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Enhanced Athlete Blue Ox Review – Could This Natural Testosterone Booster Get You Hard?

Enhanced Athlete Blue Ox

Enhanced Athlete Blue Ox Review – Could This Natural Testosterone Booster Get You Hard?

In this article, I review Enhanced Athlete Blue Ox, which is a 100% natural testosterone boosting supplement. As we get a little older our testosterone levels begin to drop, and that..rather awkwardly affects our sex drive and the quality of our erections.

It is only very normal to start seeking a boost in that department and begin investigating natural ways to augment our dwindling T levels to help us. And supplements do form part of that equation.

And Blue Ox is one such supplement that claims to be able to increase your T levels.

Should you consider using it to ramp up your testosterone levels?

Keep reading to find out!.

Enhanced Athlete Blue Ox Review

Enhanced Athlete Blue Ox - Testosterone Booster Supplement - Male Enhancement Pills to Boost Testosterone, Muscle Mass & Libido - 120 Capsules
List Price: $54.99
Price: $44.99
You Save: $10.00
My Rating: 9.3/10
Dosage: Take 4 capsules.
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Good For: This product is well designed and could very well help you to boost your testosterone levels, and may be ideal for me who are suffering from weak erections due to reduced testosterone production.

Enhanced Athlete Blue Ox Review

Enhanced Athlete Blue Ox – Product Overview

This product is made by Enhanced Athlete a Sacramento based sports nutrition company that specializes in supplements for the avid bodybuilder that could help them to bulk up and boost their testosterone.

Their product is discreetly designed and delivered. You will have no worries about your kids or anyone else finding these and raising an eyebrow as what they may be for.

It contains 9 natural ingredients and nutrients which are specifically designed to potentially give your testosterone levels a push in the right direction. The ingredients are Ashwagandha, Vitamin D3, Zinc, Boron, Vitamin B12, Magnesium, Tongkat Ali, Stinging Nettle and Tribulus Terresteris.

Could these little blue pills help your sex life?

Keep reading to find out!.

The Formula

Lets now talk about this product’s formulation and how each ingredient could help to increase your testosterone levels and give your sex life a sweet little boost!.

Ashwagandha: It is by no accident nor coincidence that this herb is also known as Indian Viagra! Which of course should tell us more than a little something in regards to its reputed ability to help us get it on in the bedroom!. Due to the adaptogenic ability of Ashwagandha, it may help us with insomnia and stress too.

It does n’t take a genius to figure out that it could be particularly good for stress induced insomnia!. This is, of course, great for men with erectile difficulties as both stress and insomnia are causes of weak erections and lead you down the path to erectile dysfunction.

Its inclusion in a testosterone enhancing supplement is mostly due to its documented ability to reduce stress and thus regulate cortisol levels, a hormone that replaces or better put displaces testosterone in the intricate dance of the hormones making it a bonafide testosterone enhancing ingredient [1].

The principal functionality of Ashwagandha in relation to testosterone enhancement is due to the herbs effect on the synthesis of GABA – Gama Amino Butyric Acid, a naturally occurring compound in your body that helps you with stress and anxiety reduction.

GABA has a suppressive effect on your nerve cells preventing them form excessive activity.

It is that excessive movement and overfiring of nerve cells that causes us to become anxious, stressed and sleepless. Preventing or blocking that, the overactivity of nerve cells, from happening, we could become calmer, more chilled out, less anxious, less stressed and yes…enjoy a better quality of sleep [2].

Worthy of noting that improving your sleep quality leads to a better management of hypertension, reduced stress, and a more efficient and better production of the male sex hormone, testosterone – the very one we need for a greater rigidity in our erections and an elevated sex drive.

Enhanced Athlete Blue Ox

It is becoming already evident just how enhanced athlete blue ox supplement could help your sexual difficulties.

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Tribulus Terresteris: This herb is one that sparks many a debate between gym goers and gym enthusiasts alike be it in person or on a public forum. Tribulus Terresteris’s relationship with testosterone is a very interesting one and one you ought to pay attention to if you are seeking to optimize your testosterone levels. 

Tribulus Terresteris does not increase your testosterone levels at all – this has been proven in clinical trials and the results of the blood serum testosterone levels obtained. This herb could, however, give you the sensation of augmented testosterone, better erections, improved sex drive, enhanced mood and an overall sense of well being.

This is due (obviously) not to the actual augmentation in your testosterone levels but to the herbs apparent ability to increase the density of your androgen receptors [3], thus having the potential to make the testosterone that you already have circulating in your body much more effective and thus “optimizing” your pre-existing testosterone.

Tongkat Ali: Often referred to as or called Malaysian Ginseng. Tongkat Ali has been used in Malaysian herbal medicine as a herb to restore and recover the sexuality in both men and women.

Its principal effect is due to it being documented as a very potent testosterone enhancer with the ability to cause a significant increase in levels of free testosterone of 37% during clinical trials [4].

Its principal action and functionality in regards to testosterone enhancement is largely due to the herbs ability to stimulate the release of gonadotropins from the pituitary gland which then goes on and stimulates your Leydig cells into producing more bioavailable testosterone.

I personally have used Tongkat Ali regularly for helping with erection problems and a poor sex drive.

Stinging Nettle: This may seem to you to be a peculiar ingredient to add to a dietary supplement but do rest assured that its medicinal properties are well documented by researchers and was historically used to prevent disease and illness, which have sadly become mostly forgotten!.

Stinging Nettle may be effective for managing the health of your prostate [5], and for the management of testosterone synthesis as well as potentially helping to put an end to early ejaculations [6].

This very unusual ingredient could be very good at the suppression of the aromatase enzyme, which means that it is potentially very effective at the inhibition of the conversion of free and unbound testosterone into estrogen, which leaves you with a higher amount of the male sex hormone.

in addition, this common weed has been established by research to block the 5-Alpha-reductase enzyme, meaning that stinging nettle may very well prevent your testosterone from the conversion into DHT, DiHydroTestosterone [7].

Magnesium: This humble mineral performs more than a thousand functions in the human body, of which, and with so many functions performed you can bet your top dollar that some of those 1,000+ functions are related to and associated with your sexual performance and function.

Magnesium is a mineral that is well documented and long established to aid in the augmentation of testosterone production.

This due to its ability to free up bound testosterone and suppress the SHBG – Sex Hormone Binding Globulin, a protein like substance that binds and attaches to bioavailable (free) testosterone making it unavailable to your testosterone receptor cells [8].

The consumption of 1,000mg (1 gram) of this mineral daily while partaking in a rigorous physical training program has been proven by researchers to elevate your levels of testosterone by 24% [9].

Magnesium is also well established to assist in the management of high blood pressure [10], which is rather handy for men suffering from weak erections as hypertension is a known cause of sexual difficulties in both men and women.

In addition to those facts mentioned magnesium has also been proven by clinical research and trials to enhance and improve the functionality of your endothelium [11], this ought to be of interest to you as endothelial dysfunction and erectile dysfunction are closely connected to each other, I call it the other ED that causes ED!.

The endothelium is the single molecule thick smooth lining and muscle that contracts and expands to permit or restrict blood flow.

Zinc: This mineral is completely and ABSOLUTELY essential for your bodies management and production of testosterone. It of such importance I’d call it vitally important!. The absence of zinc (which is rare!). The absence of this mineral your body is absolutely unable to produce the hormone testosterone.

Zinc has the rather handy and useful ability to have a reductive effect on prolactin, a female hormone. This benefits us as men due to prolactin having a diminishing effect on our testosterone levels [12].

Studies have also established that zinc is effective at aiding men who ejaculate early by helping them to increase their staying power before they finally blow their load! [13], [14].

Boron: The almost boring sounding nutrient, but let me assure there is nothing boring about boron!. This mineral could seriously spike your testosterone levels which boosts your sex drive and erection quality!. Just 6mg of boron per day for 60 days results in a 29% increase in the erection hardening hormone!.

Slightly increasing the 6mg daily dosage to 10mg per day for only one week resulted in a hugely impressive 28% increase in free testosterone levels [15].

Vitamin B12: This mineral you have seen frequently in sports and energy drinks. It assists your body in the production of energy by breaking down dietary fats. Studies have documented the positive effects on sperm quantity and motility which is an indication of improved testosterone production [16].

Vitamin D: The effect that this nutrient has on our general health has been studied thousands of times by medical scientists. Vitamin D, like magnesium, is required for over a thousand different bodily functions. It quite likely that we are not getting enough of this vitamin in our bodies, be it from our diet or the sunshine.

Just for clarification purposes, getting enough sunshine for our bodies to produce vitamin D we need at least 20min per day of exposure to our arms and legs, with no sun cream to filter out the suns UV rays. The best time is around lunch time, early afternoon or later in the morning.

Dietary sources of Vitamin D include dairy products and fish. If you are vegan, supplements or plenty regular daily sunshine.

Researchers established that men who get a sufficient quantity or amount of vitamin D in their bodies have higher amounts of free (bioavailable) testosterone than those that have low levels of Vitamin D [17].

Clinical studies lasting a whole year were conducted on men taking 3,332 IU of this nutrient and were reported to have experienced an average increase in their T levels by 25.3% [18].

The men of an advancing age in this clinical study were less likely to suffer from medical conditions associated to and related to poor levels of testosterone, including problems getting an erection and a low sex drive [19].

Men that sunbathed shirtless and gaining adequate sun exposure to their chest for 5 sequential days experienced a 20% boost in their levels of testosterone. Men that, putting it politely here, “got it out and exposed their twins” to the sun for a similar period of time doubled their testosterone levels WOW! [20].

Enhanced Athlete Blue Ox Review – The Pros!

What I liked About Enhanced Athlete Blue Ox Supplement:

  • It is is a natural product and contains ingredients that have been established by research to have positive effects on testosterone production.
  • It could very well help you if low testosterone is one of the potential causes of your poor bedroom performance.
  • It is well priced and available on the highly trusted online retailer Amazon.
  • It contains nutrients that could have other beneficial effects on your health.
  • It is very well formulated.

 The Cons

What I did not like about Enhanced Athlete Blue Ox Supplement:

  • It is only available online.

Enhanced Athlete Blue Ox Review – The Final Verdict!

9.3/10 Buy It And Try It!. This product could be the little blue pills that you ought to reach for to help you to improve your bedroom experience. If you are suffering from weak erections due to low testosterone I suggest that you try Blue Ox Supplement to help you to win back your sex life in a completely natural way.

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Enhanced Athlete Blue Ox Review

If you have any questions regarding Enhanced Athlete Blue Ox, leave a comment below and I will be super sure to reply back as quickly as I can.

Ciao for now,

Talk soon,



  1. Monograph. Withania somniferous (Ashwagandha). Alt. Medicine Review. 2004;9:211–4

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