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What Is Cistanche?

What Is Cistanche

What Is Cistanche?

In this article, I talk about and answer the question “What is Cistanche?”. I also explain briefly how this herb could help sufferers of erectile difficulties, how to take and what the ideal dosage is.

Let’s dive straight in and answer the question!

What Is Cistanche?

It is a desert plant that grows to a height of 160cm tall and belongs to the botanical family Orobanchaceae. In China it is known as “Rou Cong Rong”, the “Cong Rong” refers to unhurried and mild meaning this is a safe herb to take daily and you ought to be unhurried and unrushed when waiting for results. Prolonged use is best for Cistanche.

Prolonged use is best for Cistanche.

In traditional Chinese Medicine, it is seen as one of the top herbs for strengthening the kidneys and tonifying yang and bringing essential benefits to the blood.

Ancient Chinese Dynasties demanded and took cistanche on a daily basis. It mainly grows in the western regions of China and is an adaptogenic herb with many powerful healing qualities that rival ginseng hence an appropriate nickname of desert ginseng despite not belonging to the same botanical family as ginseng.

In more recent times the herb has been used for improving sexual potency to great effect earning another rightful nickname of Natural Viagra!

With the exception of erectile problems, it also has  potentially beneficial effects on female infertility, excessive bleeding during menstruation, easing of menstrual tension and symptoms of the menopause. Also may be good for lower back pain, to name only a few of the benefits of Cistanche.

Cistanche Tubulosa Benefits

Desert growing Cistanche Plant

Cistanche Benefits

This herb has powerful anti-ageing properties. The active compound Cistanoside is only found in Cistanche and it is one of the most powerful and effective ingredients for helping to defy ageing. It also helps to slow down the ageing process on our internal organs such as the gonads (nice) thymus, and pituitary gland.

It can also help to build strength by enhancing the glycogen stores in your muscles, has an effect on reducing muscle protein degradement after a workout. Enhances energy right at its’ very source the mitochondria. Enhance DNA and RNA synthesis in the spleen and liver.

It enhances Libido in both sexes. Containing Aceoside and Saldroside, both of which are compounds that help and improve the health of the central nervous system which improves the secretion and release of hormones and neurotransmitters and thus enhancing your libido!

What Is Cistanche

Cistanche Dosage

The suggested and recommended dosage of Cistanche is one to two grammes daily as required. It can be taken on its own or with water, You can also make an infusion with warm water.

Cistanche Recipes

Cistanche Tubulosa and He Shou Wu combination.

Ingredients: cistanche Tubulosa 12g, He Shou Wu 12g,
Method: mix the herbs with boiling water, separate the boiling water and herbs combination into 3 parts, and consume in one day.
Benefits: may strengthen the kidney, invigorates Yang, enrich your blood, very powerful anti ageing and ed erectile difficulties!

Where To Buy Cistanche

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What Is Cistanche

Cistanche Tubulosa Reviews

If you have any questions regarding what is cistanche leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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