesterol monitor you may not have seen before but yet again it should not be such a surprise that it makes itself on to a list of home health care equipment for sufferers of erectile dysfunction.

It is common knowledge that high cholesterol levels are not good for the heart, and if it is not good for the heart it is not good for your downstairs department!

High cholesterol levels are a hard cock killer! And if you are not suffering now you eventually will if you don’t keep your cholesterol levels in check.

Keeping an eye on your cholesterol is going to give additional benefits to your overall health.

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This home cholesterol monitor comes with 3 test strips each,  for testing  HDL and triglyceride. LDL results can be obtained by using the values given by the HDL and the triglyceride tests.

By having a home cholesterol test kit, you can save a fortune on lab tests and keep a closer eye on your cholesterol levels by performing more frequent tests.

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Testosterone level Test Kit

This one should be a no-brainer for those that are suffering erectile dysfunction due to low testosterone levels and who are participating in a diet and activities program aimed at elevating their testosterone levels.

A simple saliva test, fill the test tube to the line, which about half way and then mail it to the lab. All lab test fees are included in this kit.

By taking regular testosterone level tests, you can see the improvements that are being made and perhaps adjust your diet accordingly to further increase testosterone levels.

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For more information regarding home testosterone test kits click here. 

Blood Sugar Monitor

Diabetics and friends or family of diabetics will be familiar with this piece of equipment and its use.

Diabetes can be a cause of erectile dysfunction in men. This piece of equipment makes the list due to the importance of monitoring blood sugar levels and possibly avoiding future diabetes.

I have one, and I am not a diabetic. I use it to keep an eye on my blood sugar levels as a preventative measure to becoming diabetic and because high sugar levels in the blood lower and inhibit testosterone production!  so keeping a watchful eye on my blood sugar levels is a win-win situation for me.

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The above blood sugar monitor is the best-rated one that I could find and has been reviewed more than 300 times. It is one of the best-selling blood sugar monitors on Amazon.

You can find more about this monitor by clicking here.

That concludes this short article about home health care equipment for erectile dysfunction sufferers.

I hope that you liked this article and enjoyed reading it. If you have any questions please leave a comment below.

Talk soon, and remember a hard willie is a happy willie!


If You have any questions regarding home health care equipment leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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