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Fruits That Can Help With Insomnia

Fruits that can help with insomnia

Fruits That Can Help With Insomnia

In this article we are are going to continue the theme of helping to solve insomnia via dietary means by talking about fruits that can help with insomnia.  I hope by the end of this article you will know what fruits to get more of, to help you switch on that nocturnal testosterone producing machine.

Fruits That Can Help With Insomnia

In previous articles, we spoke about foods that can help with insomnia, which was a nice base to start with.  I have also written about insomnia and vitamins and Minerals and insomnia.

It is now time to build on that base and write about specific food and food groups that can help us to get a good quality nights sleep, which is very important for our overall health and not just for our erectile dysfunction issues.


“Yeah, yeah, that girlie fruit again!” I hear you say! Avocados may have the reputation of being a girlie fruit but there is no chance that it is going to turn you into a little b*tch!

Avocados, contain a lot of the essential nutrients to augment testosterone levels as well as being a good source of cholesterol which is the building blocks of testosterone – it ain’t so girly now huh!

And as I have said before,

“get the T levels high to get some shut eye” 

You can learn more about the relationship between sleep and testosterone in this article about the  testosterone and sleep relationship

Avocados are great for insomnia and light sleepers as it is a rich source of magnesium.

Magnesium is one of nature’s most powerful relaxants, very much a miracle mineral.

As well as a great source of magnesium avocados are high in potassium also.  Two minerals great for helping us get a good nights sleep.

Fruits that can help with insomnia

Gourmet stuffed avocados, great idea for a light lunch!


I have told you once, I have told you twice, and now I’ll tell you thrice! Bananas are awesome for your erectile dysfunction!

One reason that bananas are awesome for erectile dysfunction is that they are a great source of bromelain, an enzyme that helps with erectile dysfunction.

They contain potassium that helps to regulate blood pressure, and bring your high blood pressure down due to their potassium content. High blood pressure is a cause of erectile dysfunction in men. Potassium also helps us to get good quality sleep.

Bananas also contain magnesium, which is great for those who struggle to get a good night sleep.

Let’s face it, those monkeys, if they are not sleeping they are “boom booming”! I guess that is where the expression monkey love comes from, the primates are at it all day long!

Fruits that can help with insomnia

Bananas quite possibly responsible for monkey love!


I am loco for coco! High in the electrolyte potassium, which as mentioned above helps to regulate blood pressure and help us remain asleep during the night.

Coconuts are also a great source of magnesium, which aids us with stress levels and insomnia. A powerful relaxant.

Every day I start my morning with a glass of coconut milk. Now I know why I have no problem sleeping or with my blood pressure.

Fruits that can help with insomnia

Coconuts, a great way to start your day!


A powerful antioxidant that is high in citrulline which is very much nature’s own viagra and is actually just one ingredient in homemade liquid Viagra. The citrulline content is found in the highest concentrations in the rind,  the white part on the inside.

The citrulline content is found in the highest concentrations in the rind,  the white part on the inside.  Simply just use a potato peeler to scrape it out and add it smoothies or lovely stuffing for stuffed avocados.

Experiment with it! Any fab ideas leave them in the comments box below and share with all of us.

You can actually dry out watermelon rinds at a low temperature and grind them down to a fine powder and use it as flour, better still to add it to existing flour as a 10% mix. It’s free, saves food waste and adds a certain “Je ne sais pas” to your baking.

It is very common in Asian baking,  to use watermelon rinds in this way.

Experiment with it.

Watermelon is also high in amino acid L-arginine which helps widen the blood vessels down there in the trouser department!

Watermelon is a great source of potassium as well as other vitamins and minerals.

Truly awesome for erectile health, increasing testosterone levels and getting a good nights sleep. and widening of the penile arteries.

You can try watermelon as part of fruit salad. You can check out our easy fresh fruit salad recipe for augmenting testosterone levels and getting a good nights sleep.

Fruits that can help with insomnia

Brilliant serving suggestion as part of a delicious fruit salad.
Watermelon fact: Japanese watermelons are square shaped!


Papaya and watermelon are both great a widening the veins in the penis due being high in L-Arginine, which is known for its vasodilation properties.

Papaya and it’s properties we have mentioned before in quite a few previous articles and is just one key ingredient in my famous erection smoothie that went viral on social media.

Papaya is a rich source of potassium and is awesomely high in Vitamin C with 103 milligrammes per 100 grammes served.

Vitamin C helps in the absorption of iron. So all round, Papaya is a winner when it comes to talking about fruits that can help with insomnia.

Papaya, like watermelon, is high in Lycopene, which is a naturally occurring substance that gives fruit and vegetables their reddish colour, and helps the compass to point north if you know what I mean!

Papaya can be used in a variety of way as it is both a vegetable and a fruit depending on what form you buy it in.

Alongside coconut milk and watermelon, papaya is part of my daily dietary intake of 5 fruits and 5 vegetables.

Fruits that can help with insomnia

Delicious, nutritious great source of vitamin c and good for boosting testosterone levels, getting a good nights sleep and increasing blood flow down there!

Passion Fruit

Passion fruit and I bet it surprises a few people to make the list of fruits that can help with insomnia.

It makes it onto this list due to being not just scrummy and delicious is really dense in vitamins and minerals. great for vitamins A, B-complex vitamins, vitamin C and a great source of calcium, iron, copper and potassium. Making Passion fruit really awesome for insomnia and other conditions related to erectile dysfunction.

Fruits that can help with insomnia

Passoa, the passion fruit awesome, delicious and nutritious

That now ends our topic of the day, fruits that can help with insomnia. I really hope that you enjoyed reading it.

If you are still having difficulty sleeping after altering your diet to include the foods that contain the nutrients to help us get some shut eye, you can always experiment with and add in organic vitamins and minerals to supplement your diet.

For more information about Organic vitamin supplements, click the link or the post insert below.

Fruits that can help with insomnia

Best Organic Vitamin Supplements

If you have any questions about fruits that can help with insomnia leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Ciao for now,

Talk soon


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