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Best Diet For Fat Loss

Best Diet For Fat Loss

Best Diet For Fat Loss

In this article, I talk about what I feel is the Best Diet For Fat Loss. Out there in cyberspace, there are a number of different diet plans, weight loss programs. Some work, some don’t, some are awesome, some and some are awful!

Keep in mind most will work only for specific type of person or indeed a specific type of weight loss and fat loss does not always mean weight loss. I sure lost a lot of fat but slowly gained weight, good weight in terms of lean muscle mass.

What Makes A Good Fat Loss Diet?

Essentially speaking what constitutes a good fat loss diet is getting plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, proteins, herbs and spices designed to help you to burn fat. And most certainly, no or at the very least few processed foods as they are more difficult to process and don’t help us much when it comes to weight loss or thermogenesis.

The best diet for fat loss should also be easy to follow, applying the K.I.S.S strategy of Keep It Simple, Stupid! nobody needs a complicated diet or something that is difficult to follow!

What Is Thermogenesis?

To be blunt. Thermogenesis is fancy wancy word that comes from the Greek language meaning creation of heat in or by your body. (Therma: Heat and Genesis: Creation)

In dieting and weight loss this is simply the creation of heat by the body in order to lose weight. Your body uses calories from food and generates heat. The greater the amount of heat that is generated by your body, the greater the amount of calories that will be burned.

And the fabulous news is that there is a whole host of foods that can help us to lose weight and fat by activating and stimulating the thermogenic process in our bodies! Yes! chose the correct foods and your body will burn calories, a significant amount just by digesting them!

Best Diet For Fat Loss

Burn those calories effortlessly with thermogenesis!

Does That Mean No Exercising?

I wish! you wish! we all wish that to be true. Any and pretty much all diet plans require some form of exercising to help us to lose weight and shift excess fat.  The best type of exercise to burn fat would most definitely involve those with the greatest thermogenic effect to burn calories and help us to lose weight.

Mostly that involves H.I.I.T training, (high-intensity interval training). going hard at it at a high intensity raises body temperature to a greater level quicker and for longer periods, especially with H.I.I.T.

When you take the nice interval of rest or reduced activity your body spikes in temperature, you’ll notice and know this when you are “sweating buckets” and as you begin to cool off..boom! back at a high-intensity burst of training raising the body temperature again.

Sometimes, you just gotta take the H.I.I.T!

That is how the fat loss setting on gym equipment works.

What I consider to be the best diet for fat loss involves just 5 easy to do movements that helps you to get a leaner, fitter, better-looking and healthier body without crazy exercising.

Best Diet For Fat Loss

In my opinion, is the best diet for fat loss and shifting really difficult and stubborn fat is the Lean Belly Breakthrough program.  The reason I rate this diet so highly is that ticks all the right boxes in what we ought to look for in a diet program.

No complicated food that tastes like cardboard (check), Can eat ordinary everyday foods (check), can have cheat days (check), food items easy to find (check), no difficult cooking or cooking of strange foods (check), Thermogenic foods (check), very little change to our normal diet (check), easy to follow (check), no crazy exhausting exercising (check)!

See, all the boxes checked!

What really stands out with the Lean Belly Breakthrough for me is that it focuses on keeping things easy to follow and is based around losing that difficult fat, that excess belly fat which can indeed be a cause of a number of health conditions including erectile dysfunction.

And  it comes with a list of foods that help to increase your libido! which is rather nice, helpful and handy for us to know.

For more information about the Lean Belly Breakthrough Fat Loss Program click the link or post insert below!

Best Diet For Fat Loss

Lean Belly Breakthrough Review

If you have any question about the best diet for fat loss leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Ciao for now,

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