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Read This Superior Labs Vasoworx Review To Find Out If It Could Help You Get Better Erections!

Superior Labs Vasoworx Review

Read This Superior Labs Vasoworx Review To Find Out If It Could Help You Get Harder!

In this article, Superior Labs Vasoworx Review, I do exactly this and review a very popular and potentially very effective supplement that could help you to improve your circulation and to get better and harder erections.

With a keen analytical eye and mind, I detail the 7 ingredients that are in the products formulation and talk about their functionality in relation to increasing nitric oxide levels, enhancing your blood flow and helping you to get those stronger erections that may very well reignite your love life.

What are the 7 ingredients in this product and could they really help you to improve your sex life?

Keep reading to find out!.

This Superior Labs Vasoworx Review

Superior Labs – VasoWORx Review – Powerful Nitric Oxide Dietary Supplement – 4,600 mg, 180 Vegetable Capsules – 7 Powerful Ingredients – Increased Energy, Stamina and Muscle Growth – Fat Loss and Cardio
List Price: $45.95
Price: $39.95
You Save: $6.00
Guarantee: Yes!
My Rating: 9.6/10
Dosage: For best effects take 6 capsules daily or 40mins prior to making love to your partner. More severe sufferers of erectile dysfunctions could take 6 capsules daily and an extra dose 40 minutes before sexual activity.
Best Place To Buy: Amazon
Good For: This product could be ideal for men suffering from erectile dysfunction that is primarily caused by poor circulation or conditions relating to poor circulation such as high blood pressure.

Superior Labs VasoWorx Review

Superior Labs VasoWorx Review – Product Overview

Superior Labs is a supplements company that is dedicated to the health and safety of their clients with this as their top priority when it comes to creating and producing their range of products. Their product range is manufactured with absolutely no harmful additives and with the most potent ingredients that are of the highest quality available.

The manufacturing time of their products is much greater than that of their rival companies due to the fact that they do not use substances like magnesium stearate as a flowing agent to cut corners. The result of their dedication is a range of superior products that are clean, pure and much better for your body.

Their products are very plainly designed and aimed at the general public rather than one particular market sector, although, they do have this product and test worxs, a testosterone boosting supplement that could particularly be aimed and fitness and gym enthusiasts. You can rest assured that all their products are discreetly designed and absolutely nobody but your dear self will know that you are using their products to improve the quality of your erections.

Their product range is made in the USA to Good Manufacturing Practices Standards and Certification.

The circulation enhancing Vasoworxs product is created using 7 key ingredients which are Vitamin B3, Vitamin B12, L Citrulline Malate, Grape Seed Extract, Quercetin, Alpha Lipoic Acid and Arginine Alpha KetoGlutarate (A AKG).

Superior Labs Vasoworx Review

The Formula

Lets now talk about the modus operandi of Superior Labs Vasoworxs and how each individual ingredient could work in relation to improving your circulation and getting better and harder erections.

Starting with…

Vitamin B3: This is an excellent and rather important addition of a vitamin that you perhaps know much better by its other and more common name, Niacin. Niacin has been documented and proven to improve your circulation long term with regular use as it has a reductive effect on the bad LDL cholesterol [1] and may very well have further effects by reducing and preventing plaques from forming in your arteries and veins [2]. Researchers have proven that Niacin could augment the levels of HGH, Human Growth Hormone as well as the sex drive hormone testosterone [3].

Vitamin B12: Credited with helping your body to produce energy by breaking down the dietary fats that you consume. Vitamin B12 has also been proven to be of benefit for infertile men and men with erectile difficulties as it has been discovered to improve the quality of your sperm in terms of quantity and motility (survival rate), both of which are indicators of improved testosterone synthesis [4].

Superior Labs Vasoworx Review

Vitamin B12 could improve your sperm quantity and quality which is indicative of improved testosterone production!.

Quercetin: This is a dietary flavonoid that is found in garlic, grapes, onions, chives and apples to name a few of the top food sources. It is very much what gives garlic its fame as being very healthy for the heart and its ability to reduce blood pressure significantly. Studies have proven the positive and beneficial effect that this compound has on the other ED, Endothelial Dysfunction, which is a dysfunction of the smooth muscle lining your arteries and veins that open and close allowing for increased and decreased blood flow. Any form of endothelial dysfunction is going to lead to poor circulation and erectile difficulties.

Quercetin during a placebo controlled and randomized study of 12 healthy men to find the effects of 200mg of the heart healthy substance discovered that it has augmental effects on nitric oxide production and reduces the concentrations of endothelin-1 [5] which is indicative of the compounds ability to improve both endothelial function as well as raise nitric oxide production. A two fold way in which it improves circulation and proves its benefits for your cardiovascular health as well as aiding your ability to get harder erections!

Alpha Lipoic Acid: This is a very smart addition to any circulation enhancing product as it has positive effects on both your LDL and HDL cholesterol levels by being able to reduce bad LDL cholesterol and raise the good HDL cholesterol levels [6]. Circulation is not only enhanced by the regulation of cholesterol levels, Alpha Lipoic Acid is able to reduce atherosclerosis, the formation of arterial plaques. In studies, Alpha Lipoic Acid was documented to improve vasodilation, the opening of blood vessels, by 44% after taking 300mg daily for 4 weeks. [7].

Grape Seed Extract: The active compounds in grape seed extract have a positive effect improving eNOS (endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase) expression by means of an antioxidative effect [8], and the increase in nitric oxide was found, in vitro, to be cardioprotective [9]. The active compound, or rather one of the active compounds in grape seed extract, demonstrated during studies to have the ability to suppress aromatase enzyme activity in a dose dependent fashion [10]. This effect of aromatase inhibition is indicative of the ability of grape seed extract to increase free testosterone levels as the aromatase enzyme converts testosterone to estrogen!

Superior Labs Vasoworx Review

Who would have guessed that the seeds in grapes could aid your circulation and potentially enhance your testosterone!

L Citrulline Malate: This is one of the main ingredients that really make superior labs vasoworx supplement tick. L Citrulline is an amino acid that improves your circulation and forms part of the urea cycle alongside L Ornithine and L Arginine – both of which can be produced, in a more bioavailable form from L Citrulline in your body.

After you consume L Citrulline your body converts it into the above mentioned amino acids, L Ornithine and L Arginine. It is the conversion of L Citrulline to L Arginine which interests us the most as taking this amino acid increases the plasma Arginine levels in your body more than supplementing directly with L Arginine itself [11].

This, in absolutely no way means you should ditch your L Arginine supplements in favour of L Citrulline. Sure, this fact most certainly makes L Citrulline far more effective at improving your circulation and aiding your erectile difficulties than L Arginine is, but L Arginine is much faster acting. Which is probably why you see many products that are a combination of L Arginine and L Citrulline.

Using the two amino acids together in this way provides the benefits of L Arginine being faster acting and getting a quicker initial increase in blood flow and a prolonged and sustained enhancement of your circulation once the L Citrulline starts to take effect.

Studies have documented and proven that the almost essential amino acid L Citrulline could augment your nitric oxide levels by as much as 30% and the human growth hormone by as much as 66% after supplementation [12]. It has also been proven to cause significant improvements in arterial stiffness in as little as 7 days [13], and more flexible arteries means better circulation!.

And then there is the very interesting 6 week long study of men suffering mild to moderate form of erectile dysfunction who were able to improve the hardness of their erections [14].

The L Citrulline Malate is a form of L Citrulline with malic acid added, usually in a ratio of 2 parts malic acid to 1 part L Citrulline. The malic acid is a natural compound found in citric fruits and improves the absorption of L Citrulline by your body.

Arginine Alpha KetoGlutarate (A AKG): This is not quite the amino acid L Arginine that we were previously talking about but is a salt of L Arginine. It is part of the kerbs or citric cycle and a medium in the metabolism of the circulation enhancing nitric oxide. It is one of the main ways in which your body produces energy.

It is used quite often by Doctors to treat kidney and liver diseases and disorders of the intestinal tract and stomach disorders. In your body, the two compounds L Arginine and Alpha KetoGlutarate are seperated and is comparable to supplementing with both compounds individually. The principle benefits of taking Arginine Alpha KetoGlutarate are enhanced cardiovascular health, improved nitric oxide production, increased strength, improved blood flow and circulation! [15], as you can see, many of these benefits could lead you to getting better erections.

Superior Labs Vasoworx Review – The Pros

What I liked about Superior Labs Vasoworx Supplement:

  • It is made using ingredients of the highest quality and potency!
  • Zero harmful ingredients are used in Vasoworxs supplement.
  • Trusted brand!
  • It is made in a FDA approved facility in the USA!…and to GMP standards!
  • Highly rated and very well reviewed by Verified buyers on Amazon.
  • It is very affordable!
  • It is very well formulated and could help you to improve your circulation.
  • The ingredients in the formula have been proven to have benefits that could lead you to experience better and stronger erections! 

Superior Labs Vasoworx Review

The Cons

Despite being an excellently well formulated product and proven by science to improve circulation and thus very possible and plausable to aid you in getting those top quality erection that you want and deserve, men with high blood pressure may experience severly, and dangerously low blood pressure when taking superior labs Vasoworxs supplement with hypertension medication.

Superior Labs Vasoworxs Review – The Final Conclusion!

9.6/10 Buy It And Try It!. Superior Labs Vasoworxs is a high quality premium nitric oxide product that is designed to enhance your blood flow and could very well aid your circulation both short term and long term due to its action at reducing cholesterol levels and helping you to manage your cholesterol.

The high content of nitric oxide boosting ingredients, 4,600mg, is certainly strong enough to help most men to get better quality erections. So, if poor circulation is what is behind your bedroom disappointments and frustrations I suggest that you try Superior Labs Vasoworxs Supplement for a month or two as it could help you to get back those hard erections that you most certainly deserve!

Superior Labs Vasoworx Review

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Superior Labs VasoWorx Review

If you have any questions regarding this Superior Labs Vasoworxs Review, leave a comment below and I will be sure to reply back as quickly as I can.

Ciao for now,

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  6. J Diet Supplementary, 2012 9 Jun, (2):116-27, “Evidence for using ALA (alpha lipoic acid) in the reduction of lipoprotein and inflammation related atherosclerotic risk.”

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