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Organic Vitamins For Erectile Dysfunction

Organic vitamins for erectile dysfunction

Organic Vitamins For Erectile Dysfunction

If it’s organic there’s no need  to panic! words I grew up hearing from my mother. Today we are going to talk about organic vitamins for erectile dysfunction.

Since it might be difficult for some people to find actual organically produced fruits, vegetables and meats it will be of great value to your body and your overall health – not just your erectile health to take organic multivitamin supplements.

Same same but different..completely different!

As human beings, we can reproduce or clone just about anything from Dolly the cloned sheep to, well multivitamins and minerals. However, not all things are exact copies, recreated exactly the same.

Organic Vitamins for erectile dysfunction

Dolly the cloned sheep. Man can try to imitate or mimic nature but cannot replicate nature. Dolly died prematurely due to complications

In fact synthetic chemically produced vitamins are not even in the same ballpark as ..not even in the same vicinity or zip code!

In fact, they are not even vitamins at all! 

Organic Vitamins for erectile dysfunction

Let me repeat that, to absolutely clarify the situation here.

Retinoic acid, ascorbic acid, and Alpha-tocopherol, as well as the multitude of synthetic “vitamins”, are NOT vitamins at all.  What’s more, they have very little or no benefit to the human body.

Vitamins are biological complexes, in fact, multi-step biological complexes and not singular molecular compounds.

A study as far back as 1842 showed, that in cases of scurvy, an illness treatable and curable with vitamin c, that ascorbic acid was ineffective in treating the condition.

Scurvy is caused by a deficiency of vitamin c, yet was shown to be uncurable with ascorbic acid, as far back as 1842! talk about hiding the truth!

It is not possible to isolate vitamins from their complex forms and still be able to perform their specific life functions at a cellular level.

When they are isolated into a synthetic commercial form such as the retinoic, ascorbic acids, for example,  they can’t be called vitamins anymore. Their functionality is no longer the same. They simply, put act as, and in the same way as any other type of drug to the human body.

Organic Vitamins for erectile dysfunction

“Danger Acid” yet that is what synthetic vitamins are – acid – and that should spell danger to our bodies!

They are no longer vitamins but chemically produced drugs.

Synthetic “vitamins” are drugs! 

Let me run that past you again, Synthetically produced “vitamins” are chemically produced drugs!.  

They are not organic, they are not natural and they are not as good for the human body as natural organic vitamins.

What are synthetic “vitamins” made of?

In a word or to put in a nutshell, chemicals, but let’s be more specific. They are mostly made from or derived from petroleum.

The long and short of it, synthetic vitamins are petrochemicals!

Organic vitamins for erectile dysfunction

Petrochemical plant – where synthetic vitamins are produced!

Vitamin A (AKA Retonic Acid):  made from such lovely things such as benzine, refined oil, and methanol! (no wonder gas/petrol is expensive these days they are wasting  it in our “vitamins”)

Vitamin B complex: Comes to us  in synthetic form thanks to lovely ingredients such as hydrochloric acid, formaldehyde, hydrochloride, and cyanide (a freaking poison!), to name a few!

Vitamin C (AKA Ascorbic acid):  Brought to us via  hydrogenated sugar processed with acetone! (I’d rather stick to the acetone in my photocopier and not something I ingest thank you very much!).

Vitamin D: Arrives in a synthetic form via irradiating the fat from animals and cow brains! (yep, you got it, nuked animal fat and cow brains!)

Above, what you have just read is just a sample, a short example of what is really in synthetic “vitamins” and why we should really go organic when it comes to taking our vitamins and supplements.

organic vitamins for erectile dysfunction

Organic Vitamins for erectile dysfunction


What you just read in the ingredients list of what is in these synthetic compounds should scare the crap out of you! it sure scares it out of me!

That short sample list above, just confirms one thing.

Synthetic vitamins are chemical compounds!


90% of vitamins are synthetic vitamins

Natural And Organic Vitamins For Erectile Dysfunction

Natural vitamins come from a, as the word suggests, a natural source. Usually food sources such as plants, fruits or berries.

organic vitamins for erectile dysfunctio

Natural vitamin plant, where real authentic vitamins are produced!

Organic Vitamins come from an organic food source.

The process of elaboration is very different from their chemical counterparts.

Firstly the fibre is removed as it is not a micronutrient.

Then the plant, fruit or berries are water filtered. Following this stage, they are put through a grinder and once they are ground up, they are put through a low-temperature drying process to leave us with concentrated nutrients along with their co-factors such as enzymes, co-enzymes, proteins and carbohydrates.

Organic Vitamins for erectile dysfunction

An old style grinder will do the job of grinding down your natural food source into a fine concentrated natural or organic vitamin powder ready for your own use.

In the process of producing natural or organic vitamins zero chemicals are used, or high temperatures or the freezing of the food source, or extremely low temperatures either.

In fact, no real specialist equipment is required in order to make your own natural or organic vitamins! the process is very simple, it really is as simple as I have described above.

Drying process, I like to leave in the evening sun from 5 pm, onwards in an open top mesh filtered container.  You can simply leave them overnight to dry or have a fan blow on them, or very low temperature in your oven (lowest possible).

My own preference is to work with nature and let them dry out naturally.

As from grinder, you can go natural with a mortar and pestle or use any number of electric or mechanical machines readily and easily available.

The actual only difficulty in making your own natural or organic vitamins is the binding agent. I use little blobs of honey or syrup and make little spots or make tiny balls, again allowing them to harden naturally.

You can always, leave them as they are in powder form, which I also do and use them to sprinkle onto food, making sometimes a Testosterone boosting salad, or into the scrambled egg mix in the Testosterone boosting Breakfast and have them naturally fortified with extra organic vitamins.

Not a bad idea to mix them into one of my breakfast smoothies either

Natural And Organic Vitamin Tips

Do not take in high doses, excess doses are just flushed out by the body.

Take frequently. Natural and organic vitamins are usually required to be taken 2-4 times daily as they are a food source and get processed by the body.Taking just one a day may quickly deplete the body of the nutrients.

Taking natural and organic vitamins on an empty stomach is not a problem as natural and organic vitamins are a food source.

It is much better to take natural vitamins and organic vitamins with a probiotic as probiotics assist in the absorption of the micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) and actually produce natural vitamins in the body by themselves.

Do read the labels and make sure the vitamins are a plant, vegetable, fruit, berry based or other natural food sourced based. It pays to read the label!

Organic vitamins for erectile dysfunction

Best Organic Vitamin Supplements

I hope that you enjoyed this article and are more and better informed about synthetic vitamins and Organic vitamins.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you with a reply as soon as I can.

Remember if it’s organic there’s no need to panic!

Talk soon,


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