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Foods To Avoid For Type 2 Diabetes Induced Erectile Problems

Foods To Avoid For Type 2 Diabetes

Foods To Avoid For Type 2 Diabetes Induced Erectile Problems

If you suffer from severe erectile problems, you must find out the foods to avoid for type 2 diabetes. Diabetes is a major cause of erectile difficulties. Not just older men, but even young men can suffer from an inability to get hard erections due to diabetes.

The widespread damage caused due to this disease can affect your sexual functionality severely.

Diabetes can affect the functions of your heart, liver, kidneys, nerves, and blood vessels. This can increase your risk of disorders that trigger erectile difficulties such as hypertension, heart attacks, fatty liver, high cholesterol, build up of toxins in the body and so on.

Diabetes can also weaken your muscles and prevent you from holding your erections. This increases your risk of early ending before you orgasm. If you want to restore your sexual health and get strong erections and orgasms, you must try to keep your blood sugar levels in control.

Avoiding the foods that raise your blood sugar levels is a great way to inhibit the complications of diabetes. Let us have a look at the list of foods you must avoid to control diabetes and improve your sexual health.

Foods To Avoid For Type 2 Diabetes And Improve Your Erections

  • Sugary Foods To Avoid For Type 2 Diabetes

It goes without saying that the high blood sugar levels caused due to diabetes can only be controlled by avoiding the sugary foods. Cakes, pastries, desserts, chocolates, and even soda primarily contains loads of sugars. They provide the low quality, simple carbohydrates and do not offer any nutritional value.

These sugary foods to avoid for type 2 diabetes are also unhealthy for your erectile function. The simple carbs present in them trigger inflammation in your penis and other vital organs. This affects your erectile health and prevents you from getting a hard erection. [1]

Hence, instead of caressing your sweet tooth with cakes, soda, cookies and candies, it is best to reach out for the delicious fruits such as berries, apples and oranges.

These fruits contain complex carbohydrates and plenty of fibres that can slow down the absorption of carbs and keep your diabetes in control.

Foods To Avoid For Type 2 Diabetes

stating the obvious here, avoiding sugary foods is good for your diabetes.

  • Fruit Juices

Just because I suggested to eat fruits to avoid type 2 diabetes, do not jump the bandwagon to load yourself on fruit juices. Remember that is it the fruits that are healthy and not the fruit juices!

Though fruits are the healthiest choices, when caught up in the hands of juice manufacturers, they tend to become ‘unhealthy.’

A lot of sugar, preservatives and chemical additives are added in the preparation of these juices. Moreover, the healthy fibre content of these fruits is also drawn out to make them more palatable.

These beverages can worsen your diabetes and thus, create havoc with your sex life by feeding your erectile problems. That is why; you must underline fruit juices in your list of foods to avoid type 2 diabetes. [2]

  • White Flour, Bread, And Rice

White bread and everything else that’s made with white flour, including your favourite white rice and pasta can be the biggest offenders for soaring your blood sugar levels.

These “white” carbs can amount to a lot of sugar content and affect your diabetes control as well as sexual function. Hence, they must be included in your list of foods to avoid for type 2 diabetes. They can interfere with your carbohydrate metabolism and gear your diabetes out of control thus reducing your ability to get hard erections. [3]

Foods To Avoid For Type 2 Diabetes

I am wondering just how many of you would have guessed or known that white rice is not so good for diabetes…comment below!.

  • Packaged And Baked Snacks

Other than the junky sugars, white flour, preservatives and excess salt they contain, baked and packaged snacks such as pretzels, chips, crackers, cookies, doughnuts, and snack cakes also have a high amount of trans fats.

These trans fats can worsen your risk of erectile problems and other diabetic complications exponentially. No amount of trans fats can be deemed safe for the men with diabetes and erectile problems. So, look for the labels that list 0 grams of trans fat. [4]

The trans fat foods to avoid for type 2 diabetes include French fries, fried chicken, potato chips, and fried dough. These foods soak up tons of oil and are loaded with calories. Overdoing on these greasy foods can even invite other problems such as obesity and high cholesterol that can negatively affect your sexual health. [5]

  • Full Fat Dairy Products

You must be aware that the saturated fats in dairy products can raise your cholesterol levels as well as the risk of cardiac complications.

But, these saturated fats pose a yet another serious problem for men with diabetes. Saturated fats can worsen the resistance of the cells to insulin. This means the insulin produced in your pancreas can become less effective in controlling your blood glucose levels.

This can raise your blood sugar levels thus setting the stage for damaged nerves and blood vessels, weak muscles, improperly functioning heart and several other problems that lead to erectile difficulties. To avoid this, when buying dairy products, look for the fat free or low fat versions.

Diabetes requires regular maintenance of your health. This includes eating a healthy diet, exercising, and monitoring your blood glucose levels.

A healthy diet will keep your weight balanced and lead you towards foods that have a positive effect on your blood glucose levels. And most importantly, a healthy diet will guide you away from the foods that are likely to cause spikes in your blood sugar level.

Being aware of the foods to avoid for type 2 diabetes, as discussed above, would protect your vital organs against damage and restore your penile health. Besides skipping these foods, you can also include herbs for type 2 diabetes in your diet. After all, living with diabetes doesn’t mean starvation, deprivation and eating boring foods.

The herbs could enhance your blood sugar control and sexual health and also add great flavour to your dishes. Now that you have learned about the foods to avoid, make a wise decision about your diet to live worry free about your diabetes and sexual problems!

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If you have any queries regarding the foods to avoid for type 2 diabetes, leave a comment below and I shall be certain to reply back as quickly as I can.

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