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Foods That Help With Erectile Dysfunction – Beat ED With Foodtherapy!

foods that help with erectile dysfunction

Foods That Help With Erectile Dysfunction – Beat ED With Foodtherapy!

It is my solid belief that not only can good diet help to cure erectile dysfunction but can, of course, help to protect your erection. Before we talk about Foods that help with erectile dysfunction let’s first talk a little about some foods that should be avoided.

Foods to avoid in excess should be obvious, fatty foods high in cholesterol, alcohol and in general food that is not good for cardiovascular health and blood pressure, like salty foods and foods with excess sugar.

With that said, anything in moderation is ok, because cholesterol is good for increasing testosterone level. However, if animal based cholesterol, it must be organic or from a grass fed animal.

I can state as any sound nutritionist will tell you, despite that juicy steak not being too healthy due to cholesterol but in moderation is actually quite good due to a good beef steak having its ability to boost testosterone levels (as do most foods considered high in cholesterol!).

So personally, if low testosterone levels are at the cause of your ED situation then yes a good meaty plate with eggs (high in omega 3!) or a mixed grill can be considered as a group of Foods that help with erectile dysfunction.

But do make sure the animal based cholesterol is from an organic or grass fed source.

The reason for this is simple, animals are fed massive amounts of estrogen to make them grow bigger and faster, to fatten them up.

Estrogen kills your testosterone levels! A big no for any man, especially a man with erectile dysfunction issues or a low sex drive.

If poor blood flow is at the root of your problem and you are overweight or have high cholesterol then perhaps not the best choice.

Personally speaking, in my pre-ED days, I was n’t overweight just normal I remember trying and eating 1 kg of prime Argentinian beef steak on its own, home cooked with chimichurri sauce…I seriously spent the next few days as horny as hell and quite frankly rock solid, and little painful erection.

(that solid I could have sworn blind Viagra was injected into the meat!)

foods that help with erectile dysfunction

Foods That Help With Erectile Dysfunction – Go green!

Yeah, Go green! save the environment, save the your erection and potentially cure your erectile dysfunction!

Those leafy green vegetables have high amounts of nitrates, nitrates are vasodilators, which help our circulation and blood flow by opening up the blood vessel, which is exactly how Viagra works making your greens definitely a group of foods that help with erectile dysfunction.

Spinach, which we spoke about in a previous article top 5 foods to help cure erectile dysfunction and broccoli is especially good as it is high in zinc which enhances sperm production and raises testosterone levels.

Hey – there is a reason college kids these days have coined a term “Broccoli sex” meaning a prolonged session of ‘boom boom’ when one or both partners came multiple times.

Broccoli is also high in something called Indole-3 Carbinol which flushes estrogen out of your body.

Foods That Help With Erectile Dysfunction

Broccoli is actually excellent for your sexual health!

When on a testosterone boosting diet be sure to add in some broccoli to get a double whammy boost by lowering estrogen levels as well as augmenting your testosterone levels.

When it comes to going green I would add that I did go full on vegetarian vegan, focusing on a zero animal fat diet, eating only grains, fruit and veg  for around 3 months, which defo helped with my dysfunction due to, at the time being a bit overweight and I’ll take a shot in the dark cholesterol level dropped and plaques on my vessels cleared somewhat as well as increased blood flow.

I would not advise going cold turkey and be a full on vegan like I did as this can actually, and despite obvious other health benefits be detrimental to curing your ED as if you develop chronically low levels of vitamin B12 (defo not good for ED!).

Low levels of B12 will leave you feeling quite lethargic at the beginning until your body adjusts. Do Seek medical advice.

Foods That Help With Erectile Dysfunction – Chocolate

Not exactly what you would expect in an article titled foods that help with erectile dysfunction.

We are not talking about those Swiss or Belgian sweets that you buy your girlfriend, fiancee or wife or any of the sugary processed candy or drinks found in your local supermarket but the real deal 100% organic and raw chocolate. It is actually quite bitter in taste (so be warned!).

foods that help with erectile dysfunction

Raw organic cacao is a bonafide and genuine superfood and contains many compounds and nutrients that are beneficial for your sex life!

Natural or real chocolate is high in flavonoids, flavonoids are very high in natural antioxidants which help to repair cell damage (yay! get in there!), lower blood pressure and decrease cholesterol all of which will help us to cure erectile dysfunction.

Added bonus, your Mrs, your GF or fiancee might just happy to share your new love of chocolate and get you in her good books! (come on name girl that does not like chocolate!)

Oh and you can always make it into a paste smear it on her body and lick it off you horny devil!


Lyco what? foods that help with erectile dysfunction tend to be high in lycopene.

Lycopene is found in watermelons, tomatoes (both sundried and cooked) pink grapefruit, Papaya, mango’s, carrots, cooked sweet peppers and guava.

Lycopene gives fruit and vegetables their reddish colour and high in antioxidants and is said to help with male infertility.

Go ahead make you self a Lycopene salad or a lycopene fruit salad as part of your ED fighting diet.

That concludes foods that help with erectile dysfunction. For sure I will continue this topic throughout this site.

Supplements That Help With Erectile Dysfunction!

Naturally speaking it is not only foods that help with erectile dysfunction, there are some pretty powerful herbs that can do the job very effectively.

Two such products are the very well formulated ProEnhance Patch and Vigrx PlusProenhance patch is like the name suggests a patch based delivery system for herbs.

This allows the herbs to get directly to your blood stream and be faster acting and more effective. Each waterproof patch lasts 72 hrs and is ideal for those that are forgetful when it comes to taking supplements on a daily basis. You should definitely consider trying it to help banish your ED!

foods that help with erectile dysfunction

Vigrx Plus is a succinct blend of 9 herbs in a tablet form that is very well thought out to target many of the different causes of erectile dysfunction from poor blood flow to high cholesterol to low testosterone and nitric oxide levels as well as a loss of libido. Targeting the causes helps to cure your erectile dysfunction. If I was you I would seriously think about buying vigrx plus to help me to kiss goodbye to the bedtime blues!

foods that help with erectile dysfunction

Proenhance Patch Review – Penis Patch Enhancement System

Do you have a favourite food that helps with erectile dysfunction? a particular recipe you would like to share?  tell us all by commenting below.

Remember caring is sharing and GO ORGANIC!

Ciao for now

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