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Best Exercise Programs For ED

Best Exercise Programs For ED

Best Exercise Programs For ED

In this article I talk about the best exercise programs for ED, give you some exercises that can help you with your erectile dysfunction and explain  why most exercise programs fail and suggest an exercise program that may be very suitable for you.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away! And exercising every day can keep ED away! Yes, this is true! If you exercise regularly, you will never suffer from any sexual disorder including erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Simply following the best exercise programs for ED is the safest, most effective, and natural way to get rid of your sexual woes.

But, what is the best exercise program? Believe me; it’s nothing extraordinary. Shocked? It’s natural for you to feel amazed at knowing this. But, it is a fact that the best exercise programs for ED include some simple exercises.

The key lays in executing the plan. So, should we start with learning the exercises? Wait… before we begin, I want to make one important point.

Exercises for erectile dysfunction

A good Exercise program can be fun and include your partner.

Why Do Most Exercise Programs Fail?

I have noticed that most men agree that exercises are good for their health and they accept that their sexual problem can be solved by following the best exercise programs for ED. The problem starts with putting these nice thoughts into action and then, sticking to it.

I am sure most of you would be eager to know the exercises and must be even planning to start them from next Monday! Yes, Monday, I really don’t know what’s so special about this day!

Almost all patients who are asked to make changes in their diet and start exercising prefer to start it from the NEXT Monday! Anyways…whatever be the reason behind this, for some of them this Monday never comes and the rest who do begin with the exercises do it with an unrealistic enthusiasm!

The result?

They do the exercises for the first day, the second day, the third day…may be until the 5th or 6th day and then, it starts getting boring and repetitive! The enthusiasm starts to fade away. You want to skip the exercises for a day! Then, you again remind yourself that, yes, I want to get rid of ED.

You again do the exercises for a day or two; then, again a day of skipping the exercises. In this way, slowly, the days of skipping the exercises go on increasing and the days of doing the exercises go on decreasing till you forget everything about the program!

Finally, you fit yourself comfortably into your previous lazy routine! This is the most common sequence of events that turns the best exercise programs for ED into a failure!

Also, you might have expected the results to come within a day or two! When this doesn’t happen, you lose your interest in continuing with the program.

So, what is the solution to avoid these failures? The solution lays in planning it well. Follow the strategies given below to ensure you stick to the best exercise programs for ED for as long as you desire!

Best Exercise Programs For ED

Keep Yourself Motivated and stick to the program like glue.

Understand Why Your Exercising

Your penis is the barometer of your health. It reflects what’s happening in the rest of your body. So, if your erections are failing, it shows something is wrong with your body. Your penis comprises of all the forms of tissues including the blood vessels, fats, nerves, and muscles.

So, if your heart is not functioning well, it will affect the blood flow to your penis and cause ED. If you have problems with your nerves due to diabetes, the nerves in your penis will not be stimulated enough to get or sustain an erection.

If your body has excess fat, or if you are obese, the extra fat will be lodged in the arteries of your penis and thus, cause ED. Regarding muscles, need I say anything? Without good muscular force, an erection wouldn’t be as hard as you and your partner would like it to be!

Exercise is a single weapon you need to shoot all these causes of ED. They can strengthen your heart and nerves. They can boost their functions and maintain the structure of your blood vessels. They can help you lose weight thus reducing the fats in your body and of course, help you build stronger muscles.

Once you know how exactly the best exercise programs for ED are going to help you, you are more likely to stick to it for longer!

Best Exercise Programs For ED

A good exercise program can help you build muscle

Have Realistic Expectations

ED does not develop within a few days. It’s the result of your unhealthy dietary and lifestyle choices over several years. So, it would be unrealistic to expect that this problem would go away within just a few days.

Keep in mind that the results will take a long time to be noticeable. This will prevent you from feeling disappointed and motivate you to stick to the best exercise programs for ED for longer.

Avoid A Routine

Never do the same exercises every day. It is OK even if you do not have a fixed time in the day for exercising. Choose any one or two exercises from the list given below randomly each day.

  • Brisk walking for 30 to 40 minutes
  • Jogging for 20 to 30 minutes
  • Swimming for 30 minutes
  • Cycling for 30 minutes
  • Stretching for 20 minutes
  • Weight training
  • A combination of lunges, push-ups, hip thrust, and squats, each for 5 minutes
Best Exercise Programs For ED

Doing some simple squats can help you get in shape

Make chits mentioning these exercises and pick up one when you are ready to exercise. Then, simply do the exercise mentioned in the chit! This will keep up the thrill and suspense in your best exercise programs for ED!

A Chit, is simply a piece of paper with the name of the exercise task written on it and drawn from a bowl at random.

Choose The Activities You Enjoy

The best exercise programs for ED need not follow the conventional idea of exercising. The all you need to do is have enough physical activities. You can choose to play any sport like tennis, basketball, or football.

Remember the sports you used to love playing during your college days. Most of us tend to get so trapped into the stresses of our workplace and are so busy trying to meet the deadlines that we forget the golden days of our youth when we were in a perfect health simply because of the sports we played.

Rekindle those memories and start playing your favourite sport again! Doing what you really enjoy can ensure your physical activities do not seem like a compulsion, but something you would look forward to.

Following the well-planned, best exercise programs for ED will help you avoid this sexual problem before it begins. And as they say; it’s better late than never! So, even if you have been already suffering from erectile dysfunction, why wait? Start exercising at the earliest, and follow the strategies mentioned above to avoid failures. And, yes, don’t wait for Monday!

A very interesting exercise program for whipping you up and getting you into shape is the Old School New body which is particularly aimed for men and women aged 35+, especially those with a busy lifestyle and have limited time available to spend in the gym, typical programs taking just 90 mins per week to perform.

It certainly can help those who are overweight to get back into shape and help their erectile dysfunction.

For more information about The Old School New Body Program Click The Link Below

Best Exercise programs for ED

Old School New Body Reviews

If you have any questions about The Best Exercise Programs For ED, leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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