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Mucuna Pruriens Benefits – Can It Help Your Depression And Your Erectile Dysfunction?

Mucuna Pruriens Benefits

Mucuna Pruriens Benefits – Can It Help Your Depression And Your Erectile Dysfunction?

In this article, I will talk about Mucuna Pruriens Benefits. and how it can help you and be of a possible benefit to your erectile dysfunction and your sex life. I will also explain what it is, where it comes from, how mucuna pruriens benefits us and where you can get it at top quality and at a very good price.

What Is Mucuna Pruriens?

Mucuna Pruriens is a herb from Ayurvedic medicine and has been used for over 500 years, that’s more than half millennia of use.

To be more factual it is a tropical bean like plant that grows in the wild. It is the seed, bean, and even the hair of the bean’s pod that are used for medicinal purposes. It grows in India, Africa, the Bahamas and tropical Asian and South and Central American countries.

Other common names are velvet glove, cowhage, couhage, and Dolichos as well as Mucuna pruriens and Mucuna prurient or simply mucuna.

Its common uses are for sexual responsiveness (in both sexes), intestinal disorders, improve mood and snake bites and scorpion bites and for a relief of pain, to name but a few of its uses.

How Does It Work?

Like any other and every herb, plant, tree, flower or anything used in natural medicine the magic is in the active compounds contained within them. Macuna Pruriens benefits come from a compound known as levodopa (or L-Dopa for short).

Levodopa is a bioactive compound and an amino acid that is a precursor to neurotransmitters like dopamine, noradrenaline, and adrenaline.

Increased levels of these neurotransmitters lead to increased vitality and energy as well improved sex drive, enhanced sexual desire, lower stress levels, improved sleep quality and general overall sense of well-being and calmness.

Additional secondary effects include increased testosterone levels and maintenance of those testosterone levels* and lowering of high blood pressure due to lower stress levels and improved sleep quality.

*independently of decreased levels of stress and the subsequent stress hormone cortisol Mucuna has been shown to elevate testosterone levels. The stress hormone cortisol is known to reduce testosterone levels, it can be said by definition that herbs or other such substances that help to reduce stress help to maintain and elevate testosterone levels.

Mucuna pruriens is significantly high in antioxidants that function in synergy with levodopa which helps with your brain health. Levodopa passes the blood brain barrier and actually assists in augmenting our levels of the feel-good brain chemical dopamine.

Mucuna Pruriens Benefits

Feelings associated with increased levels of dopamine.

Mucuna Pruriens Benefits For Erectile Dysfunction

The benefits this jing herb has for sufferers of erectile dysfunction is for those whose causes are related to stress, low sexual desire, low sex drive.

One of the better Mucuna pruriens benefits is that it genuinely helps to stimulate sexual desire in both men and women, meaning that if you don’t suffer from erectile dysfunction but do suffer from a low sex drive you can take it to increase your sexual desire and drive.

It can also be taken by our lovely ladies to increase their sexual desire and drive also.

Idea: If you suspect your partner could do with a bit more va-va-voom in the bedroom you can make them a coffee or hot chocolate (Raw cacao is better) with some Mucuna pruriens added in.

Still single or recently single? guys, this could help your game plan along nicely…you know what I mean..this is potential knicker elastic snapping stuff ..(haha!)

This herb is also good for treating infertility in men and has been shown to increase testosterone levels as well as levels of the Leutenizing hormone as well as increasing sperm count, sperm mobility, and sperm motility.

One of the better aspects is for raising dopamine and subsequently reducing and helping you with stress, good in particular if you are involved with a stressful profession or have a stressful life.

Mucuna Pruriens Benefits

One of mucuna pruriens benefits is helping reduce stress by elevating dopamine levels via the amino acid levodopa.

What Is The Recommended Mucuna Pruriens Dosage?

The ideal and recommended dosage to get the best Mucuna pruriens benefits is 1 gram to be taken daily. It can be taken on its own, with a smoothie or fruit juice. Ideally, Mucuna is taken with coffee or better still, organic raw cacao powder and make a delicious natural chocolate drink with it.

This is because raw cacao contains powerful antioxidants and more importantly, phenylalanine, which gets turned into dopamine in the body and thus giving your body a nice extra dopamine boost when coupled with mucuna. Raw cacao also contains many of the minerals associated with boosting testosterone levels.

Idea: taking Mucuna with He Shou Wu herb could be a great idea for augmenting your dopamine and phenylalanine levels as He Shou Wu works by prohibiting the monoamine oxide B enzyme, which is responsible for breaking down of dopamine and phenylalanine allowing for mucuna and He Shou Wu herbal combination to give you a prolonged happy vibe!. 

For more information about He Shou Wu, its benefits, how it works and where you can get it simply click the highlighted text or click here.

Where To Buy Mucuna Pruriens

Top quality Mucuna pruriens with 15.76% levodopa content, which is very high for what is the active component of a single herb mix can be found at Lost Empires herbs.

If you are interested in buying, trying and experiencing Mucuna pruriens benefits first hand, you can, of course, check out the review of what I consider to be the best quality and very priced mucuna on the market by clicking the post insert or by clicking the link below.

Mucuna Pruriens Benefits

Best Mucuna Pruriens Supplement

I hope that you enjoyed reading this informative article about Mucuna pruriens benefits. If you have any questions related to Mucuna pruriens benefits leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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