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Organic Minerals Vs Inorganic Minerals

Organic minerals vs inorganic minerals

Organic Minerals Vs Inorganic Minerals

In this article, we are going to talk about organic minerals and inorganic minerals, what they are and why need them. In terms of a competition between organic minerals vs inorganic minerals, you should know, by the end of this article which one is the hands down winner and why.

Inorganic Minerals

Inorganic minerals or non-organic minerals are not live, never were and never will be due to carbon not being present.

At an atomic level, their electrons rotate in an anti-clockwise direction, completely out of synchronisation and harmony with our body.

The exact opposite of what they are supposed to be like.

As a matter of fact, In the human body they, inorganic minerals are treated as  a toxic substance and are extremely difficult for the body to breakdown.

You read that right!

Inorganic minerals have a toxic effect on our bodies! 

It should be of no surprise that inorganic minerals are difficult to breakdown – they come from rocks and are brought to us by mining companies.

Some  inorganic minerals come to us from shellfish, and rather shockingly, calcium carbonate more commonly found in a cement factory!

Organic minerals vs inorganic minerals

Mining equipment. I do not want rocks in my supplements! do not be mine!

Organic Minerals

Organic minerals work in harmony and in synchronisation with the human body. Unlike inorganic minerals, at an atomic level, their electrons spin in a clockwise direction.

What’s more, organic minerals can form a bond with us at a cellular level by creating an ionic bond. Due to carbon being present, we can consider organic minerals as being alive, a living entity – just like us!

Organic minerals are easily broken down by our bodies.

This type of mineral is brought to us via an organic material, typically food sources like plants, fruits and berries.  This is exactly why when you read the nutritional information about foods they list minerals like zinc, magnesium and so on.

Organic minerals vs inorganic minerals

A great source of organic minerals. No need to dig into the earth to find them, just “dig” into the fruit shelf at your local supermarket.

Ready For The Body Vs Not Ready For The Body

That is what is comes down to in the great debate, “organic minerals vs inorganic minerals” it simply put, comes straight down to one thing, and one thing only.

Are the minerals ready or not ready to be consumed and processed by our body? 

And that’s it in a nutshell!

Inorganic minerals are not ready to be consumed by our bodies and are out of synchronisation with us and treated as if it were a toxin.

Meanwhile, on the other hand, organic minerals have already been consumed and processed by a living entity such as plant life and are ready to be consumed and processed by us.

Organic minerals vs inorganic minerals

Toxic! would you knowingly consume a substance that has a toxic effect on your body? well, now that you are informed about inorganic minerals you can knowingly avoid a well-established toxin.

You Can’t Speed Up The Process!

You can’t accelerate the process, you can’t speed it up, patience is key for the human race where minerals are concerned.

Minerals are found in rocks that in the ground. They spend an extremely long time there, centuries, millennia even, seeping out minerals into the soil. The soil

The soil becomes enriched with minerals thanks to the rocks seeping out minerals. Plants and trees then grow, consuming and processing those minerals leaving them in an organic form and in harmony with us and ready for us to eat.

It is that last part in the process that inorganic minerals skip past!

Organic minerals vs inorganic minerals

Go slow, there is no need to rush nature’s process!

The Dangers Of Mineral Water!

Mineral water is created by water running over rocks that are in the ground and are picking up inorganic minerals into their content.

Remember, we have already established, how and why inorganic minerals are toxic to the human body.

We simply, cannot process, the inorganic minerals that are in mineral water, or food supplements for that matter.

And my friends think I am crazy for only drinking reverse osmosis water and having one installed in my house!

Organic minerals vs inorganic minerals

Danger! Mineral water contains toxic for the body inorganic minerals

Illnesses Caused By Inorganic Minerals

Because these inorganic minerals cannot be processed by the body and are treated as if it were a toxin they can cause a number illnesses including and not limited to:

  • Kidney stones
  • Joint pain
  • Gallstones
  • Arthritis
  • blocked arteries (thus possibly leading to erectile dysfunction)

Calcium carbonate? that’s lime or the principle ingredient of cement to you and me!  – you’ll find that in your ever so precious “healthy” mineral water!

Organic minerals vs inorganic minerals

Cement plant, where the calcium carbonate should be and not in your inorganic mineral water!

Health Benefits Of Organic Minerals.

Minerals are absolutely essential and necessary for a healthy and proper function of our bodies.

Our body, in fact, needs 70 different minerals for a proper healthy function.

Obviously, I am talking about natural organic minerals.

The health benefits of natural organic minerals are innumerable  – they can’t be counted, most certainly way too many to list here. The health benefits

The health benefits for sufferers of erectile dysfunction are that they can lower and help regulate blood pressure, augment testosterone levels, sleep disorders such as insomnia, lower cholesterol, help lower levels of anxiety and stress – to name a few!

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I hope that you enjoyed reading this article about organic minerals vs inorganic minerals and know which, and why organic minerals are by far the better choice for nutrition and our body.

If you are interested, I have written a similar article about vitamins, what synthetic vitamins really are and how to tell if your supplements are synthetic vitamins or organic vitamins.

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It is a natural mineral source with minerals in their ionic state. Shilajit resin contains 85+ minerals and has been proven via clinical trials to augment testosterone levels by 20% over a 90 day period.

Organic minerals vs inorganic minerals

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Remember, a happy body is a healthy body!

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