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Vitamins For High Blood Pressure – Help Your ED By Reducing Your Blood Pressure Naturally!

vitamins for high blood pressure

Vitamins For High Blood Pressure – Help Your ED By Reducing Your Blood Pressure Naturally!

In this blog article, I talk about vitamins for high blood pressure and which ones we should be looking to be getting more of and more interesting food sources of those vitamins.

Having established in many articles that high blood pressure can lead to or be a cause of your erectile dysfunction it is rather important that you take steps to regulate and control your hypertension.

Using vitamins for high blood pressure is just one way that you can help to regulate it in a natural and healthy way

If we can do this we will be taking charge of our health and bringing down our blood pressure in a natural wholesome way!

Vitamins For High Blood Pressure – Vitamin C

Vitamin C is has been shown to be a potent and powerful antioxidant that can help us to fight damage by free radicles and of course viruses when we are suffering from the flu.

I bet you will be glad to know that this rather common and easy to obtain vitamin is fabulous for the health of your heart helping to not only reduce high blood pressure in both systolic and diastolic blood pressure [1].

It is also pretty handy when taken in large doses for reducing arterial plaque build up of the bad LDL cholesterol – especially when combined with the Amino acid Lysine in large quantity’s typically 6,000mg of vitamin C and 4,000mg of Lysine daily [2]

When it comes to vitamins for high blood pressure vitamins C is one you ought to pay attaention to for the additional benefits for your heart health and circulation, all of which benefit your erectile function.

Pomegrannates (and papaya), have the additional benefit of being high in nitrates which further reduce your blood pressure by increasing your nitric oxide levels.

Watermelon, is great too as it improved circulation by regulating blood pressure in additional was thanks to the high content of the amino acid L Citrulline, which too is a treatment that can help your erectile dysfunction

Source: Papaya, pineapple, oranges and other citrus fruits, mango and watermelon.

Vitamins For High Blood Pressure

Fruits that are full of nutrients and vitamins for high blood pressure

Vitamin D

Now, I was surprised to find Vitamin D, as being a vital nutrient for lowering blood pressure, but then again why should I? It is the sunshine vitamin after all and we all feel great after getting some sun on us. Worthy of noting though Vitamin D can lower systolic blood pressure but not diastolic blood pressure [3]

Also duly noted is that Vitamin D is one of the vitamins that are said to be beneficial for increasing testosterone. great sources of Vitamin D, and the very best is the sun itself.

Since brisk exercise is said to be beneficial for sufferers of erectile dysfunction and high blood pressure, why not make sure you get a nice brisk half an hour walk every day out in the sun before it reaches its zenith.

Interestingly, increased and high doses of vitamin D2 has been proven to improve endothelium function in patients suffering from type 2 diabetes [4]

Food sources of Vitamin D include dairy products and fatty fish such as tuna, mackerel, and salmon.

Vitamins for high blood pressure

Sweet leapin’ Jesus THAT looks so delicious and more importantly contains vitamins for high blood pressure. Very nutritious, darn delicious!

Vitamin D is also great for your bones and your boner as it helps to increase testosterone levels.  Good for dental cavities, psoriasis, and some research has shown vitamin D to help sufferers of PMT!

Vitamin E

Vitamin E, usually associated with a healthy immune system, skin, and eyes. But can it help to lower blood pressure? You bet it can!

Vitamin E assists the heart in using oxygen more efficiently, which in turn helps to reduce the amount of effort required by the heart to pump the blood around the body, lowering blood pressure in the process.

The great news that this is one of the vitamins for high blood pressure does not need to be consumed in large quantities to be effective only 200IU (135mg) daily is enough to reduce blood pressure for those with hypertension [5]

One great plus for Vitamin E is that it helps in the fight against cancer and heart disease. So make sure you get plenty vitamin E in your diet, even if you don’t suffer from high blood pressure.

Food source of Vitamin E includes some dark leafy greens avocado’s (that darn girlie fruit, again!).

vitamins for high blood pressure

Table of food that contains vitamin E

Most people do not need to take vitamin E supplements due to the vitamin being readily available in a number of foods.

Other benefits of vitamin E is that it can help the fight against cancer including breast cancer (keep you lady with her beautiful boobies!) and colon cancer.

Vitamin E can also help with clogged arteries, and help to prevent arteries from becoming blocked making it a good preventative vitamin for erectile dysfunction and a number of heart diseases.

It is suffice to say that prevention is better than the cure! Every single day of the week!

Note that the vitamins for high blood pressure are the last two in the testosterone alphabet, D and E. If you don’t get enough of them and take steps to lower your hypertension you might just end up DEAD!

I hope that you are taking this warning, as high blood pressure in no joke as it can lead to strokes and heart attacks, and cost you your life!

Supplements That Lower High Blood Pressure

Thankfully there are a number of way of reducing and regulating your blood pressure and bringing it well within the range of what is generally accepted as normal by medical professionals. Fortunately, there are a whole host of supplements that can help you to do that naturally and help you to regain your sex life.

I suggest that you check out my article “top 5 supplements to help lower your blood pressure” by clicking the link or post insert below and take positive action and steps to reduce your blood pressure and get your health and sex life back on track!

vitamins for high blood pressure

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment – Top 6 Supplements To Help Lower Your Blood Pressure

That concludes this article on vitamins for high blood pressure. If you have any questions leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Talk soon

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