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Natural Nitric Oxide Foods

Natural nitric oxide foods

Natural Nitric Oxide Foods

In this article, I will talk what I feel are the best Natural nitric oxide foods are. These are the foods that you should be getting more of in order to amp up your nitric oxide levels.

More nitric oxide in our blood means better erections!

The type of foods we should be aiming for are foods high in nitrates as the nitrates get turned into nitritines which get converted into nitric oxide.

Let’s start building a short list of those very foods!

Foods That Are High In Nitrates

Beets, you gotta eat the beet! Beetroot is particularly high in nitrates and really ought to be consumed at least every day in some form or another.

I exchange my orange juice for a beet juice in the mornings. You could say I exchanged my OJ for a BJ..and I love my morning BJ’s! (haha could n’t resist a little humour!).

Popeye’s favourite, and one of mine too! as spinach truly is an ED busting superfood simply due to the number of nutrients contained that help with erectile dysfunction.

It also helps to elevate Nitric Oxide (NO for short) levels. So no excuses for not adding some spinach to your smoothies or juice recipes.

A delicious vegetable to add into your soups to help raise your NO levels is Parsley, a debutant on this site. It’s great also for lowering blood pressure and raising testosterone due to its’ vitamin and mineral contents.

Natural nitric oxide foods

A fine example of foods high in nitrates.

Androgens androstenol and androstenone and be found in the most unexpected places like our food!. Celery is a source of androgens and a precursor to a convenient erection provoking gas! Need any more excuses to chew on a healthy stick of celery or two?

Cabbage and boring lettuce, especially arugula and iceberg lettuce often overlooked on the dinner table due their bland taste are very versatile and good for raising…. you know what! They are very easy to add to a meal or a juice, shake or smoothie so get using them!

What’s up Doc? Buggs bunny’s favorite carrots are excellent for ED, not only because they are full of nitrates but they are definitely on the list of vegetables that help to boost testosterone levels as they contain many of the vitamins required to augment T – levels!  (Perhaps this explains why rabbits are at it all the time!).

The favorite of the famously amorous French, garlic has been shown in experiments to double nitric oxide output of the endothelium and significantly help with hypertension when taken with plain old vitamin C! If you are worried about stinky breath chew on parsley, it’s a well known natural cure for halitosis!

Remember, in a previous article, How to increase nitric oxide I mentioned ditching the mouthwash as it kills the bacteria needed to convert nitrates to nitritines. Parsley will save you from pongy breath!

Pomegranate, another I love juicing that definitely falls into the natural nitric oxide foods category. A word on juicing..don’t go for the mass-produced stuff you find in shops as they are full of sugar and sugar kills your testosterone, which is important for sex drive and erections!

Do your own juicing with the Montel Williams Health master elite!

One of my favourite fruits is the delicious and delightful watermelon. Contains a precursor to L Arginine called L Citrulline. The amino acid L Arginine gets converted into Nitric oxide which in turn helps our compass to point north. Perhaps this is why they refer to watermelon as nature’s natural viagra!

์ืNatural nitric oxide foods

Watermelon, excellent for ED, in fact so good it’s nicknamed natures viagra!

Chives, grapes, apples, garlic and onions all contain a substance called Quercetin a very well researched and studied flavonoid that helps to augment NO levels. double bonus is Quercetin helps to augment testosterone levels and suppress the girlie hormone estrogen!

Coenzyme Q10, which is found in egg yolks, spinach, Brazil nuts, animal organs, grass fed meats and wild salmon. Protects Nitric oxide at a molecular level and as a bonus…helps to increase levels of the gas and improve blood flow. It’s not just for your youthful looks huh!

being known amongst my friends for my love of music I can help but name drop one of my fave bands red hot chilli peppers! Chillies (the spice not the group!) proven to protect the androgen testosterone during prolonged diets and restriction of calories also helps with the flow of our blood by increasing NO levels thanks to capsaicin, the compound that gives chillies their kick!

Cuppa Joe..with a twist! Decaffeinated coffee relaxes blood vessels and veins, helps to lower blood pressure and high in antioxidants.

It also helps by giving you a boost that that erection boosting gas nitric oxide. Caffeine, however, raises blood pressure and negates the beneficial effects of coffee, so make sure your cuppa Joe is caffeine free.

Worthy of noting here, caffeine boost testosterone so you will get that benefit is you chose to have your coffee with caffeine, but since there are many other ways of augmenting your testosterone without trading your blood pressure and NO levels for it.

Known for its, innate ability to snap knicker elastic Chocolate, more specifically Organic raw cacao, is great for pointing your “love tool” in a northernly direction.

Full of Polyphenols and packed, jam packed with antioxidants, also, has procyanidin and many other NO elevating antioxidants.

Cod liver oil, fatty fish, olive oil, fish oil, butter, olive oil, and the girlie fruit avocados are all great sources of the beneficial and rather healthy Omega 3. Improving your ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6 oils is great for improving your levels of nitric oxide and are particularly great, sorry fantastic at lowering your risk of clots and strokes!


Natural nitric oxide foods are the healthy foods that include some fruits, beets and dark leafy greens. Cultivating a healthy lifestyle and eating plan and you really should find yourself eating and drinking foods that are high in nitrates in a natural way.

But there are, however, a few bad habits that you may be doing that are killing your efforts, as those bad habits, in particular, destroy your nitrate levels in one way or another reducing the nitric oxide levels in your blood.

If you are interested in learning about what those bad habits are, just hop on over and check out an article I wrote detailing them. You can access that article by clicking the link or post insert below.

Natural Nitric Oxide Foods

How To Increase Nitric Oxide

Now you know about natural nitric oxide foods, share your favourite recipe or nitric rich food with us by commenting below.

Ciao for now,

Talk soon,


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