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Easy Bruschetta Recipes

Easy Bruschetta Recipes

Easy Bruschetta Recipes

In this article, I will walk you through some Easy Bruschetta recipes. Bruschetta in Italian translates to garlic bread. These Italians tend to one step further, and do something better, It’s garlic bread Italian style! And should make for a nice healthy starter, ideal as part of an ED busting diet.


As you can already guess, bruschetta is  an Italian word, and the simplest Italian way, Bruschetta necessitates that the bread should be toasted over hot real coal, and then vigorously rubbed raw organic garlic then sprinkle olive oil, fresh pepper, finished with a little bit of sea salt and small slices of raw garlic.

To make this recipe more delicious and with variations, it is likely to incorporate things like fresh herbs, beans, chopped fresh tomatoes and other ingredients such as goats cheese to make it more enjoyable delicious starter.

In fact, tomato and strawberry are actually two of the most common easiest bruschetta recipes you will for sure love and enjoy to prepare and eat. Preparation for tomato and strawberry bruschetta is very quick and easy – even you are a first timer.

easy bruschetta recipes

Italian’s, well known for their delicious and healthy cuisine. Perhaps spaghetti a nice main course for your easy bruschetta recipes!

The Healthy Option

You will. for sure find that it not challenging or difficult to make. Further, these two recipes are also the two easiest bruschetta recipes options you will not only love but also, you will consider it in your ED destroying diet.

This is because of the nutrient rich veggies, healthy fat, and high-quality protein as well as the lycopene from the tomatoes, and the allicin from the garlic can make this a lovely addition to your meal plans to bust erectile dysfunction.

Simply these easy bruschetta recipes taste great and are a healthy option.

For a short guide about the nutritional value, just take a quick look at the information below.

Tomato Bruschetta (a classic and simple Italian easy Bruschetta recipes)

Nutritional Value

  • Zinc- 0.5%, Selenium- 0.5%, Riboflavin- 1.9%, Phosphorus-1.7%, Manganese- 5.1%,
  • Magnesium- 2.0%, Iron-2.2%, Copper-2.7%, Calcium—0.7%,Vitamin E- 2.6%,
  • Vitamin C- 11.0%, Vitamin B-6 – 2.9%, Vitamin A- 8.7%, Protein- 1.4 grams
  • Sugars-0.2 grams, Dietary fiber-1.0 grams
  • Total carbohydrate-7.9 grams, Potassium- 147.2 milligrams, Sodium- 261.3 milligrams
  • Cholesterol-0.0 milligrams
  • Monounsaturated fat- 1.7 grams Polyunsaturated Fat- 0.3 grams, Saturated fat- 0.3 grams
  • Calories- 57.9

You may have noted that bruschetta contains all the required vitamins to enhance testosterone levels and some of the minerals also.

Armed with these nutritional facts, you can now start making your own tomato bruschetta by following the steps below.

easy bruschetta recipes

Serving suggestion.

Step 1

To start with, in a large bowl, mix the ingredients which are basil, garlic, tomatoes and onions by mixing them using a big metal spoon also. But, please be careful and take care to not break the tomatoes too much because it is the recipe’s special ingredient.

Step 2

After you mix the ingredients properly, you can add in the olive oil (preferably using extra virgin) as well as the balsamic vinegar into the mixing bowl to mix the ingredients.

Step 3

Then after that, mix the contents of the recipe to mix with the added pepper and sea salt.

Step 4

If you are finished mixing the ingredients of the recipe, this is now the best time to cover it, then whack it in the fridge. Refrigerating the recipe is likely the best thing to do as the flavours of the recipe will blend and soak together.

Step 5

In this step, cut the bread, into thick diagonal slices, and slightly toast the thick slices until they turn an easy brownish colour on both sides, not too dark. Please make sure to slice it properly for you to see the toasting on both sides.

Step 6

Finally, serve the mix onto the slices of toasted bread while the bread is still warm. If in case, you wish the mixture at room temperature, just remove the mixture from the fridge half an hour before you serve it. , you can  enjoy your snack with your new easy bruschetta recipes.

Now, you can  enjoy as a snack, or as an appetiser.

Strawberry Bruschetta

Strawberry bruschetta is also one of the best and easy bruschetta recipes you can ever prepare at home.  With its easy and simple steps to prepare, you will surely love to have it as perhaps your new favourite ED busting snack!  worthy of noting that strawberries also contain lycopene and are high in sperm protecting vitamin C.

Nutritional Value

  • Dietary fiber- 0.48 grams,
  • Sugars, total- 5.62 grams,
  • Carbohydrate-6.96 grams
  • Protein- 0.19 grams,
  • Potassium- 404 milligrams,
  • Vitamin A- 11%
  • Calcium-17%,
  • Vitamin C 147%,
  • Iron- 8%
easy bruschetta recipes

Heart healthy tomatoes and integral part of the Italian diet

How to Make Strawberry Bruschetta

Step 1

To get started, in a medium bowl, combine/ mix the chopped basil, strawberries, and tomatoes, then set aside.

Step 2

In a small saucepan, over medium heat, mix the sugar and balsamic vinegar. Then after that, simmer and stir them constantly until it is syrupy. once it is already syrupy, you may now remove it from heat and then add one tablespoon olive oil. Add to the premix bowl from step 1.

Step 3

Drain the excess juice from the mixture of strawberry and tomato.

Step 4

Preheat the oven for half a minute.

Step 5

arrange bread slices on a tray. Don’t forget to top bread with mozzarella, then toast them in the oven for at least two to three minutes or until the cheese has melted

Step 6

Once the bread has cooked, you can now place the bread slices on serving plate and spoon the mixture of strawberry onto the bruschetta and enjoy the  easy bruschetta recipes.

I hope that you enjoy your delicious easy bruschetta recipes as they are healthy and contain the right nutrients to kick erectile dysfunction in the ass!

I hope that you enjoy those two delicious recipes and start wowing your family and friends with your fantastic and rather fancy garlic bread.

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If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Ciao for now,

Talk soon


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