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Which Herbs For Sex Are The Most Effective For Getting Strong Erections?

Herbs For Sex

Which Herbs For Sex Are The Most Effective For Getting Strong Erections?

Using Herbs For Sex is an age-old practice. Men all over the world have been relying on the herbs and their parts like roots and flowers to get better erections and avoid sexual problems.

However, until a few decades ago, the usage of these herbs was limited to the regions where they were naturally grown. Thanks to the globalization, today, men from different parts of the world are able to use the herbs grown in other regions and enhance their sexual health.

However, though globalization has exposed us to a vast treasure of herbs grown in different climates, it is practically impossible to try out each and every herb to check which one is more effective than others.

That is why; Lost Empire Herbs has made an effort to bring together the herbal powers from distinct regions and provide you select herbs each with a unique medicinal power.

These herbs are made available to you in tincture forms to ensure a higher effectiveness and optimum sexual benefits. Let me reveal how Lost Empire Herbs has been successful at bringing together 4 herbal tinctures in one bundle to help you get stronger erections.

What Is 4 Tincture Bundle From Lost Empire Herbs?

As discussed earlier, 4 Tincture Bundle is an attempt by Lost Empire herbs to bring together the unique medicinal properties of the most powerful herbs. The 4 herbs – Pine Pollen, Ashwagandha, Nettle Root, and Blue Vervain, have been chosen over the other herbs known to improve men’s erectile health.

The idea behind the grouping of these 4 herbs is to provide you a one-stop solution for all your sexual problems including erectile difficulties, poor libido, early ejaculation, and a reduced sexual stamina.

The herbs have been selected after checking out the various scientific research studies that indicated the possible role played by them in supporting men’s sexual health.

What makes these herbs more special is they are offered to you in their most effective forms. These herbs work the best when they are consumed in the tinctures form.

The medicinal compounds present in the herbal tinctures are readily absorbed into the body thus allowing you to derive the optimum benefits through improved absorption of tinctures.

Let us continue to learn more about the specific action of each of these tinctures on your erections, ejaculations, and sex life.

Herbs For Sex

The 4 tincture bundle by lost empire herbs.

How Do The Herbs For Sex help You Get better Erections?

  • Herbs For Sex Like Nettle Root

Nettle Root Tincture could play a critical role in improving your erectile functions by promoting the amount of free testosterone available to your sex organ during intercourse.

It is believed to work by binding to the SHGB or sex hormone binding globulin so that it doesn’t get a chance to bind with the free testosterone and make it ineffective.

Additionally, Nettle root, when used in a tincture form, may also be beneficial for the men who are suffering from erectile difficulties due to prostate ailments. The ability of this herb to inhibit prostate cancer and enlargement could restore your sexual health and help you get a successful erection. [1]

  • Pine Pollen Tincture

Pine Pollen is one of the Best Herbs For Sex for its potential to flood your sexual system with a higher level of bioavailable phyto-androgens. It contains plant steroids that provide a rich source of testosterone, a male sex hormone, which is what you need to get better erections.

And when you use Pine Pollen in a tincture form, the testosterone-boosting effect would only get better due to the faster absorption of the plant steroids into the intestine.

With regular use, Pine Pollen may restore your erectile health by supporting higher testosterone levels. And in case you continue using it, the erections may just get harder and harder and definitely more pleasurable! [2]

  • Blue Vervain Spagyric

When prolonged stress is the culprit for your lacklustre sex life, Blue Vervain in this tincture bundle would come into play and allow you to bounce back with a higher libido, energy, and stamina.

The constituents of this herb such as iridoids, flavonoids, and caffeoyl derivatives would be readily absorbed into your body when you consume it in a tincture form.

These compounds have been documented to possess an ability to improve your erections by relieving mental stress and protecting the penile tissues against oxidative damage. [3]

  • Ashwagandha Spagyric

Ashwagandha is indeed one of the best herbs for sex as it has the potential to relieve mental stress, enhance libido, improve testosterone levels and even enhance your energy levels.

Regular use of this herb in combination with Pine Pollen, Blue Vervain, and Nettle Root could promote your sexual stamina and endurance and help you get stronger erections.

It may also promote the strength of the muscles in your penile region thereby allowing you to hold the erections for longer. This means a higher sex time, and hence, more pleasure and satisfaction. [4] [5]


Herbs For Sex – Conclusion

The thoughtfully assembled combination of these 4 herbs would provide an all-around support to your erectile functions and help you get stronger and longer-lasting erections.

The unique actions of these herbs can complement each other so that the final result is much stronger than you could have achieved by using these tinctures alone.

That is why; it is important that you use these tinctures together so that in case any gaps are left in the medicinal potential of one herb, it would be filled in aptly by another.

Thus, these four herbs together could help you overcome the erectile challenge and restore your sexual health. Isn’t that amazing?

I suggest that you start using these Herbs For Sex together for better erections, intercourse, orgasms, and sexual satisfaction.

Herbs For Sex

What Is The Right Way To Use The Best Herbs For Sex And Erectile Problems?

If you have any questions regarding the medicinal powers of these Herbs For Sex, leave a comment below and I will reply back to you as quickly as I can.

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