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Where Can I Buy Tongkat Ali? – This Is Where You Buy The Best Tongkat Ali!

Where Can I Buy Tongkat Ali

Where Can I Buy Tongkat Ali? – This Is Where You Buy The Best Tongkat Ali!

In this article, I talk about Where can I buy Tongkat Ali and show you two places and two potent Tongkat Ali products for you to choose from – SD 200 Tongkat Ali by Pure Science Supplements and The Free Form Powder by Lost Empire Herbs.

Firstly, let’s talk a little about the potent Malaysian herb.

What is Tongkat Ali?

It is a potent testosterone enhancing and fat burning herb that also suppresses the conversion of testosterone into estrogen as well as an effective and powerful anti-viral that is used to treat malaria, dysentery, colds and influenza as well as general aches and pains!

As you can see it is a multipurpose adaptogenic herb – hence the nickname Malaysian ginseng, despite not actually being part of the same botanical family as ginseng.

It is actually the root of a tree that is used to make the herb. The tree is the Eurycoma longifolia tree that grown deep in the jungles and rain forests of south-east Asia, particularly Indonesia and Malaysia. It also grows in Thailand and Vietnam also. Due to it growing in the jungles and tropical rain-forests the vast majority of the medicinal and adaptogenic herb is wildly harvested. Meaning it is chemical free!

Tongkat Ali And Testosterone

Tongkat Ali root.

The herb, when you are in Malaysia is so easily and readily available it is like looking for a gourmet coffee in Seattle! In fact, it is sold in coffee as a gourmet coffee!

Other products containing the sex drive enhancing and libido boosting herb include premium chocolates, potato chips and popular soda drinks.

Where Can I Buy Tongkat Ali?

When asking the question “Where can I buy Tongkat Ali?” you really ought to reformulate the question to say “Where can I buy Tongkat Ali root extract?” as the words “root extract” on a product tell you that the product is using the most potent part of the herb.

You ought to look for the words water extracted also. There is no need at all for alcohol extraction to be used during the extraction process for Tongkat Ali. Also, you tend to get a better quality and more potent product when using a water extraction process Vs alcohol extraction.

The first of the two particular products of this herb that I really, really like is SD 200 Tongkat Ali by Pure Science Supplements, who are based in Singapore. They use top quality wildly harvested roots of the Eurycoma longifolia tree that are at least 10 years old and sourced from Indonesia, where it is known as pasak bumi!

Their product comes in vegetable capsules and are 400mg strong per capsule. Each bottle has 40 capsules, which is a month long supply.

Where Can I Buy Tongkat Ali

The Other Product, regarding this herb that is well renowned for its ability to enhance and restore your sexual potency and help with erectile dysfunction, is the free form herb sold by Lost Empire Herbs.

I tend to buy my herbs from the guys at Lost Empire Herbs due their top quality customer service and that both Logan and his brothers who run the business really know a heck of a lot about herbs and are genuinely dedicated to helping people to live a healthier and more natural life and help them to align more with nature.

The fact that their herbs are free form is a huge plus for me because it gives me the versatility to use them as I like, be it orally directly or make a herbal infusion or simply adding them to smoothies or juices – or even make my own gourmet coffee!

tongkat ali review

Tongkat Ali by Lost Empire Herbs

Where Can I Buy Tongkat Ali

Where can I buy Tongkat Ali? well you really do have two awesome choices, it all depends on what you like and prefer, be they capsules, or in free form. I actually use both! although I do prefer the product in free form it is handy to have the capsules available on days when I fancy a change or just don’t want to make a tea, gourmet coffee or a have smoothie.

Tongkat Ali Review – Does It Work?

If you have any questions about Where can I buy Tongkat Ali, leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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