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What Is The Relationship Between Stress And Erectile Dysfunction?

Stress And Erectile Dysfunction

What Is The Relationship Between Stress And Erectile Dysfunction?

Stress and erectile dysfunction, these 2 issues are so strongly linked to each other that it would be almost impossible to find a man who suffers from mental stress but has not developed erectile problems.

Almost every man who is living a stressful life has been affected by a difficulty in getting or maintaining an erection at some point in life.

And when the mental stress leads to erectile problems, things can only take a worse course as the latter is known to further contribute to stress by reducing your self-esteem and affecting your personal relations.

Now, if you do not want to get yourself trapped in stress and erectile problems, you must understand how mental stress affects your sexual functions.

Because this is what will provide you a way out of the situation. So, in this article, we will focus on learning the 6 mechanisms by which stress and erectile problems are linked.

How Are Stress And Erectile Dysfunction Linked To Each Other?

1.   Brings In Anxiety

Stress can occur due to any reason like being unable to excel in your career, failure to give a good presentation, excessive job demands, denied promotion, and so on.

When you are stressed due to such reasons, it hangs a big ‘question mark’ in your mind about your own capabilities.

You may start thinking of yourself as less worthy and this is the worst feeling for any man, or even a woman for that matter, to have. Because when you develop this feeling of worthlessness, your self-esteem goes down drastically.

You lose confidence in yourself. And this is when you start developing anxiety even while performing natural activities like sex.

You doubt your own ability to get an erection as a result of which you feel terribly anxious during intercourse. And thus, the erection fails to occur! This is how the factors that cause stress and erectile dysfunction are linked. [1]

2.   Affects Your Performance

Similarly, the anxiety and the feeling of inadequacy caused by stress can also lead to other sexual problems like a loss of sex drive and early ending.

Feeling anxious during intercourse can loosen your hold over your erections. It can make your hard erections flaccid before it’s the time to ejaculate.

And the problem doesn’t end here.

When you realize you have ejaculated before the climax, it can make you feel too embarrassed. And this feeling remains with you for long enough to stop you from getting good erections the next time.

This is a common mechanism how why stress and erectile dysfunction often go hand in hand. [2]

3.   Stress, Erectile Dysfunction And Depression

One more problem that is commonly associated with stress and ED is depression. It is difficult to say what comes first when you are stressed out, erectile dysfunction or depression. But, in both the cases, it is the typical situation of ‘one leads to the other’.

I mean chronic stress, as discussed earlier, can affect your erectile functions. And when you are not able to get good erections, you are bound to feel low and depressed.

At the same time, being under stress at all the time due to any unfavourable situation in life can raise your risk of depression considerably.

And this depression, in turn, as well as the medications used to treat depression, can further worsen your erectile problems.

This is how stress can directly or indirectly lead to erectile problems by increasing your risk of depression. [3] [4]

Best Way To Relieve Stress

4.   A Crack In Personal Relations

If the cause of stress happens to be strained personal relations, then its effect on your sexual functions can be just too obvious. Like, if you are not getting along well with your partner, you may not even have any desire to get closer.

This loss of sex drive can trigger the development of erectile problems. And in case you continue to ignore the problem without taking any steps to reconcile your differences or to relieve stress, your erectile health can only become worse over time.

5.   Smoking And Alcoholism

There is this unhealthy trend among men to resort to smoking or the consumption of alcohol to relieve mental stress. They actually believe that smoking a cigarette can reduce their stress.

It is this misconception that is often at the root of the mechanisms that bind stress and erectile dysfunction together. [5]

Keep in mind that smoking and alcohol, if at all, can make you feel better just for a few minutes. However, they do not provide any long-lasting relief from stress and definitely not eliminate the cause of stress.

On the contrary, smoking and alcoholism can only worsen your stress and even increase your risk of erectile dysfunction.

Stress And Erectile Dysfunction

6.   A Sense Of Guilt

Stress and the causes that make you feel stressed out in the first place can create a sense of guilt for not being able to fulfil your responsibilities at work or home.

This can reduce your sex drive and also hamper your ability to get a hard erection as the guilt doesn’t allow you to put in efforts to let you enjoy sex. Your guilt makes you believe that you don’t deserve to enjoy sex!


There is something good about these mechanisms that cause stress and erectile dysfunction to exist together.

And this good thing is when you take steps to avoid mental stress by using adaptogenic and aphrodisiac herbs, even the consequences caused by it like erectile difficulties tend to lessen.

This mean, though both these problems often co-exist, the use of herbal remedies to relieve stress can also relieve your sexual problems.

That is why; if you suffer from a difficulty in getting an erection, do not worry or stress yourself over it. Instead, try to be optimistic and use the herbs that control stress.

And over time, once you have managed to relieve stress, you would notice an improvement in your sexual desire as well as erectile health.

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I hope that you enjoyed this article about how stress and erectile dysfunction are linked to each other.



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