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Onnit Shroom Tech Sport Review – Could It Help You Get Harder Erections?

Onnit Shroom Tech Sport Review

Onnit Shroom Tech Sport Review – Could It Help You Get Harder Erections?

In this article, I talk about and review a very interesting and very natural product, Onnit Shroom Tech Sport. The “Shroom” if you have not already guessed is an abbreviation for Mushroom, which is the main ingredient in this product.

It is not any old mushroom but a well documented and scientifically proven mushroom with benefits for augmenting circulation, endurance and your strength as well as helping with your erections.

That mushroom in this product is no other than Cordyceps.

I conduct this review in a factual manner, with an aim to educate you about the functionality of the product and how it could help you to get harder – both harder muscles and, yes, harder erections.

Onnit Shroom Tech Sport Review

Onnit Shroom Tech Sport: Clinically Studied Preworkout Supplement with Cordyceps Mushroom (84ct)
List Price: $43.61
Price: $42.05
You Save: $1.56
Guarantee: Yes!
My Rating: 9.4/10
Dosage: Take 4 capsules, on an empty stomach, 45mins before sex for a nice boost, to recover erections take 4 capsules daily. Do not take more than  6 in a 24 hour period.
Best Place To Buy: Amazon
Good For: This product is good for men who are experiencing weaker erections due to circulatory and hormonal issues. It is also good for restoring energy, vitality and vigour as well as your sexual stamina.

Onnit Shroom Tech Sport Review

Onnit Shroom Tech Sport Review – Product Overview

This product is manufactured by Onnit who are founded and run By Aubrey Marcus, who stands behind the mission statement of “Total Human Optimization” and aid clients and product users to peak performance by means of strategies that have stood the test of time, leading edge science and natural nutrients that are earth grown.

From Onnit, and Aubrey Marcus you can rest assured that the ingredients in this product are natural, organic and of the highest possible quality.

The design of this Onnit Shroom Tech supplement is completely discreet as it aimed for the performance athlete or those seeing to enhance their physical performance outside of the bed.

(do rest assured that it can also help you out in bed just as much as out of it!). 

Delivery discretion is something you do not need to worry about either as it sent in the standard Amazon packaging that you are very accustomized to. Nobody knows its contents but you! – Besides! who cares! It’s a gym supplement that just so happens to aid your bedroom performance as well with no indication of its alternative use!.

Besides Cordyceps mushroom, this product contains Chromium, Vitamin B12, Ashwagandha, Green Tea, Rhodiola and Astragalus, that’s 7 ingredients in all.

The Formula

Lets now talk about the formulation of Shroom Tech Sport Supplement and its functionality in relation to helping with erectile difficulties and how it could help you to a better performance in bed. 

Chromium: This is a mineral that aids your circulation by reducing LDL (Bad) Cholesterol and augments HDL (Good) Cholesterol levels. This was proven when participants took 200Mcg for a 6 weeks period in a double blind clinical study [1]. Also discovered was its ability to help regulate blood sugar levels, aid weight loss by suppressing cravings for food. This makes chromium pretty good for men suffering from diabetes induced ED and those who are experiencing weak erections due to high cholesterol.

Vitamin B12: Seen everywhere and in particular energy drinks and thirst quenching sports drinks. Vitamin B12 is a nutrient that aids the body to manufacture energy by means of breaking down dietary fats in your body. It has been noted to have positive effects on your sperm quantity and motility – both of which indicate improved testosterone synthesis [2].

Cordyceps: The main ingredient, and probably the strangest one you will see or hear of. It is a Mushroom that is grown the backs of caterpillars!. However, don’t let it’s strangeness deceive you!. During an 8 week long clinical trial of male only participants the results showed a 1/3 (33%) elevation in their sperm count, 79% augmentation in sperm motility (survival rate) and a reduction of 29% in sperm malformations with an interesting 3 fold augmentation in sperm count in infertile men due to adrenal and thymus hormone secretion [3].

A larger study of both men and women, 189 subjects in total supplementing with Cordyceps experienced an improvement in their sexual difficulties and a significant increase in sexual desire by an average of 66% [4]. Women, just for the record experienced an improvement in their sex drive and sexual desire by 86%! [5].

Cordyceps contains polysaccharides and glycoproteins that were discovered to be very similar to the Luteinizing Hormone in their structure and recognize receptors of the Luteinizing hormone on the Leydig cells located in your gonads and thus stimulate free testosterone synthesis in a very natural way [6].

Evidently, Onnit Shroom Tech Sport is a product that is very well formulated to help increase your state of sexual desire and get harder erections!– and we are only halfway through discussing the potential effects of the clinically and scientifically proven ingredients!

Ashwagandha: This is well known by its nickname, Indian Viagra!. Which is indicative of its abilities in the trouser department. You may know this herb for it’s ability to aid sufferers of insomnia, which is a cause of both poor erections and low testosterone. Poor sleep quality leads to poor circulation. poor testosterone production, elevated blood pressure, all of which are doing your sex life no favours at all!. Aiding those conditions, evidently leads to better and harder erections!. 

Ashwagandha, is as you can guess, is very effective in the task of augmenting your testosterone levels [7]. The prime modus operandi of this adaptogenic herb is down to the realisation of GABA (Gamma Amino Butyric Acid), a substance that aids in the reduction of stress and anxiety. Gamma Amino Butyric Acid has a blocking effect on your nerve cells, blocking or stopping them from producing or having excess activity.

It is the excessive movement and operation that provokes restlessness, stress, anxiety, sleeplessness and, yes, insomnia. Meaning, the blocking of the sheer number of nerve cells and neurons from being overactive we experience less stress, less anxiety, a calmer state and thus a better quality of sleep [8].  Improved sleep quality in itself results in reduced blood pressure, lower stress levels, and yes, greater production of the sex drive and erection hardening hormone testosterone. Which, if you had not guessed is a hormone that is produced is greater quantities during a state of deep sleep (just one reason we wake up with morning erections!)

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Astragalus: Known fully as Astralagus Membranaceous. In Traditional Chinese Medicine it is use to improve the quality of your blood and as a qi energy tonic. It aids in helping you to manage high blood pressure, invigorate your blood and improve the flow of your blood as well as your bodies own production of blood.

Astragalus also has beneficial properties that help to improve your energy levels, vitality, vigour and the pumping action of your heart – improving your blood circulation. It also has positive effects in the management of both your cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels [9], [10].

Vasodilation, the opening of blood vessels and arteries of clinically obese men and women was enhanced which was due to Astragalus’s effect on improving endothelial function [11]. This is fabulous for men suffering from erectile difficulties as a dysfunction of the endothelium is closely connected to poor erectile health and function. Definitely, a herb with a great capacity to help you to get harder erections!.

Rhodiola: This herb is particularly effective at helping you to manage stress levels and augment your sexual responsiveness and sexual arousal. This is due to a compound acetylcholine, which directly enhances the amount of the cholinergic neurotransmitters, which are responsible for being in a state of arousal, particularly when the quantity is increased [12].

Rhodiola is absolutely effective at aiding with psychological causes of erectile problems due to its ability to suppress both the MonoAmine Oxide A and B enzymes (called MAO-A and MAO-B for short) [13]. Both of those bad boys enzymes break down the feel good brain chemical dopamine, inhibiting and suppressing them leaves your body with greater amounts of the happy go lucky neurotransmitter dopamine. This, if you are curious, is exactly how modern antidepressants function – by means of MAO-A and MAO-B inhibition!.

Green Tea: Perhaps the most surprising of all the ingredients, humble green tea!. The benefits of green tea in relation to aiding men with weak erections and those seeking greater performance at the gym comes from the polyphenolic compounds catechins and epicatechins that are present in green tea. It aids in cholesterol reduction, protection of your heart and even helps to reduce atherosclerosis plaques (fatty deposits blocking arteries and veins) and even improves endothelial function and thus could certainly improve your circulation [14].

Onnit Shroom Tech Sport – The Pros

What I Liked About Onnit Shroom Tech Sport.

  • Made with high quality organic ingredients.
  • Very well formulated for performance enhancement.
  • It is could help improve your vascular health.
  • It has been documented to improve sexual desire and drive.
  • The research concludes the ingredients are effective for helping men with sexual and erectile problems. 
  • It could help you to increase and optimize your testosterone levels.
  • It could very well help to improve your sexual endurance and overall sexual performance!.
  • It is available on Amazon! (always a great thing!).

The Cons

What I Did Not Like About Onnit Shroom Tech Sport:

There was nothing that I did not like about this performance enhancing product that I did not like other than it did not contain an element to help suppress estrogen from binding to free testosterone. You can, however, easily remedy this by taking the daily dosage with a smoothie made with cruciferous vegetables as they contain the estrogen inhibiting Indole 3 Carbinol.

Alternatively, eat a banana or hard boiled eggs with your daily dosage as they contain the B vitamins that can perform the same action.

Onnit Shroom Tech Sport Review – The Final Verdict!

9.4/10 Buy It And Try It!. A lot of care, dedication and thought has gone into creating the Shroom tech Sport product, although it is not aimed at the sexual health market, men and women with issues regarding their libido could certainly benefit from taking this product regularly.

If your bedroom problems and troubles are caused by a less than satisfactory sex drive, low testosterone or poor circulation then I do suggest that you buy 2 bottles of this give this product a shot for 6 weeks and experience the positive benefits that it could bring to your sex life. 

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Onnit Shroom Tech Sport Review

If you have any questions regarding Onnit Shroom Tech Sport, leave a comment below and I will be sure to reply back as quickly as possible.

Ciao for now,

Talk soon,



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