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Maca Smoothie Recipes

Maca smoothie recipes

Maca Smoothie Recipes

In this article, I will give you two Maca smoothie recipes to enjoy and get vital nutrients into your diet to help improve your sexual function.

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Special Equipment Needed

Absolutely no special equipment is needed to make these maca smoothie recipes other than a sharp knife and chopping board and a top quality high-speed blender.  If you don’t have already have a high-speed blender I recommend the Montel Williams 3 in 1 Health Master Elite

It is a top quality Juicer, high-speed blender, and food processor.

Maca Smoothie Recipe #1

Let’s call this the revitalizer! as it contains all the right elements for a proper energy boost and if you are a gym bunny or have some hard physical work ahead of you this might be ideal prior to hitting the gym or doing that hard physical work.


Bananas, strawberries and a heaped teaspoon of our super ingredient organic raw Peruvian Maca powder. And as I am forever recommending, go organic and use organic ingredients (if you can).

Bananas: Well, those “cheeky” monkeys are at it all day long. good concentration of energy boosting B complex vitamins, as well as blood pressure controlling magnesium, potassium and calcium.

It also contains bromelain, an enzyme that helps fight erectile dysfunction and fight sore throats! Bananas also contain a lot of the minerals required to augment testosterone levels

Maca smoothie recipes

What’s that cheeky monkey up to?

Strawberries: Not only fabulously delicious and highly nutritious, they are great for erectile dysfunction sufferers as they are high in sperm repairing vitamin C as well as containing a good portion of the vitamins and minerals required to increase testosterone levels. And like Bananas, great for regulating blood pressure due to being a  source of the blood pressure regulating minerals.

Maca smoothie recipes

Strawberries! absolutely delicious and one of summers delights!

Raw Peruvian Maca powder (organic):  Known to help men and women with sexual dysfunction due to being a hormone regulator and naturalizer. Helps to normalise and restore hormone levels to what they should be at. Enhances libido in both sexes as well as helping the ladies with their “monthlies” and the menopause (and men with andropause).

Absolutely fantastic for boosting energy and vitality.

Maca fact: Historically the Inca warriors were given maca as an energy and vitality booster before going to war, but later it was withdrawn from their diet due to being a libido enhancer. (The legendary Inca warriors wanted to stay home and make love, not war!)


It is ever so easy to make this maca smoothie recipe, just cut chop and prepare the ingredients, one cup of each banana and strawberry and put them into your blender and blend until you have the desired consistency. Optional is to add water.

I, personally almost never add water to my smoothies as I like them as they are.

I have been known to add in juice, self-made juice if I need my smoothie to be more watery! Nutrient, Nutrients. Water has no nutrients, it serves only to hydrate.

Then add in a heaped teaspoon of Raw Peruvian maca powder and blend again until the mix is well mixed and then serve and enjoy.

Maca Smoothie Recipes, Recipe #2

I want to make these maca smoothie recipes as delicious and nutritious as possible. I have no idea what to call this one (comment below if you have an idea) I might go with Merry Berry!.

Ingredients are simplyBlueberries, Strawberries, and red grapes as well as our special ingredient raw organic maca powder.

Blueberries: Rich in flavonoids and researchers at Harvard University have stated that food high in flavonoids reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction in men. And of the 6 principle types of flavonoids, half of them are found in blueberries.

The researchers also found, over a long term study that regular intake of this delicious berry and added with regular exercise reduced the probability of getting erectile dysfunction by over 20%.

Maca smoothie recipes

Blueberries, an integral ingredient of maca smoothie recipe #2

Strawberries: As mentioned in maca smoothie recipe #1 above, strawberries are great for sufferers of erectile dysfunction and controlling blood pressure.

Red grapes: great for boosting testosterone levels as they contain all the right nutrients and more specifically a substance called resveratrol which has a double, triple win situation for men as resveratrol helps to boost testosterone levels, blocks excess estrogen from binding with the increased free testosterone levels and helps to combat erectile dysfunction.

Maca smoothie recipes

Red grapes, great for boosting T levels and curing erectile dysfunction

(and no, the next time you are at the supermarket that “mysterious” magnetic pull of the wine aisle is not going to help you down there, alcohol is bad for testosterone levels and excess can cause erectile dysfunction)


As the first recipe above, this one is super simple to make. Just cut, chop and prepare the ingredients, 1 cup of each and bung them in your blender and blend for about one minute or until you get the desired consistency that you want.

Then put in one heaped teaspoon of raw maca powderand then blend until the maca powder is very well mixed into the mixture.

Serve and enjoy.

Maca Smoothie Recipes

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I hope that you enjoy these maca smoothie recipes if you have any questions or come up with better alternative names for them, leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Ciao for now,

Talk soon,


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