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Foods That Increase Sex Drive In Men – Libido Boosting Foods!

Foods That Increase Sex Drive In Men

Foods That Increase Sex Drive In Men – Libido Boosting Foods!

In this article, foods that increase sex drive in men, I talk about foods that can help you to do exactly that – amp up your sex drive and get you in the mood for some between the sheets fun!

So, pull a chair up, take some notes and add these to your shopping list! – especially if poor sex drive is at the heart of your sexual dysfunction!

Foods That Increase Sex Drive In Men

It is far better to just list these foods and explain them one by one. These are listed in no particular order, those near the top of the list are not necessarily more effective than those near the bottom!.

Black Raspberries: Just a handful or dozen or so of the flavour full and delicious black raspberries are enough to put the bang back in the bedroom. They are rich in the phytochemicals that help to increase your libido! and help you to feel aroused.  Can also help to increase your sexual stamina!

Cloves: Cloves have been used for centuries by men to cure sexual dysfunctions. Great because it is very easy to add to a variety of foods to make them gourmet! They are also a natural killer of bad breath!

Side note: Cloves could be an alternative to oil pulling which is the swirling of extra virgin oils in your mouth to cure bad breath. In reality, modern antibacterial mouthwash can induce erectile dysfunction by killing important bacteria needed to convert nitrites and nitrates in your mouth into circulation improving and erection improving nitric oxide.

Figs: You wouldn’t Adam and Eve it! (believe it) but figs are a sex drive enhancer, fertility improver and help increase your secretion of pheromones! who knows might just have you behaving like a lusty horny teenager again!. I’ll leave it to you fig-ure out how to best consume the fruit!

Foods That Increase Sex Drive In Men

Fig’s are just one of a man delicious foods that increase sex drive in men.

Chocolate: Probably one of the better-known foods for snapping knicker elastic! but did you know that it is also forms part of the foods that increase sex drive in men group? No? you do now! this is strictly a case of what is good for the gander is good for the goose!

However, there is a slight catch!

It has to be the real deal! none of the Cadbury’s or Rowantree Macintosh or other mass-manufactured chocolate that is loaded with testosterone killing sugar!.

You have to go for the real deal! Raw Organic Cacao Powder is what you really need to go for as it full of nutrients, phytonutrients and potent antioxidants that can not only help your sex drive but help your erectile dysfunction also.

Ginger: Perhaps the king of spices and is a very natural cure for low libido as helps to enhance testosterone by 17.7% and has compounds that help’s to aid circulation. Ginger is super easy to spice up your life and add to curries or make a delicious sugar free ginger tea! Perhaps you will end up letting loose that inner sex god!

Foods That Increase Sex Drive In Men

Ginger the king of spices may help you to become the king of the bedroom and most definitely belongs in the group of foods that increase sex drive in men!

Spinach: I’d have never have guessed that Popeye’s favourite food would make a list of foods that increase sex drive in men – but hey I’d bet his Mrs, Olive Oil would agree and perhaps Popeye too! You see, spinach is a great source of zinc which plays an important function in the production of hormones and, let’s put this politely, clitoral sensitivity!

Mr Popeye! you fox! no wonder Olive oil was always batting her eyelids for you, you stud muffin!

Panax Red Ginseng: After a month of supplementation researchers in Hawaii found that sex drive increased by almost 70% and that their overall sex life improved dramatically! This definitely one of those foods that increase’s sex drive in men and women as it effective for both sexes.

Auragin Ginseng is definitely the ginseng product that you should try as it contains the highest concentration of the active compound ginsenoside at 8%. If you are in doubt you should read this article about Korean Red Ginseng Sexual Benefits!It also very effective for helping you with erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and targets a number of the underlying causes.

Watermelon: A key ingredient in the Homemade Liquid Viagra Recipe!  for darn good reason! contains the amino acid L Citrulline which aids your blood flow – even in the trouser department! and contain potent ED fighting Lycopene! aids in giving that nice afterglow feeling and can help your sex drive. I start my day with watermelon and nitrate-rich papaya so why don’t you?

Brazil nuts: It well established that effects that brazil nuts have a positive effect on testosterone production which is of course, the sex drive hormone! When it comes to boosting your sex drive snack on a few of these bad boys daily and watch your libido shoot up!

Foods That Increase Sex Drive In Men

foods that increase sex drive in men – Brazil nuts are certainly one of them,

Herbs That Increase Sex Drive

There are a number of herbs that you can take to seriously spark your sex drive and rev up that love engine and help to roll back the years! The men’s hormone mega dose package by Lost Empire Herbs contains a number of herbs that are specifically designed to be taken together to ramp up your sex drive and help cure your erectile dysfunction by working very much as a natural alternative to hormone replacement therapy and consists of 3 unique herbs in free form plus a potent tincture.

By combining these four herbs, Nettle Root, Tongkat Ali, Pine Pollen Powder and Pine Pollen Tincture the powerful effects of these herbs individually are not additional or accumulative but multiple! They have a multiplying effect on your hormonal health and balance.

This is certainly something that you should give serious consideration to if you want to beat your sexual dysfunction and get your sex life back.

Foods That Increase Sex Drive In Men

Natural Alternative For Hormone Replacement Therapy To Treat Erectile Dysfunction

If you have any questions about foods that increase sex drive in men, leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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