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What Is He Shou Wu?

What is He Shou Wu

What Is He Shou Wu?

In this article, I talk about a herb called He Shou Wu and answer the question What Is He Shou Wu? I will also explain how it works and the health benefits that it could bring to you and how it could help sufferers of poor erectile function.

So, with nothing else on the agenda let’s get right to it!

What Is He Shou Wu?

It is a herb quite often called Fo-Ti, Fo-Ti is He Shou Wu and He Shou Wu is Fo-Ti just to be super clear on that matter. The botanical Name is Polygonum Multiflorum which is a woody perennial native to China.

It has been used in Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine for Centuries! It is a good potential jing fortilizer for the kidneys with possible powerful and effective anti-ageing properties.

The herb is actually an entwining vine, that may be used for managing grey hair, loss of hair, strengthening of the immune system, assisting with knee and lower back pain in addition to the aforementioned kidney detoxification and very powerful anti-ageing properties.

It could also be good for mental clarity and concentration, enhancing sexual desire as well as increasing sex drive, improving fertility and optimizing testosterone. Energy and vitality could also be supported in a completely natural way with He Shou Wu.

It is a very powerful adaptogenic herb that may manage a number of different conditions. It is, of course, its’ ability to help with erectile health that concerns us most.

He Shou Wu And Erectile Difficulties

The principle benefits of this adaptogen for helping men who are suffering from poor erectile function is pretty simple, This herb could help to support and promote sexual desire, via augmented dopamine levels (more on that later).

Increased sexual desire results in stronger firmer erections and goes hand in hand with increased sex drive.

It could also work via means of optimized testosterone levels but in a more indirect subtle way, and increased testosterone not only enhances erectile rigidity but increases sex drive also!

Side Bar: It may have the same effect on a woman’s sex drive and sexual desire! (Hint: If She ain’t putting out..make her a nice herbal tea! haha!).

He shou wu testimonials

Female testimony reporting an increased sexual desire and libido thanks to taking He Shou Wu.

The Neurotransmitter dopamine lowers and suppresses the stress hormone cortisol. Cortisol lowers testosterone levels. Thus we can arrive at the conclusion that a substance that could augments dopamine may also help to optimize testosterone levels in an indirect manner by inhibiting its’ suppression.

This is particularly good news for those of us who are suffering low testosterone caused by stress. Stress also leads to insomnia, another known cause of erectile dysfunction.

Insomnia is a cause of poor testosterone production as our internal testosterone producing factory works at its optimum level when we are sleeping. Yet another indirect way in which this herb could help to increase testosterone.

It is also a potential hormone regulator and normaliser meaning it could help to normalise, regulate, and rebalance any hormonal imbalances in the body, for example, correct a (low) testosterone imbalance.

Stress also causes high blood pressure which leads to reduced circulation and erectile problems!

All in all. it is pretty easy to see why He Shou Wu may be an effective solution for restoring healthy erectile function and could very well bring about a solution for a user by targeting their particular causes of the sexual dysfunction.

Which is why on this site I place particular emphasis on readers knowing and finding out what is causing their erection issues.

He Shou Wu may manage to support levels of the neurotransmitter dopamine by means of inhibiting an enzyme that breaks down dopamine and the amino acid phenylalanine instantly. That enzyme is the Monoamine Oxide B enzyme or MAO-B for short.

It is fair and obvious to say that inhibiting this enzyme, MAO-B from breaking down dopamine and phenylalanine could result in increased levels of both and of course the associated benefits like increased joy, more calmness, less stress, overall sense of well-being and increased energy and vitality as well as the increased sex drive and augmented sexual desire and for men better and stronger erections.

What IS He Shou W

He Shou Wu Could help you to get stronger firmer erections

The high availability of bioavailable zinc may increase sperm motility and mobility and volume which could result in enhanced fertility for men and the potential for prolonged orgasms!

And then there is the possibility to improve circulation and nitric oxide production by fighting and battling oxidative damage on the endothelium which releases an enzyme that helps to convert nitrates and nitrites as well as certain amino acids into nitric oxide, which in turn improves circulation (even down there!), furthermore the herb is a good source of nitrates which get converted by the body into nitric oxide.

Anti-Ageing And Internal Health

He Shou Wu and it’s ability as a rather powerful anti-ageing herb comes down to it containing a very powerful, extremely powerful antioxidant called Superoxide Dismutase (SOD for short) which may help to reduce, repair and damage caused by free radicles.

Superoxide Dismutase also could also help to maintain health in your internal organs such as the endocrine system helping to maintain and improve your internal health for years to come.

Where To Buy He Shou Wu

In my humble opinion, the best place to buy herbs that I have found is lost empire herbsThis is partially due to their outstanding 365-day money back guarantee. And the fact that they provide independent lab reports for all the consumable products on their website.

Which means you know exactly what you are buying, and have the peace of mind to buy their products knowing you can return them at any time during the guarantee period and get a full return of your money – even if you did not get the results that you expected from taking the herbs.

For more information about Lost Empire Herbs He Shou Wu and how to qualify for a 15% discount and free delivery click the link or post insert below! 

What Is He Shou Wu

He Shou Wu Reviews

If you have any questions relating to what is he shou wu leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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