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What Food To Avoid For Diabetics With Erectile Problems?

What Food To Avoid For Diabetics With Erectile Problems?

Being aware of the Food To Avoid For Diabetics can be the key to be able to successfully preserve your sexual health for year after year. Diabetes is a chronic ailment that has reached near epidemic proportions among men. [1]

Even the age at which diabetes used to affect men has come down from 60+ years old to just 30+ years old in the past few years. That means you do not have to wait till you get pretty old to start experiencing the effect of diabetes on your life, particularly on your sex life.

A few decades ago, diabetes was considered an old man’s problem!

It was usually diagnosed in men who had crossed their 60s, a period at which sex is not a priority! But, today diabetes affects even young men! And in case, it affects you in your 30s, you can very well expect it to start interfering with your erectile function much sooner than you would like it to!.

Your sexual health may get hampered in your early 40s, which is definitely not the time you want to skip sex or stop thinking of erections as your priority! If you want your erections to be protected from the effect of diabetes, you have to eat a healthy diet and learn the food to avoid when you have diabetes.

This would keep your blood sugar levels in control and inhibit its negative impact on your sex life.If you want to maintain your sexual potency, read on to find the list of food you must avoid when you have diabetes.

The List Of Food To Avoid For Diabetics Suffering From Erectile Difficulties

  • White Bread, Rice And Pasta

These are high carb, processed foods that have been shown to increase the blood sugar levels significantly in people with diabetes. [2]

A meal containing these foods can not only raise your blood sugar levels instantly but also affect the brain function and your erectile health. These foods can stimulate inflammation in your penile region and cause damage to your organ making it weaker and less capable of performing efficiently during sexual intercourse.

Food To Avoid For Diabetics

As it turns out “our daily bread” is perhaps left out of our diets, or at least changed for healthier wholemeal bread.

  • Breakfast Cereals

Breakfast Cereals, especially sweetened breakfast cereals, are the food to avoid for diabetics as they are processed and contain more carbs than you realize.

Additionally, they hardly provide any fibre and protein that could help you feel full and strengthen your erectile potency. [3]

Hence, if you want to keep your blood sugar and appetite in control, skip the cereals and choose a protein rich meal instead.

  • Sweetened Beverages

Sweetened beverages form an integral part of the list of food to avoid for diabetics for obvious reasons. To begin with, these are high in carbs. On an average, a 12-ounce or a 354 ml of soda provides 38 grams of carbs! These figures are nothing to dance about! [4]

Even lemonade and sweetened iced tea contain almost 36 grams of carbs, which are exclusively in the forms of simple sugars. These beverages can also worsen obesity and put you at a risk of erectile problems at a much younger age.

Now, it is clear that if you want to avoid or control diabetes and erectile difficulties, these beverages can be extremely harmful. Hence, instead of reaching out to soda, lemonade, or iced tea to quench your thirst, refresh your senses and feel energetic, you should reach out to healthier options such as eating plain fruits or drinking fresh fruit juices.

Food To Avoid For Diabetics

A picture tells a thousand words – and of sugary drinks not to consume!

  • Saturated And Trans Fats Food To Avoid For Diabetics

Saturated and trans fats can be extremely dangerous for your penile health. Trans fats can increase the cholesterol levels in your blood.

The excess cholesterol tends to get deposited in the blood vessels forming plaques, which block the blood flow to your penis. So, when you try to get intimate and have your sexual senses at its peak, an erection fails to occur simply because the plaques obstruct the flow of blood into your organ. [5]

Trans fats present in margarines, spreads, peanut butter, creamers and most frozen dinners can also be detrimental for an effective diabetic control. Though they do not raise the blood sugar levels directly, they can aggravate inflammation, and contribute to insulin resistance.

This can not just affect your diabetes control but also worsen your erectile health. So, don’t skip trans fats from the list of food to avoid for diabetics!

  • Flavoured Coffee

Though coffee is linked to numerous health benefits, including a lower risk of diabetes, you must include it in your list of food to avoid for diabetics. The coffee I am talking about here includes the flavoured drinks that possess a high amount of carbs and thus, affect your diabetes control.

An excessive consumption of flavoured coffee drinks can also invite more troubles for you as they can lead to weight gain and obesity, a common precursor to a poor erectile health. Hence, flavoured coffee drinks are best to be avoided if you want to protect your sexual powers and avoid strains in your relations due to erectile difficulties.

Entering your 50s or 60s doesn’t mean you stop enjoying sex. Now is the time you give up these notions and lead a healthier and sexually active life even in your older age.

Actually, the very idea that men no longer consider sex as a priority in their older age is only the result of the other health problems that come up at this period inducing diabetes and hypertension.

Hence, their focus shifts from enjoying life with great sex to taking care of their health. But, that need not be the case always. If you eat a healthy diet keeping in mind the food to avoid for diabetics, you can stay healthy, and strong even in your older age.

You can also follow the top 5 natural remedies for type 2 diabetes to inhibit the complications of this condition. Adopting these healthy habits starting from now, during your younger days, can ensure diabetes stays in control while your erections stay harder and stronger!

This way, sexual intercourse would be as enjoyable as it is now and you won’t have to shift your priorities or make any compromises with your sex life.

The Top 5 Natural Remedies For Type 2 Diabetes And Harder Erections

If you have any questions regarding the food to avoid for diabetics, leave a comment below, I will be absolutely sure to reply back as quickly as I can.

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