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Natural Organic Mineral Supplements

Natural organic mineral supplements

Natural Organic Mineral Supplements

In this article, we are going to talk about natural organic mineral supplements. I will reveal to you what I feel are top quality and healthy minerals for you to add to your diet should you chose to do so.

And as always, helping you to get the best bang for your buck in terms of price and quality should you choose to add them to your diet.

By the time you have finished reading this post you should be sufficiently educated about the product, and be able to make an informed decision, should it be “bye bye” or “buy buy”

Before we begin, let’s talk a little about minerals.

Natural Organic Mineral Supplements Product Info

Morningstar Minerals Energy Boost 70 Mineral Supplement , 32 oz (946 ml)
List Price: $20.96
Price: $20.96
My Rating: 9/10
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Good For: This product is good for helping men to get stronger and harder erections especially if their weak erections are caused by poor nutrition, bad diet, high cholesterol, elevated blood pressure or low energy levels.

Toxic Minerals

There are hundreds of different minerals. We can separate those different minerals into two distinct categories, organic and inorganic.

Organic minerals are live, contain carbon and have been processed by a living entity such as a plant, a tree or even the earth.  Organic minerals make their way into our diet via the vegetables or fruits grown in the earth.

These organic minerals are the only kind of minerals that are healthy and good for our body.

Inorganic or non-organic minerals are not live, and never have been due to having zero carbon content. Inorganic minerals never had, and never will have the presence of carbon.

Inorganic minerals are actually harmful to our body and difficult for the body to eliminate. They are treated like toxins by our body.

Organic minerals vs inorganic minerals

Danger! Mineral water contains toxic for the body inorganic minerals

Harmony vs Disharmony

The main differences between organic and inorganic minerals, to put in a word Harmony, one works in harmony with our bodies (organic) at cellular and atomic level due to the fact their electrons spin in the same directions as ours and create an ionic bond with our body.

The other, inorganic minerals do not work in harmony with our body, in fact very much in Disharmony due to their electrons spinning in the opposite direction to ours thus creating friction, and damaging our cells. Think of it like cleaning your car with a scrubbing pad.

No ionic bond with the body is made with inorganic minerals.

Our body MUST be in harmony with the food we put in it. Like those rocks in this photo, any single one that is not in synergy or harmony and the structure becomes unbalanced. Our bodies are the same put in the wrong food and it can cause an imbalance.

Our body MUST be in harmony with the food we put in it. Like those rocks in this photo, any single one that is not in synergy or harmony and the structure becomes unbalanced. Our bodies are the same put in the wrong food and it can cause an imbalance.

Eliminating Toxins

Our body needs to eliminate those toxins but finds it difficult to remove those inorganic minerals and heavy metals.

Taking a concentrated source of natural organic minerals helps us to eliminate those toxic heavy metals and inorganic minerals.

It is much cheaper to add natural organic supplements to you diet than chelation therapy, which can last weeks and cost a heck of a lot of money to remove the toxic inorganic minerals from your system.

And non-natural way to do it,  as chelation therapy involves injecting your body with a chemical compound on a regular and on an ongoing basis.

Natural organic mineral supplements

Are you ready for chelation therapy?

The Healthy Option

Having already established in a previous post, and this one also, the dangers of inorganic minerals.

We all, sufferers of erectile dysfunction or not, really ought to clear out our cupboards and ditch the toxic inorganic mineral supplements and replace them with 100% natural organic mineral supplements.

It is healthier to stop taking inorganic minerals and replace them with organic minerals in our diet the organic minerals do their job in providing nutrients to the body and help us remove the inorganic minerals and heavy metals.

Morningstar Minerals Energy Boost 70 Mineral Supplements

This is a natural live organic mineral dietary supplement made by Morningstar. It contains a whopping 65 minerals plus 11 amino acids as well as vitamins A, E, and 5 of the B complex vitamins.

Unusually, this come in liquid form 32 fluid ounces or 946ml for my metric friends!

Dosage amount is 1 fluid oz per day for adults, or just under 30ml daily (approx 2 tablespoons or 6 teaspoons).  For children, a half dosage is recommended.

The retail price of morning stars multimineral product 32-ounce (946ml) is $29.95 + $4.99 for shipping.

32 ounce (946ml)  bottle is approximately one month supply at the recommended dosage for adults.

So the price works out at just $1 a day to get you body fueled with 100% of the natural organic minerals it needs and to help you flush out the toxic inorganic minerals and heavy metals.

How To Take Morningstar Multi-Mineral Supplement?

Fairly simple, you can take 1 ounce every the morning or half an ounce in the morning and half an ounce in the evening.

That’s 2 tablespoons (30ml approx) every morning or one tablespoon (12ml approx) in the morning and one tablespoon in the evening. 

Can be taken directly or added to a glass of water.

Final Verdict!

9/10 Buy It And Try It! Two thumbs up! This is a great product that can help us get 100% of our bodies need and requirement for natural organic minerals in a very convenient way, no hard to swallow pills, just an easy to drink liquid that can be consumed directly or dissolved in water.

As a bonus to the 65 organic minerals, there is a range of vitamins (A, 5 B’s and E) in a natural organic form also. That’s 3 of the 5 vitamins needed to increase your testosterone levels! There are also 11 essential amino acids present.

This can be taken and enjoyed by the whole family. Just remember half a dosage for children.

Natural organic mineral supplements

Verdict: Thumbs up, it’s good for your overall health, and health of your family as well as providing you with minerals (and vitamins too) that are known to help with erectile dysfunction.

I suggest that you try natural organic mineral supplements to help your body to get the right minerals it needs to live a healthy life and help you beat a number of health conditions and not just erectile dysfunction.

Morningstar Minerals Energy Boost 70 Mineral Supplement , 32 oz (946 ml)

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If you have any questions, leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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