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How To Cure Erectile Dysfunction Without Medication – By Working With Nature!

How to cure erectile dysfunction without medication

How To Cure Erectile Dysfunction Without Medication

As the basis of this site is to help people who are suffering from Erectile Dysfunction to find solutions that are far healthier, more effective and natural than dependence on medications like Viagra. I love to show and to teach my readers how to cure erectile dysfunction without medication.

Quite often the medication does n’t really work – sure it gets you hard but more often than not the medication is not really addressing the underlying cause or actually curing the problem.

How Modern Medicine Works

Modern Medicine works by treating the aliment, in our case ED, and prescribing a medicine that treats the symptom.

Treating Erectile Dysfunction with medicine is akin to treating a tension headache with paracetamol. Sure it works, the condition is treated and solved, albeit temporarily speaking, but the underlying condition remains. No cure is given for the Erectile Dysfunction (or a tension headache in this example)

Would n’t it be much better to treat the condition and to find a possible cure?

Obviously, with a tension headache, the action would be to remove the tension or the cause of the tension rather than taking aspirin or paracetamol. With Erectile Dysfunction, in my humble opinion, it is much better to work with nature and to seek out natural cures.

Meditation And Qi Gong

Stress and tension can be a cause of sexual dysfunction in men for a variety of reasons be it work tension, financial strain, the strain of a relationship and indeed performance anxiety.

Meditation offers us a means of calming our minds and reducing stress. reducing that nagging negative self-talk by silencing the mind and often clears the mind also. Meditation also gives us more energy, boosts our immune system  and helps with insomnia – another cause of ED!

Meditation has been shown to be able to increase testosterone levels also.

There are a variety of meditation methods including Buddhist chants. Once you have meditation fixed and can do it, you can always practice mindful meditation.

how to cure erectile dysfunction without medication

When it comes down to meditation, 20mins daily is enough to begin with and you can always try increase to one hour if you wish. When I finish my meditation sessions I am always a washed with a feeling of pure joy.

Qi Gong, in my experience, is a fantastic addition to meditation and is actually a form of yoga without too much overtly difficult postures and stretching.

I have a bust knee, hip, and ankle and I can do qigong without any difficulty. Qi gong helps strengthen ligaments, muscles and is beneficial for internal organs. Improves the cardiovascular function without being too strenuous.

I obtained a solution to my Erectile Dysfunction via means of meditation, meditating and thinking about my muse, a girl I am nuts about and by using qi gong, focusing my chi somewhere “special”.

I meditate and practice qi gong daily.  I am now working on keeping it up and having more natural and  spontaneous erections.

For those that are doubting the effectiveness of meditation and qi gong as a method of curing erectile dysfunction just think about those that practice tantric sex. They meditate and practice qi gong frequently!

How To Cure Erectile Dysfunction Without Medication – Light And Frequent Exercise

Frequent and regular exercise can improve your overall health and bring with it a potential cure to your erectile dysfunction by improving your cardiac function and blood flow. You should check out the article I wrote on

You should check out the article I wrote on exercise and erectile dysfunction for a more detailed explanation and benefits and how a little exercise can be beneficial to curing your erectile dysfunction in a natural way.

How to cure erectile dysfunction without medication

Shake it up!

We have established in a few articles by now, (and I shall continue to do so!) that one’s diet can help us to get and maintain an erection. You are what you eat is not an old adage but real home truth, in fact on the baseball field of truth it’s a home run!.

Weight-loss, not only helps us to look better and be healthier overall it lowers our cholesterol and helps to clear up blocked arteries. It can, of course, make us more attractive to our partners.

How to cure erectile dysfunction without medication

Whatever our cause of erectile dysfunction, we can adjust our diet to suit that. There are foods that can help us to lower stress, increase blood flow via vasodilatation (how viagra works!) and increase our testosterone levels and our libido!.

So why not shake it up and start the day off with a light healthy breakfast shake or smoothie? all made of course at home with natural ingredients and a quality blender. Go Fruity to get some booty!

For more information on diets, you can check out top 5 foods to cure erectile dysfunction and foods that help with erectile dysfunction.

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Kegel Exercises!

A fitness regime for your manhood! exercising the muscles down there is great for your urinary health and helps to prevent incontinence in later life as well as strengthening your erections and allowing for better ejaculations. Put simply it is exercising your pelvic floor muscles and is recommended by urologists.

Masturbate Less Often

As odd as it sounds, medics have proven that excessive masturbation is detrimental to ones ability to get and maintain an erection. How much is too much? I guess one will have to be ones best judge on that! Tenet Nostra (know thyself, know yourself).

How to cure erectile dysfunction without medication

Go Herbal

Seriously, there are dozens of herbs out there in our beautiful planet that can help with male impotence. Perhaps maybe even hundreds. Different herbs and herbal remedies from China, India, Thailand and Malaysia, and Indonesia. As well as Central and South America and Africa.

Herbal remedies have no side effects and are by far healthier than using Viagra, and can actually lead to natural spontaneous erections – something that those little blue pills can’t do.  If you are interested you can check out my reviews on Male extra and Manhood X-treme herbal supplements.

Testicle  Coolers

haha, I bet that raised an eyebrow or two! As odd as it sounds there are actually products that will cool down your testicles. From patches to special underwear and gel devices that you put in the freezer and a combo USB/battery powered ergonomically designed fan for wearing on the outside of the scrotum and inside your underwear!

How to cure erectile dysfunction without medication

Lowering the temperature around our testicles has been proven to augment testosterone levels. Due to modern conveniences such, office and home heating, the ideal temperature of the males testes is kept mostly outside of its ideal “operating temperature” in order to produce sperm and androgens.

Cooling down ones neither regions can  \definitely be a natural boost and potential cure to erectile dysfunction caused by low testosterone levels and of assistance for those couples who suffer from infertility caused by low sperm count.

One of the most interesting natural herbal products I have come across for helping men with erectile dysfunction is Proenhance patch which is a very interesting and effective method of delivery – direct to the blood stream!.

Each patch is water proof (fun in the shower?) and lasts for 72 hrs so great, or idea if you are the type, like me, that often forget to take my supplements.

How to cure erectile dysfunction without medication

Proenhance Patch Review – Penis Patch Enhancement System

If you have any questions about How to Cure Erectile Dysfunction Without Medication, leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Ciao for now.

Talk soon


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