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Insomnia And Vitamins

Insomnia and vitamins

Insomnia And Vitamins

Since we have established that insomnia can be a cause of erectile dysfunction I think it would be only correct to address the issue of Insomnia and sleeplessness in a holistic manner throughout a series of articles. This article will be addressing insomnia and vitamins.

By the end of this article, you should know which vitamins can help you with insomnia, how and where to get them.

It is beyond the scope of this site, for the time being, at least, to give an in-depth causality of insomnia, as this site is about dealing with erectile dysfunction.

I may brush past some causes of insomnia such as stress, as stress can also be a cause of erectile dysfunction.

Low testosterone levels also, can be a cause, we have dealt with low testosterone levels in previous articles, please refer to the search box or testosterone section of this site for more detailed explanation on how to augment your testosterone levels naturally.

Insomnia and vitamins

Vegetables, a great source of vitamins

Insomnia And Vitamins

The purpose of this site as my regular readers will testify is to provide solutions to erectile dysfunction and the underlying conditions via means of good nutrition and herbs.

In short to identify possible lack of certain vitamins and minerals or to suggest which vitamins and minerals can improve the condition such as my mini-series on testosterone.

Vitamin D

Sufferers of Insomnia and general sleeplessness tend to have a lack of vitamin D. As a matter of fact low levels of vitamin D has been shown to augment levels of daytime sleepiness.

Might be an idea, as a habit to make sure you do only what mad dogs and Englishmen do and go out in the midday sun.  Do some simple things like a have lunch outdoors, if possible, go for an afternoon stroll, – remember we talked about exercise and erectile dysfunction before?

Other options include asking your boss if you can be moved to a sunnier side of the office.

Vitamin D has the lovely bonus of helping boost your testosterone levels, which can help increase your libido – perhaps why we are hornier during the summer and on holiday.

Other sources of vitamin D include dairy products, remember, don’t worry about cholesterol as that is building blocks of testosterone. Just don’t go overboard with cholesterol as excess is bad for our overall health and for erectile health as the excess cholesterol can block your arteries

Insomnia and vitamins

The sun, the god of vitamin D.

Vitamin B Complex

Vitamin B group, when our bodies are lacking in the B group of complex vitamins, which are essentially responsible for cellular regeneration.

Common early symptoms of a deficiency and lack of the vitamin B complex group of vitamins is depression and insomnia.

The B group of vitamins are B1 also known as Thiamin,  B2 which perhaps better known as Riboflavin, B3 you may very well know this as Niacin, B5 which is known as Pantothenic acid also, B6 Pyridoxal, B7 Biotin, B9 Folic acid, and finally vitamin B12 Cobalamins.

Sources of Vitamin B: Bananas, which are great for erectile dysfunction as they contain an enzyme called bromelain, and potassium which helps to regulate blood pressure. potatoes, tuna, lentils turkey, Eggs, dairy products and rice milk and chicken.


Insomnia and vitamins

Tuna, great source of vitamin B complex

Notice there a lot of food I have mentioned before on this site as being good for erectile dysfunction as they contain all the correct nutrients for boosting testosterone.

The connection, between increasing your testosterone levels naturally and enhancing your sleep quality and curing insomnia might just be one of nature’s two for the price of one cures.

Vitamin K2

Low levels of K2 have been linked to poor sleep quality also. Vitamin K2 works in conjunction with some other nutrient, I’ll be mentioning the role vitamin K2 plays in a later article about the relationship between minerals and insomnia.

That concludes this short article about insomnia and vitamins.

If you are interested in supplementing your diet with organic vitamins I recommend that before you purchase some, that you read my review on what I feel are the best organic vitamins available made by a reputable manufacturer and USDA approved and certified as organic and non-GMO, pretty cheap too so plenty bang for your buck.

Just click the post insert below and it will take to the full post where you can read the full review.

Insomnia and vitamins

Best Organic Vitamin Supplements

Thank you for taking the time and effort to read this article about vitamins and insomnia, if you have any questions, leave a comment below and I will get back you as soon as I can.

Ciao for now,

Talk soon,


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