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What Is The Best Time To Take Nettle Root For The Most Effective Erection Boosting Results?

What Is The Best Time To Take Nettle Root For The Most Effective Erection Boosting Results?

If you want your erections to be at their best, you must know the Best Time To Take Nettle Root. There is really not much doubt about the efficacy of this herb to help you get strong erections.

Several research studies have indicated the possible medicinal properties of this herb that can help you get better erections and enhance your libido. I will discuss that later so that you know for sure how you can benefit from using Nettle Root.

But, right now, what is more important is to accept that the results might vary depending on when you take this supplement.

When you have a chance to get stronger erections by using Nettle Root extract, why do you want to compromise on the results by ignoring this aspect?

That is why; I want you to pay specific attention to understanding the right time to take the doses of Nettle Root to ensure the results you derive are the best.

Let’s begin…

What Is Stinging Nettle Root?

Stinging Nettle Root is considered one of the most effective natural remedies for the men who suffer from erectile problems.

It is unique and quite different from most other herbal remedies used for the same purpose. The action of this herb cannot be matched by any other remedy. It seems like nature has understood what all the men have to go through because of erectile difficulties and hence, has provided you an all-encompassing solution to manage this problem.

Let me explain why I feel so by describing the various actions of Stinging nettle on your testosterone levels and erectile function.

Best Time To Take Nettle Root

Stinging nettle, a good natural choice for helping your sexual problems

How Does Stinging Nettle Root Improve Your Testosterone Levels And Erectile Health?

  • Your adrenal glands are at a risk of significant damage due to the toxins released in the body during various metabolic processes. Inflammation is another factor that can affect the health and functions of these glands.

Once these glands are damaged, they are unable to produce adequate levels of testosterone due to which your erectile health can be adversely affected.

Nettle Root, with its natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, may destroy the inflammatory agents, free radicals and toxins thus protecting your adrenal glands. This could most certainly enhance your testosterone production as well as erectile health. [1] [2]

This is an important benefit because if this protein is allowed to bind to testosterone, it can make your sex hormone ineffective and thus, your erections flaccid! So, by inhibiting this binding effect between testosterone and sex-binding globulin, Nettle Root could keep your erectile health at its peak! [3]

Best Time To Take Nettle Root

In case you are wondering, nettle root and horny goat weed is an excellent combination. Raise testosterone, enhance circulation and prevent testosterone from being converted into estrogen! nice.

  • Another way by which Nettle Root could help you is by blocking the conversion of testosterone into a female hormone, estrogen. It achieves this by inhibiting the action of aromatase thereby ensuring your testosterone remains testosterone and does not become estrogen! [4]
  • Nettle Root has another remarkable property to help you get better erections. It could maintain high testosterone levels by inhibiting its conversion into a metabolite called DHT or dihydrotestosterone. This effect of Nettle Root would be beneficial for you when you are experiencing poor erectile health due to low testosterone levels. [5]

What Is The Best Time To Take Nettle Root?

Now, let’s come back to our primary concern, what is the best time to take Nettle Root! The recommended dose of this extract is half or one teaspoon twice a day.

Now, if you want this herb to act more efficiently, especially on your sex organ, one of the two daily doses should preferably be taken at night, before an intended intercourse.

Take it half an hour before the bedtime to allow some time for the medicinal compounds in the extract to be absorbed into your blood.

This could ensure your organ receives an optimum supply of the nutrients and erection-boosting ingredients by the time you are ready for sex! The second dose can be taken after breakfast or lunch.

Important Factors To Determine The Best Time To Take Nettle Root

  • If you are using any medication for diabetes or hypertension, make sure you keep a gap of at least half an hour between the ingestion of those medicines and Nettle Root Extract.
  • We already discussed that the best time to take Nettle Root second dose is after breakfast or lunch! But, you need not stick to this rule especially when you want to have mid-day sex! If you do have any such plans, which is quite a possibility on weekends, you can take the dose half an hour prior!

And yes, the mid-day sex on weekends might just become a regular affair for you as this extract has the ability to work on the brain and make favourable changes to heighten your sexual desire!

And one more thing… This one’s very important! The Best Time To Take Nettle Root is at the earliest! The sooner you start using it, the better would be the results! You surely do not want your erectile problem to worsen further.

By wasting more time, you might put yourself at a risk of deteriorating erectile health. This can make your recovery more difficult. Hence, the best time to start taking Nettle Root is now, as early as possible!.

Stinging Nettle Root Dosage

Why Do Men Use Stinging Nettle For Erectile Dysfunction?

If you have any questions regarding the best time to take Nettle Root, leave a comment below, and I will definitely get back to you at the earliest point possible.

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