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What Are The Catuaba Benefits For Men With Erectile Dysfunction?

Catuaba Benefits

What Are The Catuaba Benefits For Men With Erectile Dysfunction?

In this article, I talk about the Catuaba benefits for sufferers of sexual dysfunction. prior to explaining what the benefits of taking this herb are I explain what it is and where it comes from. By the time you have finished reading this article you will know if you should try Catuaba to help improve your sex life or not and if it can address the underlying causes of your erectile dysfunction.

Catuaba Benefits – What Is Catuaba?

Before we can discuss the potential beneficial effects of this herb we must first talk discuss and explain what this herb is and where it comes from.

Catuaba is a small tree that is native to the Amazonian Rain Forest of Brazil. It is actually a flowering tree that has rather colourful flowers that are orange and yellow. There is also a fruit that grows from the bark of the tree which is completely inedible.

However, it is neither the fruit nor the flowers that produce the sexual benefits that we are interested in. It is the Catuaba Bark that produces the medicinal benefits.

The bark is said to have a mind calming, relaxing, aphrodisiac effect as well as pleasure enhancing properties also. The tree and the effects of consuming the bark as a tea was discovered by a local tribe, the Tupi people.

Catuaba Benefits

One of Catuaba benefits is that it can help to calm your mind and is even used to enhance meditative practices.

Catuaba Benefits – Can It Help Your ED?

One of Catuaba Bark Benefits is that it is a stimulant and is recognised as being so. The fact that this herb is known as a stimulant may actually be because the tree is related to the same plant that produces cocaine. However, there is absolutely no need for you to worry about getting over stimulated, addicted or any drug like effects – Catuaba does not contain any of the compounds that give cocaine its effects.

The bark does have three specific active compounds that support and assist the sex drive of both men and women and even contains Yohimbine, which as a standardised extract and is a prescription treatment for erectile dysfunction in America.

Scientists have proven that one of the Catuaba Benefits for men with erectile dysfunction is that it can enhance the rigidity of your erections by acting as a vasodilator and allowing a greater quantity of blood to flow to your manhood [1].

Another of the Amazonian Aphrodisiac’s qualities is that it enhances the sensitivity of your brain to the feel good brain chemical and neurotransmitter dopamine [2],  [3].

This is particularly good because it means that it can not only help to enhance the pleasure that you derive from sex and sexual activities but from life itself as it can help to reduce stress and anxiety – two conditions that can lead to sexual dysfunction in both men and women [4]. I’d call this aspect of the herb a win-win! reducing stress and increasing sexual pleasure!

Catuaba Benefits

Catuaba benefits include that of improving sexual pleasure – Thumbs up to that!

Other Catuaba Benefits

The Catuaba benefits stretch far beyond helping both men and women to restore their respective sexualities and gaining greater sexual satisfaction and acting as an effective dopamine receptivity enhancer and thus having good anti-anxiety and anti-stress properties. It is also a good anti-depressant.

With antidepressants, all men ought to be aware of just taking what is pharmaceutically prescribed by the drug company sales reps (Read: Doctors). as there is a sex life killing condition known as antidepressant induced erectile dysfunction.

Thankfully though, Ginkgo Biloba is effective at reversing that condition.

A 2005 study on the anti-depressant effect of Catuaba was conducted to determine the effects of the herb in this area. The study concluded positively providing evidence that certain compounds in Catuaba have antidepressant effects [5].

Catuaba Benefits 3

Catuaba can be an effective treatment for depression.

Catuaba Benefits also extend to helping sufferers of Alzheimer’s and Multiple Sclerosis as a study discovered that the Brazillian herb completely inhibited Phospholipase A2 (PLA-2  for short) activity [6]. This inhibition of this phospholipid could also be beneficial for sufferers of dementia. By inhibiting the PLA-2 It is very likely that Catuaba has properties to function as an anti-inflammatory treatment.

Catuaba Benefits – Conclusion

Catuaba has a number of benefits for your health ranging from treating inflammation to helping Alzheimers and Multiple Sclerosis to functioning as an antidepressant and helping with stress and anxiety. It also, much to our benefit is effective for treating erectile dysfunction and enhancing sexual libido and the pleasure derived from sexual intercourse due to the effects of enhanced dopamine receptivity. All of these Catuaba benefits are backed by Scientific research.

If you are seeking to improve your sex life and your level of sexual pleasure then I suggest that you try Catuaba and shortly you may very well be experiencing far more pleasurable sexual encounters with your partner!

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If you have any questions about Catuaba benefits, leave a comment below and I will reply back as quickly as I can.

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