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The Best L Arginine Pro Review – Could This Product Help You To Get Harder Erections?

L Arginine Pro Review

The Best L Arginine Pro Review – Could This Product Help You To Get Harder Erections?

It is well established that the amino acid L arginine is good for helping you to get harder and better erections but what is it about this particular product L Arginine Pro that is so special?

Is the fact that L Arginine is in a very ample 5.5g dosage? or the fact that it also contains L Citrulline also? Or maybe even that it contains a number of other ingredients that have been proven to be beneficial for your hearts health and circulation as well as your nitric oxide levels.

If you are guessing that it is a combination of those factors then you, my friend, guessed right!

Above all, the product comes in a very ample 4 jar supply which will last you 4 months at the suggested daily dosage, which ought to see you through many fun nights with your partner.

L Arginine Pro Review

L-arginine Pro, #1 NOW L-arginine Supplement - 5,500mg of L-arginine PLUS 1,100mg L-Citrulline + Vitamins & Minerals for Cardio Health, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Energy (Berry, 4 Jars)
List Price: $129.95
Price: $129.95
Guarantee: Yes!
My Rating: 9.5/10
Dosage: Take one scoop daily in the mornings, do try an additional scoop prior to “sexy time” with your partner!
Best Place To Buy: Amazon
Good For: This product is excellent for your cardio health and is ideal for men who are suffering poor quality erections due to cardiovascular and blood flow issues. It could also help to regulate cholesterol, blood pressure and have an effect on improving testosterone levels as arterial flexibility and your circulation.

L Arginine Pro Review

L Arginine Pro Review – Product Overview

L Arginine Pro is manufactured by Lab 88 and very much available from the online retail giant Amazon. The product is one that is neither aimed at the bodybuilding market as a pre workout supplement nor the male sexual enhancement market, although very effectively and legitimately it could be used for either of those purposes.

The principal market sector that this product is aimed at is those seeking to improve their cardio health in a completely natural way.

In regards to this, you can rest assured that the product has no lewd images and is very discreet, also, you will receive this product in very discreet packaging when you order it online. For sure, you know exactly what the Amazon box looks like!.

L Arginine Pro contains a very effective 5.5g of L Arginine, 1.1g of L Citrulline as well as a number of other ingredients such as Vitamin C, Folic Acid, Vitamins D, K, B6 and B12 as well as Magnesium, Stevia and AquaMin sea minerals.

L Arginine Pro Formula

Let us now talk about the formulation of L Arginine Pro and how each ingredient could function in relation to improving your blood flow and aiding you to get better and harder erections.

Vitamin C: In my humble opinion few of us would recognise the connection between the enhanced production of nitric oxide and Vitamin C – luckily for us those smart brains of researchers have done exactly that and proven the link between Vitamin C and increased nitric oxide production in a dose dependent manner [1] and that this very common vitamin and its ability to transform nitrites into the circulation enhancing molecule nitric oxide [2].

It has also been documented that this vitamin could elevate your levels of L Citrulline [3] which is an amino acid that has been very well established to enhance your circulation.

In addition to those facts that are backed up by research, Vitamin C, could, like Folic Acid, help in restoring a healthy function of your endothelium[4], which is the smooth lining of arteries and veins that help them to open and close.

Vitamin D: This you perhaps know and correctly so as the sunshine vitamin. Vitamin D actually performs thousands of functions in your body and is very important nutrient. Of interest to us as men is its ability to increase your testosterone levels.

Food sources of this vitamin include fish, eggs, and milk as well as other dairy products.

The actual best way to get an optimal amount of this vitamin, which is actually a hormone, is from either supplementation or from direct exposure to the sun.

By direct exposure, I mean no sunscreen, only 15 to 20 mins per day is enough exposure. Studies have indicated that men who have sufficient amounts of Vitamin D in their bodies also had higher free testosterone levels than men who had low or poor levels of this vitamin [5]

A long term study of a year long, a full 365 days, taking 3,332 International Units (I.U) of Vitamin D was clinically proven to augment free testosterone levels by a very impressive 25.3% [6]. Of particular note, older men were noted to be much less probable to suffer from illness related to low or poor levels of testosterone [7].

Of particular note, exposing the chest area to the sun for 5 consecutive days augmented testosterone levels by a very interesting and notably effective 20%. Definitely worthy of note, particularly for the nudists, is that exposing the gonads (yes your balls!) to the sun for a similar time period resulted in testosterone levels doubling! [8].

(Perhaps this is the best excuse to hang out at your local nude beach!)

L Arginine Pro Review

Vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin has been proven to be effective at augmenting your testosterone levels. A darn good excuse for some chillax time at the beach if you ask me!.

Vitamin K: This vitamin plays its role in the prevention of heart disease, the clotting of your blood and the reduction of the possibility of the calcification of your arteries in your body. This makes Vitamin K very good for your circulatory and heart system.

Noted by researchers is that a deficiency in Vitamin K results in a significant reduction in testosterone levels due to the reduction in the biosynthesis of the male sex hormone in your body by cholesterol. Also noted is that when the amount of Vitamin K2  is increased, your testosterone levels quickly rise [9].

All in all the inclusion of Vitamin K makes it excellent for your erectile dysfunction as it aids two components, increased blood flow and improved testosterone levels, that help you to get harder erections!. 

Vitamin B6: L Arginine Pro’s formulation with the inclusion of nutrients that have been proven to be effective for the purpose of improving your circulation and optimizing your testosterone levels is really showing its class as a heart healthy and erection boosting supplement with the inclusion of B group vitamins.

Vitamin B6 has the ability to regulate your cholesterol levels, both the total cholesterol and the bad LDL cholesterol levels [10]. The benefits of cholesterol management are of course better blood flow.

Vitamin B6 also has a beneficial effect of helping to optimize your testosterone levels due to its direct effect of being able to suppress your bodies production and synthesis of estrogen [11], which is a hormone that binds and attaches to free testosterone rendering testosterone inert and useless.

Vitamin B6 can also improve the active functionality of the testosterone receptor cells in your body [12].

Vitamin B12: This vitamin helps you to produce energy by breaking down the fats in your diet. It has also been discovered by scientists to improve sperm quality, both in quantity and motility (survival rate), of which both are indicators of increased synthesis of the male hormone, testosterone [13].

L Arginine Pro Review

The B Vitamins are very effective for improving your circulation and cardiovascular health, exactly why they were intelligently added to L Arginine Pro’s formulation.

Folic Acid: This is another of the very healthy and handy nutrients that belong to the B group of vitamins as it is also known as Vitamin B9.

It is within only the recent past, relatively speaking, that its relationship to good cardiovascular health has been established. Long, established, of course, is its well known benefits for our sexual and reproductive health.

Vitamin B9, or folic acid as it is better known has the potential to reverse endothelial dysfunction, a condition that leads to sexual dysfunction such as the inability to get good hard erections.

The active metabolite 5 methyltetrahydrofolate, can improve the biological availability of the vasodilating and circulation boosting molecule nitric oxide due to it increasing endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS) coupling and improving the production of nitric oxide [14].

Elevating nitric oxides availability aids folic acids ability to improve the function of your endothelium and assist you in the fight to regain naturally occurring hard erections, particularly when your weak erections are due to circulatory reasons.

just for clarification purposes, the endothelium is the smooth lining or “muscle” that lines your arteries and veins allowing them to open and close and to permit more blood to flow.

Magnesium: Studies confirm that magnesium has the ability to free bound testosterone and thus has an augmental effect on the amount of bioavailable testosterone in your body.

It also has inhibitive properties in regards to the sex hormone binding globulin, (or SHBG for short) which is a molecule that is similar to protein that binds to your “free” bioavailable testosterone causing it to be inaccessible or completely unavailable to testosterone receptors [15].

Supplementing with 1000mg of magnesium and combining with exercise of moderately high intensity the amount of bioavailable testosterone rose by 24% [16].

This mighty mineral magnesium is also essential for heart health as it helps to regulate your heart beat as well as initiating its beat, managing blood pressure and keeping your veins and arteries in healthy working order.

L Arginine Pro Review

A pictorial example of foods high in magnesium, darn good idea to get more of them in your diet!.

Stevia: This is a natural sweetener which has almost zero calories. This plant is an astounding 200x sweeter than sugar, so much less of it is needed. Having a sweet tooth myself I am seriously considering replacing sugar in my diet with Stevia.

L Citrulline: This is one of the main circulation enhancing components of L Arginine pro that help it to work ever so well as an erection enhancer, circulation booster and of course for the health of your heart. L Citrulline is an amino acid that is, alongside L Ornithine and L Arginine, part of your urea cycle.

In fact, both of these aforementioned amino acids are produced in a more bioavailable form for your body to make good use of from L Citrulline. This pretty much means we could add good urea health as an additional indirect benefit of taking L Arginine Pro.

After consumption of L-Citrulline, it undergoes a conversion into a much more bioavailable form of L Arginine as well as L Ornithine. The conversion of the amino acid into L Arginine increases the plasma arginine levels much more than supplementing with L Arginine [17].

This itself makes L Citrulline a much more interesting supplement to take to increase your circulation than L Arginine. However, you should not rush to ditch L Arginine altogether as L Citrulline is much slower to act within you body than L Arginine is.

It must be said though, despite the other health benefits, L Citrulline has a much longer lasting circulation boosting effect.

Using both together helps to give a nice one-two sucker punch for your erectile difficulties and helps you to get better and harder erections. 

Science has proven that the amino acid L Citrulline has the ability to augment and elevate your nitric oxide levels by as much as 30% and provoke a 66% increase in your Human Growth Hormone [18].

Interestingly and rather handily arterial stiffness is improved after only 7 days of supplementing your diet with it [19]. During a month and a half study, 6 weeks long, on the effects of this amino acid in relation to erectile dysfunction the participants reported a significant improvement in their erections [20].

I am not one to argue with the science and the documentation that backs up the functionality, this is why L Citrulline forms part of my daily supplements, and not just form the sake of my boner, darn great for my heart health.

Want to know exactly how good L Citrulline is for your body?

Click play and enjoy the video below!

L Arginine: Obviously the key ingredients in this aptly named product!. L Arginine has beneficial effects for both premature ejaculation, commonly known as early ending and erectile dysfunction alike.

It is also well known and established for being first class at augmenting your circulation and improving heart health due to being able to increase your levels of the circulation boosting nitric oxide. In addition, it is also very healthy for your renal function as it aids your bodies detoxification of the toxic ammonia.

There is also some, but limited, evidence indicating that L Arginine could be helpful for naturally increasing your testosterone levels.

This is probably due to aiding the health of your kidneys, of which is a key meridian in Traditional Chinese Medicine in terms of men’s sexual health concerns and of very close proximity, to the testosterone secreting adrenal glands.

The amino acid L-Arginine gets transformed into Nitric Oxide by an enzyme called the endothelial nitric oxide synthase enzyme – or simply just the eNOS enzyme as it is known. This assists in the process of vasodilation and aids your veins to open to allow more blood to flow.

L-Arginine —>+ The eNOS Enzyme —>Augmented Nitric Oxide Production

Improved nitric oxide production leads to a more natural and in my opinion, better, management of hypertension [21] in elevated doses is known to stimulate the synthesis of HGH, the human growth hormone, and of great use to men suffering from erectile difficulties as it helps users to get harder erections [22].

The video below educates how L-Arginine benefits human performance. Click play to enjoy it and become well informed in regards to L Arginine.

L Arginine Pro Review – The Pros!

What I Liked About L-Arginine Pro:

  • It is very well formulated to improve your circulation and heart health!.
  • It is totally and completely a natural product.
  • It could help with increasing testosterone as well as helping to regulate high blood pressure.
  • It is very affordable.
  • It comes in a very handy 4 month supply – products like this are best used long term!.
  • It has the ability to help you regulate your cholesterol levels in a completely natural way.
  • Long term use could very well help you to get good hard natural erections!.

The Cons

What I did not like about L Arginine Pro.

There were only really a couple of minor points in regards to L Arginine Pro that I thought could make the product better and more effective and that is the lack of nitrate based component to the ingredients, something like Beet juice powder or Pomegranate would help to further prolong the circulation enhancing effects of the supplement.

This is however easily overcome by taking your daily dosage with foods that are high in nitrates.m

The inclusion of a substance to inhibit the breakdown of nitric oxide like horny goat weed or its active compound Icarrin would have helped to sustain nitric oxide levels for much longer enabling users to experience improved circulation for a longer time period.

Also, and although L-Arginine Pro does legitimately have the potential to reduce and help regulate hypertension, you would want to be careful of that if you are also taking blood pressure medication as it could cause hypotension, severly low blood pressure.

L Arginine Pro – The Final Verdict!

9.5/10 Buy It And Try It! This product L-Arginine Pro has pretty much all of what the very best circulation enhancing supplements have to give your blood flow a serious boost.

One of the very fine and well thought out aspects of this supplement is that it is designed for long term use, which is where the vast majority of users will get the most benefit from due to its cholesterol and blood pressure lowering properties as well as the improvements in arterial flexibility.

If poor blood flow is at the root cause of your sexual difficulties then I suggest that you go right ahead and try L Arginine Pro and take it long term and experience many of the overall health benefits and not just the fun sexual ones!

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L Arginine Pro Review

If you have any questions regarding L Arginine Pro, leave a comment below, I will be certain to reply back as rapidly as I can.


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