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Easy Fresh Fruit Salad Recipe – For Augmenting Testosterone Levels

Easy fresh fruit salad recipe

Easy Fresh Fruit Salad Recipe – For Augmenting Testosterone Levels

I sincerely hope that you are making some inroads and progress to curing your erectile dysfunction by using some of the natural methods and delicious foods that I mention in the blog. Today I bring to you an easy fresh fruit salad recipe which should help you boost your testosterone levels in a delicious and natural way!

Remember don’t miss out any of the ingredients to get the maximum benefit from this very nutritious and delicious dish.

Easy Fresh Fruit Salad Recipe – Equipment Required

None at all required, zero, zip, nada, zilch!  other than a sharp knife and a chopping board.


There is one secret ingredient to this fruit salad that we will be using

If you are on a date, it may very well seal the deal.. if you know what I mean, leaving you looking like a master health conscious chef as you impress the panties off of her

(I’ll tell you later how to do that!)

The main ingredients in this healthy and nutritious dish is….(drum roll) …..Organic Fruit! (duh!).

Please, where possible and whenever possible for the sake of your health use organic ingredients.

To be more specific, avocado, pineapple, watermelon, papaya, some red grapes, apple, and banana. Yoghurt, and the secret ingredient!

Those fruits are packed with vitamins that increase testosterone levels.and the correct minerals to ramp up your male hormone!

Easy fresh fruit salad recipe

Shhh…The easy fresh fruit salad recipe has a top secret ingredient!

Easy Fresh Fruit Salad Recipe – Ingredients Explained

You are perhaps familiar with those ingredients, and their benefits as I talk about them in previous articles such as Fruits to cure erectile dysfunction and  Fruits that increase testosterone in greater detail.

Pineapple: Known for centuries in Central America, in particular, Mexico for properties in enhancing male libido. Contains Bromelain, and a rich source of manganese, a lack of manganese severely affects your libido Besides, every time I eat pineapple I seem to as horny as heck!

Bananas:  Probably the source of monkey love! Chimps do it all day..every day! **darn it I’m jealous!!** Also contains bromelain. Good source of potassium that helps regulate blood pressure and get it flowing.

Watermelon: One of natures natural Viagra fruits, high in Lycopene, L-citrulline and L- Arginine, which are 3 very good components for busting erectile dysfunction. Watermelon is also very high nitrates that help get the blood flowing downstairs.

Papaya: Great source of nitrates, vitamin c and high in Lycopene, a naturally occurring substance that gives food sources their reddish colour. Said to be great for curing erectile dysfunction and is a fabulous antioxidant.

fruits to cure erectile dysfunction

Papaya one of the top fruits to cure erectile dysfunction

Avocado: Contains the right vitamins to augment testosterone and, essentially speaking we need some cholesterol in this fruit salad, as cholesterol is the building blocks for testosterone.

Some red grapes: These will help to increase testosterone and as a double boost lowers estrogen levels also due to the resveratrol found in red grapes.

Apples: why? the contain quercetin, which is known to have properties that may help to prevent as well as treat prostate cancer (source mayo clinic) 

 Yoghurt, (natural, low fat, Probiotic): Low fat because we get the cholesterol we need from the avocado. We do however need some vitamins D, and a probiotic, which according to Harvard University can be good for maintaining your urogenital health.

Easy fresh fruit salad recipe

Yoghurt with fresh fruit and an excellent and elegant serving suggestion

Secret Ingredient: This is an Asian herb well know all over Asia, especially in southeastern Asia for increasing sexual libido in  BOTH men and women, in the Philippines, they say, after some of this stuff you can hang a towel off of your, erm, umm you get the picture!

Bromelain is an enzyme known to be effective in treating erectile dysfunction and helping with Peyronies disease as well as helping with cardiovascular health as well as a number of conditions such as a sore throat to inflammation.

Easy Fresh Fruit Salad Recipe – The Method

Seriously, this as you already know super easy and indeed very obvious. Just cut, chop,  peel and prepare the fruit!

With the yoghurt, just mix in some of the secret ingredient then pour onto your freshly prepared fruit salad then sprinkle a little extra on top and that is it.

Then serve and enjoy!

As a serving suggestion you could cut the watermelon into halves, and after removing the fleshy fruit part, you can use the rind as a natural bowl.

The casket of the pineapple, you serve up a delicious healthy smoothie or a cocktail, and enjoy on the balcony, or garden with an authentic “au natural” look and feel to it.

erection smoothie

Serving suggestion for your easy fresh fruit salad recipe. Make use of those pineapple caskets and save on the washing up!

Enjoy your easy fresh fruit salad recipe!

I’d told you I’d have you impressing the panties off of her if you are on a date! and if your date asks about that secret ingredient, just tell the truth!

“Its An Asian herb that helps to reduce cholesterol, regulate blood pressure, help with circulation and burn fat”

All of which is 100%  true.

Easy fresh fruit salad recipe

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I hope that you enjoy making and eating this easy fresh fruit salad recipe. If you have any questions leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Ciao for now,

Talk soon,


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