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Exercises To Increase Testosterone Levels – Get Heavy To Get Hard!

exercises to increase testosterone levels

Exercises To Increase Testosterone Levels – Get Heavy To Get Hard!

Testosterone plays a vital role in our health. Low testosterone levels not only lead to a  loss of sex drive and erectile dysfunction, low testosterone can also cause depression, osteoporosis (due loss of bone density) and obesity.

Previously we have spoken about how diet can increase testosterone levels and what fruits and which vegetables can also help to boost testosterone levels. In this article, we will talk about exercises to increase testosterone levels.

Ready, Steady, Go!

A multitude of studies has shown that 100% flat out sprinting in five to six-second quickfire bursts significantly increase testosterone production. What is interesting about the studies is that even after full 100% recovery, testosterone levels were still elevated!

Add to your exercise regime a couple of times per week some rapid fire or quick fire sprinting sessions of flat out full tilt sprints.

Make it simple, keep it simple, do two sets of six flat out sprints for five to six seconds each with complete recovery in between sprints and extra recovery between sets.

For the older or the injured amongst us, the great news is that we don’t have to bust our knees or damage our already fragile joints.

In fact I rather you would n’t, as I do have a bust knee, and hip and I am only 36! What we can do is use a bicycle (or exercise bike) or a cross trainer (Click here to see quality low-cost cross trainer).

Just do the quick rapid fire sprints using the bike (or exercise bike) or cross trainer and allow for full recovery in between sprints and sets.

exercises to increase testosterone levels

Ready, set, GO! Quickfire sprints can increase your T-levels.

Get Heavy

Lifting heavy weights has been proven to boost testosterone levels and is rated as one of the best exercises to increase testosterone levels – so get heavy to get horny!

By getting heavy, we mean lifting 90-95% of your maximum lift. If you can bench press 100 kilos just one time and no more you want to be bench pressing 90-95kgs 2-3 repetitions maximum and 2 sets.

While we are on the subject of weight training in controlled studies between three groups, split into upper body only, lower body only and upper and lower body (total body) workout.

Those that were performing a total body workout had significantly higher levels of testosterone in their body than the two other control groups.

And Besides, guys, it does not take a genius to figure out that it only makes sense to work out the hammer that’s putting the nail in!

While workouts like this are of a very high intensity, it is recommended to do this type of training at the start of weight training session and that you do weight training two or three times per week in order to get the maximum benefit of increased testosterone levels.

exercises to increase testosterone levels

Weight training, great idea!

While working out with weights forced repetitions, going that extra mile when you are really struggling to lift the weights and pushing 3-5 extra reps out (when using normal workout weights and not 90-95% of your maximum lift weight) will also augment your testosterone levels.

Chill Out!

Long rest and recovery periods between sprinting sessions and weight training sets is highly advised, two minutes minimum as testosterone levels remain elevated for long periods of time after working out.

This perhaps explains the “jacked” feeling and elevated feeling that we get during and after a good workout.

Cardio Warning!

Cardio and aerobic exercises actually have an effect of lowering testosterone levels. I am not saying don’t do cardio workouts. Cardio workouts can be good for helping with erectile dysfunction as what is good for the heart is good for our star member.

Cardio workout help to improve your cardiac function and improve blood flow as well as reduce body fat. If low testosterone levels are a cause of your erectile dysfunction I would n’t go about doing extreme cardio workouts.

It could be good to start off your weight training sessions with some light aerobic exercise for half an hour to warm up the body prior to a weight training session and heavy lifting.

That way you quite possibly won’t lower your testosterone levels too much and still get the benefit of the cardio workout prior to elevating testosterone levels with a weight training session.

It is advised prior to starting any workout program to consult with a medical professional and seek advice from your Doctor, especially so if you have a prior history of cardiac illnesses.

exercises to increase testosterone levels

Your heart is in your hands, seek medical advice before starting any exercise program


A great addition to a post workout recovery session. While testosterone levels remain high and we are in that chillax winding down mode why not assist the recovery by a short meditation session.

It has been proven that meditation reduces stress, which is a factor in erectile dysfunction but also to enhance mood, aid in getting a good nights sleep (insomnia is another factor in erectile dysfunction!) and elevate testosterone levels. In my humble opinion, all round winner, especially post workout.

Meditating is not difficult. Actually rather easy to do. If you drift off to sleep, that’s great, kinda happens and is supposed to happen as you go into a profound trance state.

Worth noting here that testosterone levels are increased during deep sleep and the blood is more oxygenated, richer in oxygen levels, two factors in night time hard on’s!

If your mind drifts off or wanders while meditating, just let it be, let the thought pass by not focusing on it, by not giving it too much attention.

The Lotus position is not essential for meditation, it’s a nice comfortable posture that aligns the spine, shoulders and chakras but it is not essential so don’t worry if you can’t get into the lotus position, I can’t due to a knee injury. Laying down is also a very good, and in some ways a more comfortable position for meditation.

Exercises to increase testosterone levels

Meditating can calm the mind and increase testosterone levels

For information regarding test kits for testing testosterone levels, it is a super simple saliva test. You can check this article to see which testosterone test kit I recommend.

If you are interested, I have compiled a list of the top natural substances that help to boost testosterone levels, in the post insert below, two are not herbs, and two actually contain testosterone.

Click the link or post insert to read more.

exercises to increase testosterone levels

Herbal Supplements That Increase Testosterone And Promote Hormonal Health

I hope that you enjoyed this article on exercises that increase testosterone levels. If you have any questions or are unsure about something leave a comment below and I will answer as soon as I can.

Remember guys, sometimes you gotta break out into a sweat to break into her panties! And with increased testosterone level you’ll have an increased sex drive and perhaps prize her legs open more often!

Ciao for now

Talk soon,


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