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How To Increase Ejaculation Volume Naturally

Increase Ejaculation Volume Naturally

When you can increase ejaculation volume naturally you are going to dramatically enhance your life both in bed and out of it!

This is simply because large ejaculations are a power sign of male virility and a good balance of male sex hormones. I am pretty sure that if and when you pay attention you will notice that a big, large ejaculations always, and I do mean ALWAYS come with harder erections, regular morning wood and high functioning and hefty gonads!.

Why is this so?

In a word…


Hormonal harmony! When your entire reproduction and reproductivity system functions in harmony and one cylinder is firing all your cylinders are firing!

And when it is not….

Your nuts are atrophied, your erections are not so strong, your AM Wood is gone and your load is a lot less than what it should be. You most certainly are not gonna be painting the ceiling when you shoot your load and ejaculate.

Keep it in mind that weak ejaculations mean poor production of hormones. If you are not producing enough hormones you are going to have a hard time getting hard.

How To Increase Ejaculation Volume Naturally

Matters of your sexual, hormonal and erectile health are complex and interrelated. Focus on the picture as a whole as you stride forwards on your path to improving your sexual health.

Don’t expect an overnight success from taking just one or two supplements. It takes time to improve an unhealthy situation and health condition.

Address your hormonal health from a holistic way of thinking and take a multi-dimensional approach including supplements, food, and defensive strategies to keep and get your gonads in top condition and full working order.

 The Defensive Strategies

Sometime, you gotta just take a hard look at yourself and just quit doing something that is not doing your hormonal health and your ejaculation volume any good at all.

  • Easy On The Drink!

I’m not trying to be a killjoy here but for the sake of your erectile health and your ejaculation volume, which as I mentioned go hand and hand you really do want to watch your alcohol consumption.

Whiskey dick and brewers droop are not old wives tales!.

The effect of drink on your sex life is even in referenced in Macbeth when it is said that it aid the desire and takes away the performance!.

Alcohol plays around with the blood flow to your penis, and not in a good way either!.

To get and obtain a hard erection, the blood vessels have to dilate and open to permit an increase in blood to your manhood and then shut to keep the blood there and your erection rock hard.

Alcohol inhibits your blood vessels from closing meaning that your blood easily flows out resulting you failing to get or hold your erection.

I’d be willing to bet that if alcohol came with government health warning like this there would be a lot less alcoholism, binge drinking and alcohol related problems going on!.

As a warning, my warning to you and I am not preaching here – excess alcohol and alcoholism in general does lead to a number of health conditions that all spell out erection problems coming ahead!.

I’m talking about poor circulation, liver damage, high blood pressure, increased stress to name a few.

I’m not saying you become a T totaller and join the local monkhood!. A beer or two is fine, moderation is the key. Do keep in mind that those hoppy beers are high in plant based estrogens called phytoestrogens!.

(might explain why some heavy beer drinkers have some hooters of their own!).

A study in Denmark, of some 1200 male soldiers discovered that there is a correlation between a reduction in sperm count and drinking. The more the soldiers drank, the worse their sperm quailty got. It only takes more than five drinks in a single week to reduce ejaculation volume [1]

So, you want more load? Play easy on your drinking.

Increase Ejaculation Volume Naturally

Be easy on the drinking, a beer or two is fine but not hop based beer. The smokes are not going to do you any good either!.

  • Lose Some Weight

Lose Weight and manage your body weight much better. In fact use a Body Mass Index Calculator if the result is 25 you have enough excess body fat to murder your erections!.

Having that excessive body fat is a an indication of reduced circulation and an indication of too much estrogen. That excessive body fat that you have is a storehouse for aromatase, which is something that will convert your manly testosterone into….


…And it needs more of your male hormone Testosterone to turn it into estrogen

Losing that extra body fat means an increase in your T levels and in turn better sperm health and greater ejaculation volume.

Besides, you will look and feel all the better for it. More attractive, which means getting laid more!

  • Quit Soy Products

Seriously, cut that girlie sh*t out!, in fact if you are a girl you want to cut that out too! Soy, the fav of the tree hugging hippy jippy vegans has been documented to increase estrogen levels, which in turn attaches to and renders testosterone inert and useless! [2]

(There is only one molecule of difference between estrogen and testosterone!).

Guys, you know what that means right?


Lower Testosterone levels, reduced libido, weaker erections and a reduced sperm volume!.

Just to balance the equation, ladies, you don’t need those estrogens, the phytoestrogens that your body does not produce. Excess estrogen,  could lead you breast cancer.

Increase Ejaculation Volume Naturally

Go easy on the estrogen inducing soy products.

Eat Brazil Nuts To Increase Your Ejaculation Volume

Brazil nuts something you may be overlooking when you are doing your shopping!.

Brazil nuts are a great source of fatty acids, protein and are high in the testosterone enhancing mineral selenium!. This mineral is good for your reproductive health and fertility. This is no “hocus pocus” claim, – it has been proven in a number of studies.

One such study in Iran of almost 500 participants who were given 200 micrograms of selenium for a period 6 months. The study discovered and concluded that testosterone levels and sperm concentrations both increased in a direct relationship to the selenium levels in the blood of the participants [3].

It is fair to say that selenium can increase testosterone levels in a dose dependent manner.

Being a food, there is no need to preoccupy about dosage and cycling. Just have them regularly as a snack!.

Get More Goji!

Goji berries, also known as wolfberries are used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to alleviate a whole range of conditions for eye problems to fatigue to kidney conditions to…Infertility!.

Whenever I use these berries I tend to experience the effects of increased testosterone levels and an increase in my ejaculation volume.

A study in China on 42 male participants with a low sperm count and poor sperm motility rate who were given 15 grams of Goji berries on a daily basis.

2 months later 75% of the participants had a healthy or high sperm count.

On top of that, all 42 participants impregnated their partners after the study.

Being a food source it is completely safe to use. Taking just 2 teaspoons of dried goji berries soaked in boiling or very hot water make a great and delicious tea.

Or, if you are too busy, you can just eat them!. About 30g daily is enough to eat to experience results.

Increase Ejaculation Volume Naturally

A great way to get delicious Goji berries in your diet.

Eat More Oysters

For good reason, legendary lover boy Don Juan eat up to 50 oysters a day! Oysters are a great source of testosterone enhancing Zinc as well as important erection hardening amino acids N Methyl D Aspartate and D aspartic acid, both of which are vital for the production of hormones that aid your sexual health.

In addition to this it Oysters are also good for enhancing your production of dopamine. Testosterone, dopamine, these are both advantageous if you are suffering from a poor or weakened libido!.

Tuck in, eat up and enjoy Oysters on a regular basis!.

Chill Your Testicles

Seriously, and this is something that I have tried. Three things happened.

  1. I got as horny as hell!
  2. My load a heck of a lot higher and notably thicker
  3. My nuts were freaking freezing!.

For what it is worth, my actual ejaculation and my orgasm was mind blowing stuff much longer in duration and of greater sensation, which could have been down to my ejaculate being a lot thicker as well as greater quantity.

The science behind this is pretty straight forward. When your boys down heat up, T production drops!. Cool your twins and your testosterone production shoots back up.

You could enjoy a cold shower or sit in a room with air con proper down low..or if you are a bit nutty like I was and sometimes do…wrap an ice pack in a dish towel and stick it down there to cool your jets! for half an hour or so a day!.

Takes discipline, yes, but you will significantly increase your ejaculation volume naturally as well as your T levels and have some lovely positive knock-on effects in regards to your erections and sex drive.

Increase Ejaculation Volume Naturally

Shilajit Resin

Shilajit Resin is made by mother nature when plants get trapped beneath the rocks and ice high up in the Himalayan mountain range and turn them into a black tar like resinous substance that is incredibly high and dense in healthy organic minerals.

The traditional health practices of Ayurvedic medicine in the region has turned it into a much sought after health supplement over the centuries. Interestingly, research based studies in India studies the impact of Shilajit on men’s sexual and reproductive health.

The results, after supplementing with 100mg of resin twice daily for 90 days resulted in the men experiencing a 61.4% increase in sperm count, 37.6% increase in sperm survival rate and 23.5% increase in testosterone (source).

That is a particularly significant improvement in a relatively short period of time. One of the very reasons as to why I like shilajit resin is that your body does not build up a resistance to it and there is no requirement to cycle it like you would do with other health supplements.

Not to mention that getting 85+ organic minerals in your body is incredibly healthy and going to have a beneficial effect on your overall health and well being.

Take Maca

While we are on the subject of highly nutritional supplementation to increase your load Maca and Pine Pollen (more about that later) most certainly fall into that category.

Maca contains 60+ nutrients including all the B complex vitamins and 20 amino acids. It is revered in South america as a fertility aid for both men and women and sworn to enhance testosterone levels by many bodybuilders and gym enthusiasts.

A 4-month study on the oral supplementation of Maca on men aged 24 to 44 years of age resulted in an increase in seminal volume and sperm count per ejaculate. Increases in sperm motility and mobility were also noted [4].

Where To Buy Black Maca

Pine Pollen

This is a supplement that is very well documented and noted across this site for both its nutritional qualities having over 200+ nutrients in all. Which is an incredible amount!.

It is also well revered as a testosterone enhancer and increases testosterone usually results in not only better erections but greater ejaculate volume also. And you can bet your top dollar that this bad boy is one heck of a sex drive booster.

When I do take Pine pollen I notice a spike in my need sexual needs from “happy to wait until the weekend” to needing to empty my balls daily!.

Studies on pine pollen and ejaculate increase are few and far between, but that is not to say that it is not effective. It has been documented to increase testosterone and increased T levels and improved sperm production go hand in hand.

Get More Of It!

More of what?

Do you really need to ask! Or must I tell you twice to go out and have more sex?

More sex results in the stimulation of the body to increase its production of testosterone and a whole host of hormones that will make your body produce better quality and more sperm. Just in case you are curious, having sex less frequently results in the production of less hormones, including testosterone!.

So go get your lady horizontal more often!.

Increase Your Ejaculation Volume Naturally – The Conclusion:

I have focused on both defensive (sh*t you gotta stop doing) and offensive (stuff you ought to be doing) strategies to help you to get greater ejaculation volume.

Most of which you will have noticed have a holistic impact on your sexual health. This is because your ejac volume is connected to many other aspects of your health.

Cutting to the chase healthy nuts equals a bigger load!. If you don’t take care of your gonadal health you are going to end up with weak erections, a weak load and a potentially feeble ejaculation.

Using the methods mentioned and you will end up with a pocket rocket that is ready for lift off and with a hefty load to fully enjoy the mission!.



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