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Can You Fix Erectile Dysfunction?

Can you fix erectile dysfunction

Can You Fix Erectile Dysfunction?

Hi there,  I was asked this question “can you fix erectile dysfunction?” after being invited to, and guest authoring on a very well known men’s health website.

My response was fairly simple and honest.

You can not only fix erectile dysfunction, you can cure erectile dysfunction, (hence the name of this site) and quite possibly reverse it using natural methods – something that is impossible to do with modern medications and pharmaceutical drugs like Viagra, Levitra and Cialis.

Modern Medicine Is Failing Us!

Modern medicine with its methods and methodology is not really curing anything. Their method is to treat a condition or symptom and prescribe a medicine that treats the condition.

Modern medicine does not, or very rarely treat the underlying cause or causes of an ailment.

Take erectile dysfunction, for example, you have erectile dysfunction you go visit your Doctor, have a little discussion and he or she prescribes you Viagra or Levitra or Cialis or some other similar drug.

There’s very little discussion or investigation about what the underlying cause might be, poor circulation, high blood pressure, low testosterone, estrogen levels too high, insomnia, stress, high cholesterol etc, etc.

Perhaps your blood pressure was taken,  you were weighed but still, in the busy life of a medical Doctor and the short 10 min consultation you were prescribed the commonly known chemical drugs that do nothing to cure or fix your erectile dysfunction, nothing to fix the underlying cause.

Sure, Viagra and the similar other drugs do work, there is no denying that. But they do not treat the underlying causes.

Once the effect of the drug has worn off you still have ED and what is causing it has not been treated!

This is where modern medicine is failing us.

How to cure erectile dysfunction without medication

How Can You Fix Erectile Dysfunction?

In short, by treating the underlying cause, you can quite possibly fix your erectile dysfunction.

This is where you have to educate yourself, and why this site exists, to help educate you and help you find ways to cure and fix your erectile dysfunction in a natural way.

If low testosterone is the cause of your erectile dysfunction you can visit the diet section and click on testosterone for a list of natural ways to augment testosterone levels, from herbs like Tongkat Ali (also known as long jack) to exercises, smoothies, shakes and even some meal plans, oh and even a special super healthy gourmet coffee.

erection smoothie

Serving suggestion for your erection smoothie, Make use of those pineapple caskets as save on the washing up!

If poor circulation is the cause, sure, there are herbs that can help you get the blood flowing.  And with many other natural methods that we mention on this site.

High blood pressure? no problem, treat it naturally with potassium, found in food and natural or organic vitamin supplements.

Can You Fix Erectile Dysfunction Naturally?

Yes, In fact, you can treat or cure just about anything using what is provided to us by nature.

Chinese herbal medicine has existed for over 5000 years. That means it out dates modern medicine by several thousand years!

Because the word “modern” is used in “modern medicine” it does not mean that it is better.

I would, in fact, suggest that it is quite possibly the opposite as “modern medicine” uses chemically produced drugs, that are often produced from petrochemicals and have side effects.

Have you ever seen “side effects” written on herbs or herbal supplements that you have bought?

oh, I do wonder why not!

How to cope with ED


“One of mankinds greatest tragedies is our preference of chemical therapy or drugs over what is provided to us by mother nature”.

I am not going to argue with the above quote,  as I believe it to be a great tragedy just as big if not bigger than the fact that our food has become nutrient deficient, no thanks to chemical farming methods. 

Poor nutrition and a lack of nutrients in our body, as well as poor lifestyle choices,  are what causes a lot of illnesses today.

Herbal Alternatives To Viagra

If you are interested in natural alternatives to Viagra or Cialis, you can pop on over and check out our top rated alternatives which are proenhance patch, a transdermal patch delivery of known herbs to help with erectile dysfunction and Male Extra, which is are herb based pills that can help with erectile dysfunction.

Both can have a formulation that can help with the main underlying causes of erectile dysfunction such as low testosterone levels, high blood pressure and poor circulation.

By clicking the links below, you can read our reviews of the respective products.

Can you fix erectile dysfunction

Can you fix erectile dysfunction

Which one is best for you will vary from individual to individual. For me personally, I prefer the transdermal patch because I can just stick it on and get the herbal nutrients direct to my blood stream 24hrs a day. Rather than the pill form of Male Extra.

That concludes the article “can you fix erectile dysfunction”. I hope that you enjoyed reading this article and have found two viable alternatives to chemically processed drugs.

If you have any questions,  leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Ciao for now,

Talk soon


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